Ivan on Tech debates Richard Heart - Bitcoin Bubble, Ethereum, IOTA, Crypto Bubble, Tether, Satoshi

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Speaking with Richard Heart and talking about Bitcoin Maximalism, Ethereu, IOTA, Crypto Bubble, Bitfinex & Tether, Satoshi Nakomoto

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


🤨 this dude is a whale an now he is spreading FUD don’t even take him serious.
After it goes down he will eat all your btc.

I do not understand everything, since my english is not very good, but many people think that the bull market has ended.

dont believe that misinformation this is just the beginning

Do you believe in your own eyes? Bitcoin has lost more than 60%, this has never been in all this trend since 2015. Now, after 7500, I do not see any significant supports up to 5000.

bitcoins has "died" many times before. Do you really think something can go up 1000's % and have a correction of only 10%? 20%. We will see 70-75% we will see 6000$ a btc but there's is only so low something can go before buyers take over and the trend is reversed. If you believe in the technology, if you believe in btc or whatever alt coin you own, and as long as there are buyers in the market we will be fine in the long run

What you're saying is that the bull market is over! Exactly...

We will see 70-75% we will see 6000$ a btc but there's is only so low something can go before buyers take over and the trend is reversed.

Probably, but the market will come back to a growing trend not soon. I think the whole 2018 will be bearish.

I didn't really believe him too. If he is so confident he should be brave like Mccafee :)))

I have to say that some of the commentary coming from Heart was really funny, but he also makes grandiose claims and predictions that, if he's honest with himself, would admit are pure, baseless conjecture.

Richard already admits he was wrong before so why should we believe him now? Still, it was a very interesting interview and he may be partially right, but his negativity is too extreme in my opinion.

Could just be trying to cause more selling pressure so he can gobble up more coins at lower prices

Richard already admits he was wrong before so why should we believe him now?

That exactly is a great reason to believe him actually! I wouldn't trust anyone who can't admit when they're wrong.

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@ivanli thanks for your work!

Spoken like a true crypto society member, u have my vote, love ur attitude keep it up

Great interview :-)

This was a very telling interview, these guy's similar to Richard are exhibiting typical whale tactics, they talk the market up and down it builds their portfolios and makes them a huge amounts of money. Lots of inexperienced people are selling right now and it works to the advantage of the greedy. The same cycle will happen year after year. Good luck for 2018 and keep the faith. Good work by Ivan :)

The truth about crashes minus the FUD
#Bitcoin Crashes

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Now this is a valuable thing to see!

thank you everyone!

You have quite the cool head and composure. Good job, and I am in the research/learning phase while getting my feet wet lately. The crypto space is quite interesting!

you composure through this interview was impeccable

Ivan, steemit took too long to give me access to my account, in my view. I think 2 weeks.

Like the way you dealt with the interview. Very good work.
Keep up the good work.

Great video Ivan, but im pretty relaxed on this dip!

Great interview. Had some laughs when Richard got worked up, dude is def passionate about his positions

This guest made some good points but he was overly negative and swore a ton, in my opinion. Great content as always @ivanli

I think that is what I took away from the interview. It certainly was an entertaining two hours!

the current market conditions are effecting his attitude and overall mental state.....once you have been as successful in btc as he has its only natural to pout

Ivan is a genius!

hi , ivan always glad to see you great interview

It’s always good to hear Richard’s opinion. Overall there is so much fear in this market...”Be greedy when others are fearful..Warren”. $100k Bitcoin end of the year due to all this fear.

@ivanli I gave you a huge shout out in this one! Great interview!
Bitcoin at 6k! Let's change the subject. Have you guys seen Ivan & Richards interview? My 2 cents https://d.tube/v/josearteaga/szixeu01 Ivan-on-Tech-debates-Richard-Heart-Bitcoin-Ethereum-IOTA-Crypto-Bubble-Tether-Satoshi.jpg

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Pretty neat bro... Keep up the good work and thanks.

I love Ivan to death, watched most of your videos , but this Richard Heart....
Guy is biggest troll or just want to buy cheap BTC, not sure which one
All i know he wants more FUD for w.e reason.

Great interview @Ivanli
Lets see what the future brings... HODL

😊😊this dude is a whale an now he is spreading FUD don’t even take him serious.
After it goes down he will eat all your btc.😍😍😍😍thanks to share your post!!

Nice work boss
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every year the same luck happens for all this 2018

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Cool, good information,.

It's going greater with blockchain
I tag it Blockchain's global world

geometry, trigonometry, astronomy are WAY above their head, hence, their stupid beliefs.

Great video ! Robert seems rude but his thoughts are really interesting if we think it twice...

Nice interview man, very nice. ı had fun while watching it. Thank you, looking forward for next one.

Great interview. Am i the only one who wants to straighten the candleabra? heh

Great debate. @ivanli, this post will go viral this week especially if you promote it more.

Thanks so much @Ivanlist for the information. Crypto is our future.

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I love your point of view

great video , keep the good work

This was a very telling interview, these guy's similar to Richard are exhibiting typical whale tactics, they talk the market up and down it builds their portfolios and makes them a huge amounts of money. Lots of inexperienced people are selling right now and it works to the advantage of the greedy.

Great interview, thanks for sharing ;-)

Richard is so foul he's funny. He also speaks a lot of truth, but not the whole truth. I think he's too focused on Americans and forecasting based upon that limited mind set, but it won't be the worlds banked that matters here. Decentralized cryptos will be taken up by the world's unbanked. They will rise up in the same way America did back in the 1800's. The United States of Africa would be the metaphorical equivalent of where we are heading (hopefully without the state part).

Great indormation and cryptocurrency bitcoin bubble post..

Nice infomation...thanks for share @ivanli (65)

Ivan amazing content !! Keep up the good work

Good video and as always on point! I would love to know more about the regulations impact on crypto and especially how these can be avoided. To make crypto a truly independent money from these regulators, who can manipulate prices by their media in their pockets. Somehow this would be nice if we can mitigate fake news somehow.

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Watching this right now, here in the UK it’s 10.09am, let me watch the full thing and I will get back to you later with my response, bout 36mins in so far, and this Richard heart guy looks like he’s wanting people to sell their bitcoin so he can buy more at a lower price, he literally stated ‘BITCOIN IS GOING DOWN, AND STAYING DOWN’ or words to that effect...

Anyway I found your steemit link so I’m on my iPad writing this while listening to you on my iPhone lol, you are one of my go to guys when it comes to blockchain, bitcoin, fintech etc. Keep up the great work and passion, you are such an inspiration to me and I am merely a self employed tattooist haha :) have a great day I’ll edit the post if I have anything to add about the debate... thanks @ivanli.

@cryptattoo (Gav)

Amazing thinking sir


this is amazing and informational post,,thanks for shareing

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Great interview Ivan! Was a little nervous for you, and him, but that was a excellent chat. Came through all the major waves and surfed in style!
I think he respects you Ivan, and you showed why all the way through.
Shows you why a open mind is always better than being a fanboy.
He wanted some of that power too, Roger is just less adept at hiding it.
Big money=Big problems. Do what you love and be happy.

Really enjoyed this, I watched on YouTube and I just see now you're on Steemit. Keep up the great work!

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An honest and brutal interview. I am impressed how Ivan kept his cool and carried through with the interview with poise and composure. I wonder if Ivan does meditation :) On a separate note, love him or hate him, Richard does appear to know this space well. The only issue I have is, he is letting his changing personal agenda get in the way of what otherwise would be a good counter-view. We need more people like Ivan to keep us sane and less of polarizing personalities.

Resteeming for to watch later.

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This is probably the most entertaining interview I have seen in a while.

Very nice interview @ivanli.

Say what you want from Richard Heart, but the guy has some very interesting points of view. I don't agree with them all (my view is more similar to Ivan's), but there is a lot to learn here.

Keep up the good work.

The market is crashing because of the spirit of Richard Heart...fight against it!

@ivanli I want to thank you for doing such a good job in this interview. I liked both opinions. This was a hard interview/ debate and you handled it very well. Not that many youtubers would have managed it this good.

I heard your show a few days ago, that Heart guy's a character and made the 2 hours entertaining

Down with the Bears. Let's bring back the BULL.

The stuff he said on your debate made me think we reached the bottom.