From Noob to Proficient, How You Can Program on Blockchains in 40 days

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Hi all,

I recently wanted to get proficient in developing for blockchains, more specifically for BTC. After hours of research, I realized the most efficient way to learn is to attend a workshop and get as much hands-on training as possible first. I discovered Jimmy Song and his courses. Located in Shenzhen, China, I decided to attend his next seminar in Hong Kong (less than an hour away). The problem is that his course is somewhat advanced and requires an intermediate understanding of programming language and blockchain in general. So, I have made a study plan for getting proficient enough to take his course in the next 40 days and would like to share my plan/resources with everyone. TLDR on the plan? It takes an hour a day for the next 40 days, it includes both reading and working (writing code for a purpose) and IT'S FREE.

Disclaimer I am no way affiliated with Jimmy. I just made this study plan for myself and think others will benefit in following it as well to get started with programming on the blockchain. There are a ton of other bootcamps out there, I chose Jimmy's because it just fits my schedule and location.

First, a short introduction on Jimmy and his course. Details can be found here:

Instructor BIO: "Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin Core Contributor and former VP of Engineering for Armory. He caught the Bitcoin bug back in 2011 and started contributing to Bitcoin open source projects since 2013. He’s a contributor to CoinDesk and has a popular Bitcoin blog. He’s been teaching blockchain to engineers for over 3 years. Jimmy graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics."

Course Description: Learn the ins and outs of blockchain development in this interactive 2-day seminar. You will learn the details of how Bitcoin works including live coding challenges to sharpen your skills. You will learn:

Finite Fields
Elliptic Curves
Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Signing/Verifying Messages
Parsing Transactions
Signing Transactions
Creating Transactions
Script parsing and processing
Address construction/Private Key WIF Format Construction
Parsing Blocks
Validating Proof-of-Work
Difficulty Calculations
Merkle Tree Construction
Merkle Proofs
Network Message Parsing
Finding a job in Bitcoin Development

Here are the resources you will need to follow this study plan:

  1. Register and unlock all the sections by looking at the answers. You will skip many aspects of Python as they are not as relevant in coding on blockchain.
  2. I will be using the page numbers in the PDF version. I highly encourage you to buy this book as it supports Andreas and is a lot convenient to read.

Day 1 - lesson 1-5, book pages 67-85
2-lesson 5-7, book pages 86-125
3-lesson 7-13, book pages 126-202
4-lesson 27-29, book pages 203-215
5-lesson 30-31, book pages 215-244
6-lesson 32-35, book pages 244-297
7-lesson 36, book pages 297-361
8-lesson 37-40, book pages 362-419
9-lesson 41-44, book pages 420-444
10-lesson 45, book pages 445-501
11-lesson 56-57, book pages 502-538
12-lesson 58-59, book pages 539-586
13-lesson 60-63, book pages 586-606
14-lesson 64-65, book pages 607-734
15-lesson review, book pages 735-774

I've only got the first 2 weeks planned and will update this post around that time to reflect my progress. I hope you will join me and let's keep each other motivated!



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Thanks for sharing these excellent resources! It is something I am definitely interested in learning!

Thanks for sharing, with the strong adoption of crypto currencies expected to come in the next couple off years, this is definitely a very useful skill to have.

Yes, this might be the future must have skill for programmers. But why bother with bitcoin blockchain, isn't it obsolete?

why is btc obsolete?

I think what @stillonmars is refering to is contracts. In BTC the kind of programs you can write is limited compared to Ethereum which is turing-complete.

I'd argue that turning-complete smart contracts do not implement well and thus is not feasible.

Without Bitcoin, there would be no blockchain...

Does not equal without bitcoin there won't be any blockchain

Oh that would be really great.I am a computer science student and more than anything is interested in blockchain, so I guess it is going to be a very big resource for me. I am going to check it out and who knows one day I end up writing something for steemit blockchain.

nice! I think you will not regret focusing on python and learning how to code on blockchains. good luck!

Wow very nice! I will see if I can find some time in my schedule to join. It is on my wish list for a time already to learn coding myself and of course BTC is by far the most interesting project!

very useful

It looks interesting! Block chain is really awesome!

Wow this looks awesome. I assume some level of coding experience is required to start this course though?

nope, you can be completely newbie and it teaches you from the very beginning

Nice. I recently got real into coding and looked to find a course to learn and I found one in Los Angeles where I live that wanted $10,000 for a 3 month program. That was a little to much for me as im already enrolled in a aircraft mechanic program. Now im just probably going to try to learn as much as I can online at home. If you find anymore good material to study would appreciate if you shared it. Good Luck 👍

Blockchain programming is something I'm really looking forward to getting my hands dirty with after I learn me some python and JavaScript. There aren't a lot of resources right now for learning it. I'm glad you shared this one with us. Thank you very much :)

You have amazing skills
I am Following your
@greatvideos here
I pretty happy I found you
I am very interested in Blockchain Technology
Happy to be your follower!
Hope I can learn from you!

I want to learn about programming on blockchain.Thank you

hopefully healthy always for you, and be blessed by god.
please upvote my account brother.


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Oh that would be really great.I am a computer science student and more than anything is interested in blockchain, so I guess it is going to be a very big resource for me. I am going to check it out and who knows one day I end up writing something for steemit blockchain.

Interesting article! Checkout @cryptobroye for more bitcoin info and analysis. Im sure there's a lot we can learn from each other!

I am on the way to follow you on this endeavour. Thanks for the information!

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U r a pro. What do i have to do to be like a real WHALE like u

Hello, your study initiative and your recommendations are very good, an example to follow, I hope many people are motivated to do the same. @LindaAguila

This is great, this really can be the future!!! Resteem

Thanks man i just followed you! Thanks alot for sharing such thing, many people might want to learn this. Keep it up brother.

Great post! I Upvoted and followed. Do the same and we can support one another.

Thank you SO MUCH. I was looking for something like this. I am getting started finally in the training in need!!!!! And I'm going to kick ass!

I will join and try to get motivate and others as well

thanks for sharing

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Bolkchain is used for all purposes, without complacency it is absolutely impossible that I think it works a lot

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Doing an extensive research on Blockchain helps a lot, it weeds out any fuss along the way

How Do I get started. I want to start programming on blockchain. Thank you.

Wow. That a great idea.I will join Sir

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Ill be following your journey .. I have a question: where should I start knowing that I have absolutely zero understanding about blockchain and coding in general ?

my two resources are for total beginners

Then ill give it a shot

I just created this study plan for myself and think others will benefit in following it as well to start programming in blockchain. thanks this information is very helpful for me who is still a beginner

Nice! I’ve followed, keen to see how your study plan develops and what applications you build

This is great! I have been wanting to get involved with coding also, but have very limited experience (accounting background, not computer programming). I really had no idea where to start. This is perfect timing!

Hi, is that course for totally beginners? Should i have some basic knowledge in any programming language?

yeah i really wanna learn python.

Thankyou for motivation

I cannot wait for the update. It's only two weeks of planning it's already giving me a headache. Maybe it's because I am taking it all in at once. 40 hours of studying... epic. That shows how badly you really want this. I have a feeling that you will be ready for that workshop.

Thats cool bro

I'm gonna try your plan, however I've never written code outside of's training to make the computer say hello world. How advanced is this 40 day plan of yours @ddangerwu? Will I be able to engage even though I'm not familiar with code language? I'm keen though..

you don't need any prior knowledge

Thanks for the info...

I think this is something amazing. need to be developed with the expert and hopefully will grow rapidly..

This sounds like it would jump start a blockchain programming career. Thanks for sharing the link and the information you have about this. Definitely something of interest to me.

Thanks for sharing, very useful to have as adoption is incoming! :)

I wish you all the best!

// @sanktnico

I also want to learn.

I Thanks for the info.. Very educating. Can't wait to join

very nice I liked it tenks

Thanks for sharing this useful information. I would like to get my hands dirty with blockchains development.

it is a really great opportunity as in the coming times for the beginners like me. these type of courses are really essential as in the coming time it will be a life skill.

Good job & always success @ddangerwu 👍👍

That looks amazing. I am loving learning about all things crypto and the blockchain stuff has always seemed super intimidating. This seems like a manageable way to break it down!

Thanks for motivation

Wow very nice! I will see if I can find some time in my schedule to join,Thanks for sharing,

i love bockchain and i would love to learn more and also coding
you rock man ! ^_^

Thanks for putting out things in such a planned way. I have also started learning blockchain recently and would be glad to share this journey with you.

I would like to mention that there are free tutorials from Jimmy Song and other bitcoin core developers which you can find on .This is the best place to learn Blockchain i guess. Knowing will really save more than 100 hours of anyone.

This is a great plan but it's way too advanced for me at this moment but someday i will learn how to develop apps on the blockchain.

good job sticker.jpg

Wow thanks! This is really helpful. I was thinking on doing exactly the same thing, I believe that in a few years proficency in any blockchain technology will be a must for every profesional that wants to be outstanding on what they do. Don't you agree?

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Thanks a lot for this information, I'm struggling to find that type of tutorial which is literally from "0 to hero", I tend to post a lot about that type of tutorials if you're interested !
I guess we can call your tutorial "Around the blockchain in 40 days! " :D

Me parece muy interesante, siempre me han interesado los temas sobre programación pero nunca he podido aprender lo mas básico de programación porque nunca me lo propongo, sin embargo es algo que espero lograste este año.

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Thanks for sharing this good news

Great way to self motivate, by sharing your plan and committing to public updates. Bravo!

I'm an engineer, but not a programmer. But would consider it once I'm I'm a blockchain/crypto millionaire:) and no longer working for the man. Seriously, my plan is end of 2019. And, it's very achievable given my portfolio so far! Wishing you great learning, then maybe I can hire you to start a blockchain application...

haha if you do a bit of coding, you just might get there before 2019!

I'm following you now, so I'm going to hold you accountable for learning how to program blockchains. I've got ideas! You will have the skill:)

awesome! I'll be make more videos about interesting things I've learned as well

WOW just WOW! thanks for sharing it

Great write up. I have been looking around for something like this and lo and behold I find it in my trending feed!

This will be super helpful! Thank you so much for sharing. Resteemed for visibility


We need to think positive all the time...and look up to see our targets!!!

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Thanks for sharing, with the strong adoption of crypto currencies expected to come in the next couple off years, this is definitely a very useful skill to have

Learning more and more the longer I spend here, thanks for the useful information. I haven't considering doing any programming, however it makes sense to get into it a bit. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing Ddangerwu. Today is my first day on Steemit, and it's clear there is a lot to learn if you want to make successful posts (such as this one you created). I'm considering getting the book!

I'm not really into blockchain, but these topics and tutorials look interesting to learn/tweak. Will take a look into these soon!

Can you elaborate your choice of BTC? Why not Ether blockchain, or Neo or other builder platform?

ETH an NEO are not quite blockchains. ethereum is not immutable and NEO does not use proof of work algorithms.

Hmmm. Ok, thanks

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100% agree with the recommendation on the Mastering Bitcoin book by Andreas Antonopoulos. I found it to be indispensable in understanding the foundational ideas. Even if you don't go through with the coding side, there is still tremendous value in seeing how public/private keys work in a wallet.

As far as I'm concerned, it's THE book worth reading because it is edited, organized, and clear. He develops the concepts well. And these concepts often expand beyond Bitcoin and into an blockchain.

If you're going go buy anything, buy that book -- the GitHub repo will give you a good taste of what we're talking about.

yep the book is key to understanding blockchain

Very informative post, thanks! However, can you share your study plan and the main points which are most important to focus (because as a complete beginner, I don't find it that easy to navigate all these subjects) :D THANKS!

of course! I will be making videos on topics and concepts as I learn them

very goo explained, Thanks for sharing.
Regards Joshi

Really nice post, thanks

Thanks for this share.

Well done 👏 great post keep up the good work I just followed you 👍⚡

The scary thing is that everyone and anyone gets to code into blockchain increasing the risks of scam ICO and ponzi schemes, I enjoy the post and upvoted and followed also check out New Free Way To Earn Crypto!

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

Hi Dan, i have seen your post and I wonder if I can learn coding in 40 days...
However i like your post.

Please Follow me i will follow You Back

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