#BeerSaturday 238 - Beer from the Big Smoke

#BeerSaturday is at week 238 and I found some great new beers from my old stomping grounds!


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I became a beer blogger naturally due to years I have spent brewing for myself, working with breweries on their technology and marketing, and the decades spent imbibing. Hence, the self-decreed title of the #Blockchain #Beerologist.

For week 238, I am visiting a few of my favourite Toronto breweries with some of their newer beers!


Pint of the Week


Because my main diet is comprised of pint cans, I like to keep a few short ones in the fridge for the variety and a half pint is the best call. Daniel the Spaniel is looking at me weird as I take a closer look at this new beer from Omnipolo https://craftbrandco.com/bodega/in the big city. Why the strange look pooch? They make Zodiac which is awesome!


Alright back label, what you got on my Konx https://craftbrandco.com/product/omnipollo-konx--non-alc-/ ? Non WHAT?!? Non-alcoholic mini pale ale. Glad I only picked one up because I never met a non-alcoholic beer I ever enjoyed. The bar is set low and this beer jumps right over it! If it was a regular pale ale, I would be a little underwhelmed but it is the best non-alcoholic beer I have ever tasted...by a long shot! As amazingly as it may sound, I do not hate this! I won't go as far as to give it my seal of approval but am definitely impressed. I may bring these along to a shindig where I am the DD or in a drinking contest.


8-Track IPA

IMG_3409 (1).jpg

For the first beer, we head a few blocks away in Toronto to Radical Road Brewery https://www.radicalroadbrew.com/. I have reviewed a few of their beers before including my favourite Yuzu https://www.radicalroadmarketplace.com/marketplace/yuzu-pale-ale They are so low profile that I only ever heard of them by playing hockey with one of the owners and having one of their beers in the dressing room after the game. Yummy and neatly-designed.


I have featured 4-trak session ale on the Shorty of the Week before and was pleased as pale ale to find the big brother 8-Track IPA https://www.radicalroadmarketplace.com/marketplace/8-track-ipa on the shelf in tall cans. Citrus and stone fruit may be buzzwords for an IPA but my love for Radical Road probably made this a winner before I even sampled. I was a little surprised by the thickness of this unfiltered beer when most of their other ones have been well-filtered. Damn fine beer and I will make sure to grab a few more in case they are not available here regularly.


WoodHouse Double


From Radical Road, we head about 10 km west across town to Woodhouse Brewing https://www.woodhousebrewing.com/ Their branding has always been intriguing to me as it is rather lo-fi and not very spectacular but definitely unique and minimal. Their regular IPA is available at most of the rock clubs in town so I have had it many times. Dry and bold like a piney west coast IPA and much better than the pissy dicks of the huge brands.


Seeing their Double IPA doesn't appear on their bottle shop https://www.woodhousebrewing.com/shop/ or seem to have a mention on the website at all without more searching than I was willing to do so here you have it! As much as I like my mouth slapped by the regular IPA, the Double IPA packs an even better wallop. Equally or more hoppy than the original but sweeter than I expected and one of those rare cases when the double is smoother or more well balanced than the normal IPA. I WILL definitely drink this again if I can get my hands on it. I will also try and remember to keep an eye out for this next January in case it is a seasonal thing. Damn good.


For making a Double IPA true to the original but somehow make it more balanced as a double, you have the coveted seal of approval. Cheers Woodhouse.


Where's Game Time?


Many of you will be returning after last week's Zeke's Sweet Hops https://hive.blog/beersaturday/@zekepickleman/beersaturday-237-behold-the-stack-pack looking for the conclusion to the Cameron's Stack Pack and thrilling game. You have just come to the realization I am the king of beer cliff hangers and have a knack for making you wanna come back.


Coming back next week is exactly what you will have to do to behold the thrilling conclusion. This shot is a little teaser as there will be a winner and I have yet to kill the Double New England IPA?!?

Tune in next #beersaturday for the stunning conclusion!




I would like to have these guys on my team!

238 consecutive weeks of raising a glass with @detlev and our global crew of drinkin' buddies brings us to the heart of winter here in Canadia! Talk about consistency and a good reason to huddle beside the fire with a beer? Hit up https://hive.blog/hive-187719/@detlev/the-damn-thirsty-beersaturday-week-238-love-to-see-your-beery-story for the weekly #beersaturday post, grab a pint, and join in the fun with a beer story of your own.

This week, I am again inviting my new friend @dalersilfver who joined us back in August of 2020, has a great eye for photography on his blog, and might like a pint? Minimum 3 pictures, any language!

Cheers to our global family of beer-drinkers!!



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Had any Toronto Beer?


I have never heard of non alcoholic beer maybe because am not an expert in it as you. Yes go buy and keep a bottle of Track IPA before it finished.

I am no expert in the non alcoholic beers except knowing I never found one I would drink 'til today. I still prefer the strong ones but now I know!

I had a SteamWhistle phase!

I think we all did. Steamwhistle was also widely available at the rock clubs and a nice reliable local pilsner.

I'd try that double IPA !BEER for sure.

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Can you imagine the tours we will have when travel has opened up and Hive is $10 so we can afford to travel?

There will be double IPAs everywhere!


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Now you're talking!!! 🤣🤣

Hey @johnspalding, here is a little bit of BEER from @zekepickleman for you. Enjoy it!

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This sounds new to me but great update boss



Daniel the Spaniel looks very interested in your cool gold liquid, perhaps try a bit in his bowl 😄

Great round on beers you have found there Zeke, tasty home brews are normally far better than off the shelf big names, I'll stick with that!



Tasty looking beers all round man 👌

I am a little spoiled with the good beer!

I was thinking as I picked a few more up today that they are 3x more expensive than the pints we used to swill after college. Good thing is that these taste as good as 3 beers in 1 and ain't nobody gonna upvote no molson/labatt post!


Ha ha ha!! That's so true man. I've had a good bit of Guinness lately, which was lovely and all the rest and had some Peroni and Heineken too, which were left over from a party I had in October and I figured I shoud drink em. Now the auld Heineken and Peroni register better on the Piss-water scale than Bud or Miller, but last night I an IPA and of man, it was so good! I'd almost forgotten how much I like a good IPA.

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