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Hello, my friends. My name is William, and I am The Modern Wizard ☾ .

✦ I am a graphic designer (an aesthetic and photography lover).
↠ I was exiled from my born country, which got lost in the darkness and war.
✦ I'm a lover of astrology and tarot, but especially I'm interested into the inner power of the human beings to grow and evolve.
↠ Nowadays, I'm based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A beautiful pagan city.
Working as a Graphic Designer, Social Media Management and Content Creator.

I mixed my passions, (design⇄esoterism⇄entrepreneurship) to give and share with you an unique and original experience, where ↠ you will learn to use and get free tools and edition apps, about social media. Also how to create good, useful and aesthetic content for your audience in a fun and visual way ↞.

I hope you can enjoy this new project on Steem it with me and get to watch the world trough my eyes...

I'm really excited to meet you and share our stories together...

So, Where are you from? and which is your zodiac sign?... let me know in the comments, please!!! ❤❤❤


Welcome to the community 😉
Have fun and do not get discouraged
Every beginning is difficult.

Welcome themodernwizard!
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Thank you so much for your interest!

Hey William! Welcome to Steemit :) I'm from Singapore, and am a Sagittarius. Heh ! Anyway what country were you born in? :O

Thank you! And I'm Pisces...
Born in Venezuela ⚡️

yes, as @chapperton says it is not easy , but gets better with support of others,.. together it is easier.. you should definitely check @minnowsupport their web page and Radio station - there is a show you would like - @IntuitiveJakob 's Voices from the Mountains

I think that without MSP i wouldnt be here any more.. Honestly

there is such a great community supporting each other! Get a Discord application and join the Peace Abundance and Liberty server, where we gather and talk about all sorts of things and help each other

Whatever you do, all the best bro!