Young Lady

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''Young Lady''
100X70CM Mechenical Pencil and Korean Ink,
Approximately three months of drawing is completed in 2018

TD ART Collection ( Tuncay Deniz Art Collection)


beautiful portrait realistic style hair too beautiful amazing details and softness of eyes 10/10 super only one observation the ear hidden with the hair but you may notice that it did not give much importance because the side is not very detailed To the left in the Photo is my only observation of the rest. This amazing question is any model or member of the family? to practice and put only the face of your drawing. Obviously, I give credit that the main drawing is yours, but it's great to practice light and darkness. with this portrait @tuncaydeniz

Dear @soulkanzart ,
Thank you for your paying attention and your supporting. She's one of my friends, not family. but if you ask me about what really family is , I think it's mostly what you love is family on earth and it is what you like to do and what you want to see around your whole life. You know, there're so many beautiful things in our lifes. we just need to get to take them or create it them, naturally... this is my personal definition of what family is actually.

Love this drawing. Love the black and white tonality and her hair. The eyes lips and eyebrows are excellent too. You got a new follower!

that's insane brother. So much work, but looks totally real and alive. Respect

Thank you!

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I like how well done the hair is, also the shading of the face.

after so much patience and focusing, you can do it too, yeah you can. you just need to practicing. I just used to mechenical pencil on the face, and you have to so sensitive on the paper when you draw it, try to touch so gently.. and thanks a lot @kendrawing

Pretty lady! You are very talented :) This is from 2018? Then I will expect even better artworks in 2019! :D

hi @tuncaydeniz, can you pls show the original source?

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thnks man! @bidesing you're my 'master shifu' on here :)

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This drawing is so realistic 😍

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