What Is The Most Profitable Way To Exchange HBD?

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I'm looking to figure out the most profitable way to trade some HBD. I hate to do it but at those moments it hits $1 or above I feel like having a little cash in my pocket is smart.

In my case it isn't much but with no current income it will put a pizza on the table lol.

I've noticed there is an HBD/BTC market on Bittrex but I'm not that going straight to btc and then buying tether is fee heavy.

I have noticed the market on Hive and wonder what price you actually get. I mean is it lower than the HBD price displayed in our wallets or not? It's hard to tell.

And then there is the convert to Hive option. Is that the way to go even if it takes a few days?

What I am looking for is for someone to lay out a formula in the comments that gets me from HBD to $. I won't do it often but I want to do it right.


I am alos curious about this. I use blocktrades for converting my HBD to Hive because is really fast and straightforword. But there obviously has to be better way.

You can also send the HBD to @tipu with memo swap to receive back Hive :)


Just tried it a minute ago. Really easy. Thanks @cardboard and @tipu.

that's really cool!!!

Oh. Did not know about this. I do love tipu though. Will look into it.

Thanks @cardboard.

@tipu was never easy for me to understand. Do you know of any links to tutorials? I noticed I was getting some tipu votes when I started posting on hive.

Also, lets say I sent the HBD to tipu and received hive in return, would it be at the current market price at the time of the transaction?

would it be at the current market price at the time of the transaction?

Yes, with 0 fee :)

cool. thanks. I really want to learn more about @tipu .

Also, where would you go a usa resident to trade the hive for $$? I am most familiar with bittrex.

I really should update all the tutorials but just can't find time to do it :( You can check out https://tipu.online tho :)

Also maybe blocktrades.us will work for you?

thank you for all the attention. I've been really frustrated with the lack of community I find on hive right now. It seems just like on steem I am the odd man out lol.