The prize for irresponsible parenting goes to... pigeons!🕊🕊🕊 and a new bird

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Pigeons never get tired of breeding!😁 Not even winter can stop them! But they quickly get tired of taking care of their chicks!😈 This is outrageous and irresponsible! And then another feathered creature appears in my house...








At the same time, wild gray pigeons are much more responsible parents. They almost never have abandoned chicks. Both parents take care of the offspring even if they managed to make a new laying of eggs.





I also want to introduce you to a new bird. This is a river gull. As you can see, it is much smaller than those seagulls that already live with us. The bird is weak and needs good food and rest. I hope that in the spring it will return to nature.





Just by reading the title of your article, I started to laugh, but your first sentence, "Pigeons never get tired of breeding!" - "destroyed" me completely! 😂
My first thought was, "And then, they still have something to say about the rabbits!" 🤣

But seriously speaking, I was a bit surprised when you said that pigeons are so irresponsible parents. It wasn't my impression at all. Quite in contrary!
Then I came to the part where you were talking about wild gray pigeons who are much more responsible parents and everything fell in place. As I live in the city where I encounter only wild gray pigeons which I saw as very carrying and protective around their offspring, it became clear why my impression was different.

Btw, you have here many very nice shots! 🙂

Wild pigeons are more responsible. But mine are too spoiled and think only about pleasure and have no family responsibility!😁

LOL - It must be because of you. Most likely they see you as some kind of chief parent, so why would they bother when the boss would take care of everything. 😉😄

Первый голубёнок похож на маленькую курочку)))
А те, что ниже - на кактусы!)))

The bird is very tame, I like it.

that looks like one cute bird he seems happy and he is never giving up on life

The picture angles are quite good, are you a professional photographer?