STEEM is on The Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency Exchange

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We are excited to announce the listing of STEEM/BTC, STEEM/ETH, and STEEM/BNB trading pairs on!

At present, Binance is ranked #2 in trading volume and is expected to be one of the major players in cryptocurrency trading as we move into 2018.

About Steem

Steem is a blockchain-based rewards platform that helps publishers monetize content and grow their community by providing a scalable blockchain protocol for publicly accessible and immutable content, along with a fast and fee-less digital token (called STEEM) which enables people to earn the currency by using their brain (what can be called “Proof-of-Brain”). More information can be found in the Steem Bluepaper.

In 2018, the Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) protocol will be proposed to the community which may choose to add it to Steem. SMTs will allow content platforms and communities to launch their own customized Proof-of-Brain tokens with real-time fee-less transfers on the Steem blockchain. Along with built-in smart contracts that enable fundraising opportunities like ICOs and Founders Tokens, SMTs will allow anyone to tokenize their platform and bootstrap the value of their coin by leveraging all the lessons learned from STEEM and More details can be found in the SMT Whitepaper.

For more information, please visit:

About Binance

Binance is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Led by Changpeng Zhao, the Binance team has experience in both wall-street and cryptocurrency finance. The underlying Binance platform has been deployed on 30+ exchanges already. It supports all devices and multiple languages, offering a seamless user experience. Binance’s certified matching engine is capable of processing 1,400,000 orders per second, making Binance one of the fastest exchanges in the market today.

For more information, please visit:

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fianlly but worth to mention i came with idea long ago and some people of INC staff were in touch with them

Every time there is good news about steem is great for us steemians :D

Doesn't binance is standing beyond USDT? It's risky.

But anyways - more exchanges is the merrier.

More power to Steem! If good to see this news since everything is in red nowadays. It brings our hopes up quite a bit.

It's a very good news, but Chinese new year is coming, I think after the new year, in March, Steem will boom!

I agree! Crypto is always red at this time of year, so it will be going back up once Asian new year is over.

I'm only 2-3 months into the crypto world. Question, could asian new year also result in more withdraws? Thanks for sharing.

It has a huge impact on stocks and the crypto market every year.

I read somewhere recently that, historically, the negative effects of Chinese New Year on the markets taper off about two to three weeks before the holiday begins.

It really taper off before it even begins? I don't really get why this make any sense; I would expect it to recuperate a few weeks after it ends?

Thanks valth!

Thanks for the comment wk93. Good to know for next year ;)

Yes, in the last few years it has impacted it very much. In the beginning of January the price falls because people withdraw crypto to have more money to spend on the New Year celebration, but a lot tend to get reinvested after the celebration is over (Feb 16th is this year).

This is what I was trying to say... The sell-off from Chinese investors ends a couple weeks before their new year, and in the days/weeks after they re-enter the market.

From what I've read.

Ah, alright! I must have misunderstood your original comment then. Thanks for clarifying :)

Ooo ok, yea I’m relatively new to crypto and didn’t know this. Nice to know there’s a little reasoning haha

Yeah, it happens every year, but you have to pay a lot of attention to find the pattern if you don't read about it.

Every time a coin is listed on Binance there is a huge boost in price. Now, add Chinese new Year's to that and the price could reach $7+.

No, Chinese new year is not a good issue for the price of cryptocurrency. Because people need some rmb to use at the time.

Yeah, that would be great! Couldn't be more happy with the returns on STEEM over the last few months.

I hope you are right! I would love to see the price go up to $7+ again soon.

Historically does the Chinese New Year cause a crypto lull?


How does that work? What is the correlating factor?

people need to spend a lot of rmb in the new year, so they have to sell some of their cryptocurrency

Absolutely. The price is always lower in January than in December (at least so far).

Binance is the netflix of exchanges - rock star team, growing platform, innovating and taking marketshare. They spin up more and more servers daily. Great to see STEEM added there!!

Wait until you see Ethos launching. Binance might become Hulu in the near future ;)

Yep, it has been a great exchange to use so far. 2FA, gives NEO GAS rewards to users, doing just about everything right at the moment.

I'm very pleased with Binance! pls follow and votes i also follow and voats u

If you want follows and upvote you should consider writing good comments, not leave spam like this one.

Clever way to add referral link . .

You'll know a project is going to last because the creators take the time to inform their supporters. Even in a red market, it'll be those that have activity that will outlast the chaff. It'll be what speculation groups and investment firms will decide upon. All the better if its cheaper at the time.

Steem fam unite!!!

Looks like I will be making a quick investment to Steem through Binance!


Spamming shit like this is a nice way to get flagged and loose your reputation.

That's exactly what got me signing up for Binance!

Me too... and with the strength of steem right now (vs Bitcoin), we're going to see even better interest.

Handing out upvotes to celebrate!

So am I. :)

I already have an account! So stoked! I thought I'd never be able to trade Steem.

Mee too.This is great news

Me too! So excited!

I've used there sit and its super easy to sign up and use. Tip: you you buy their coin you get a discount off of all your trades!

Yes! Big tip. Having their coin also allows you to buy and sell fractions of other coins. Which is important, because if you're left with a fraction of some coins they can get stuck on the exchange!

Just a humble request that if you are going to create an account on Binance, please create it using my referral link, Thanks in advance brother

Me too! It's great!!!

Ive been waiting for it to go on a top market!

Fantastic news, it's about time! I hope SBD gets listed on Binance soon too.

The only downside about Binance is the dust that you keep accumulating because it doesn't let you trade to decimal places. I wish they'd finally fix that.

Totally agree! I left some coins in there because I couldn't withdraw them!

I've got a ton of coins there, but tiny fractions that I can't sell, it's not a lot, but I'd still rather be able to use that money!

Oh, I still haven't registered with Binance so thanks for the heads up

They're definitely worth registering with, it's the one exchange that tends to have the newest, hot coins on it first!

Thanks for telling me that, I'm still new when it comes to diving in the cryptocurrency market and I know I still have a lot to learn so I appreciate any new infos I can get :)

The best info I could give you to be successful in cryptocurrency is to follow @haejin here on Steemit. Thank me later!

I agree, although if you own a small amount of BNB then you can use that to pay fees. That helps avoid the fractional shares you're left with.

Yes, they do that to improve trading quality for humans.
Higher price accuracy in terms of more decimals opens up to much opportunity for bots to lurk around in the order book

Thanks for explaining that, it does make sense.

I am fairly new to the rollercoaster world of crypto, and managed to set up 1 BTC broker and 1 exchanger.

I had my eyes on getting a second exchanger to diversify and have access to more choices in coin. Binance was on the list.

The fact that you guys have set up a Steem/BTC pair makes it now for me a no brainer. So see you soon on your platform!

Hi murphy! Welcome to the crypto world! Hope you are doing great so far! Just in the case you need help setting up your account on Binance I just wrote a step by step guide on how to set up an account and trade on Binance

Thank you @elleok. Pretty good actually.

Sometimes I feel the masses are like sheep: they buy high and sell low. Why do they do that ??? Is it enjoyable to lose money?

I just position myself in opposition of phase with them: buy low, sell high!

I just figured it out how to handle Binance after posting. Now I have an account with them since yesterday and transferred some of my Portfolio there. I prefer to split my PF between exchangers: with this Tether shit going on, and some exchangers being possibly tied in some way to it, I prefer being cautious.

I am also learning how to set up some cold wallets for long term investments. Done for BTC with electrum.

I was wondering if you had any suggestions as for reliable ethereum cold wallets (and if possible some that can also hold other coins which are built on the ethereum system?)

It's amazing that all this stuff started for me 3 months ago when I discovered Steemit...

Be well

How does steem make money?? How was their 1M$ Listing Fee funded??

Great to see Steem constantly making strides forward, while other supposed crypto currency tech remains little more than vapor-ware.

It's a very good news, but Chinese new year is coming, I think after the new year, in March, Steem will boom!


Because cryptocurrency holder in China should spend some rmb to please their parents, sons, daughters, girl friends. Just like you in Christmas.

Been on binance since day one. The referral program is great.

I need to get me some of those Binance coins to lower my trading fees. Does that work out well for you?

Yes, it helps avoid the fraction of a share you're left with after a trade.

I love that option, but it's not the default setting. Sometimes it switches back to bts and you've got to check every trade

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yes this is great news i think and i wish steem to the mooon next time

Nice one !

Was this one of the big companies Ned was referencing in his tweet yesterday? Hope we lock in more companies!

Just wait for SMTs; that will get new companies over here ;)

Great thing for worldwide adoption :-)

steemit to the moon :)

This is huge! Steem just became way more tradable, more mainstream and if we can maintain a nice volume on Binance we’ll see even more exchanges picking up Steem. 2018 is off to a good start for Steem!!!

Wow! This is huge good news to most steem and binance users

Yea! Awesome for crypto in general :)

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Wow this is great news. Apart from bittrex , binance is the only other exchange I really like. Steem to the moon soonest.

great news for us


2018 is the year for steem, every week we are getting more great news! I thinl soon steem will be on top 10 again!

Every time I an important post with a payout decline that has such a high upvotes value, i am sure I'll find @thejohalfiles at there, he doesnt care for money but for expressing appreciation for deserving content.
He is pretty awesome.

Hey @steemitblog and @ned,
Wow! This is the best news I have heard today. BINANCE has Steem!!! Hurray. Let's go pop some champagne.

I need to see us mooning soon please! I can't wait for SMTs to drop. Its gonna be so great!!!

@Nairadaddy- Founder of @Air-Clinic

The decentralized healthcare facility based on the steem blockchain.

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Congratulations on this big achievement... This will definitely help in Steemit growth...


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Great thank you!!

I bought 61.67 steem today at $4.50 a piece....🤑

nice start :)

That's a nice trade! Now it's time to Power it up to get more influence ;)

Significant development. Binance is a great exchange. I am personally waiting for this good news so long.

This is great news! I went to start using Binance previously, as opposed to Bittrex, but ended up putting that on hold because STEEM wasn't listed. Excited to get into there now -- and I think the trading pair of ETH will also be super beneficial.

THanks for the update, and keep up the good work, everyone!

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So Smart Media Tokens are going to be another blockchain? A sidechain of sorts...?

SMTs will be on the Steem blockchain.

I guess getting a "B" from that rating agency really helped in getting exchanges to look at listing Steem!

The crypto market caught the flu!
The flu has been going around here in the US and the cryptocurrency market seems to have caught it too! And now it's vomiting. Just like a person having the flu, the market also needs to wait it out - there is no real medication for this except for time. But even in this bear market - you gotta love it, the highs and the lows, it's all apart of the rush and excitement of the crypto market - it's like gambling but you know your investment will eventually be higher than it was previously at some point in the future due to the low adoption rate globally and the laws of supply and demand and cryptocurrency's deflationary nature. We're going to see some tremendous growth in the overall market cap this year and beyond and I'm so excited about it! This is why you shouldn't get discouraged with your losses, this is the time to learn about the market and really dive into the projects that you want to hodl long term. If you really believe in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you're in it for the long term. And in the long term, you will make money if you invest into solid long term projects. #rags2riches

This is great news! More steem power!

What about SBD?
Anyways also found binance better and they have a nice polished mobile app too.

The one thing that kept me away from Binance has now been listed..... Gotta make it my favorite exchange.

Congratulations Steem!

Handing out upvotes to celebrate!

I'm glad to see this post! I hope other social media platforms will follow suit and we can exchange tokens with them in the future

And Binance does not print Tether Dollars which has to be considered a big advantage nowadays :D

I wrote a post just like this earlier this morning but nobody read it. I see yours had massive success. Wonder what I'm doing wrong?

What wrong is, you are new comparing yourself to steemit inc.

  • get more steem power to upvote your own post tongain visibility,
  • gather more real friends, not followers to support you,

Quite ironic to see that the price of Steem didn't sky rocket on that note. I mean, Binance is like the hub of activities for crypto. I had expected a bigger buzz as Steem was added.

This is great news!
Unfortunately withdrawals are still suspended. Any ETA on this issue being fixed from the team?

Absolutely Huge News For Steemit!! Look like great minds think alike as I also wrote a post Steem + Binance Hopefully this news will bring even more users to steemit now.

Couldn't be happier about this. Question is do you buy Steem and hodl, or buy steem and transfer to your account to power up?

Power up of course! That way we can earn curation rewards, upvote authors with power rewards, and generally have more influence on the blockchain. It's a great way to hodl long-term.

This is great news, because I use Binance and in my opinion this is the best cryptocurrency exchange.

I like you because you told me tis. You're an alright person. So is Binance. I wonder what a Wild Binance Looks like. Keep Shinin, and stay golden Brethren and Sethren of Steemonia. tumblr_o7axy0rAHX1txg447o1_400.jpg

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