BitShares Weekly Report

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BitShares Weekly Report for September 16th, 2022
Sponsored by BitShares Fractal Team



  • XBTS team is currently synchronizing the new ETH blockchain as a result of the Merge from PoW to PoS. Now in order to work with the ETH blockchain, two nodes are required the ETH and the Beacon blockchains. Synchronization will take 2 days.
  • GODs toked is being added to the DEX and the listing will be formally announced next week.
  • New liquidity pools have been added:
  1. STH/TRX
  4. PPC/STH
  5. EGC/RDD


  • Also this week there was a regular payment under the SmartHolder program, STH, BTC, EOS, TUSC, AXAI were distributed among the holders.
  • Promo materials are being prepared for the release of poker and work continues on a new website for The SmartHoldem team has created their own original game engine for the decentralized poker room and are currently optimizing game processes and working on a system for creating tournaments!


  • Today on Sept 16th Peercoin has announced that they are now listed on the XBTS DEX. Just last month Peercoin turned 10 years old as it was launched on Aug 19th 2012. To learn more about Peercoin here is a link to their whitepaper


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BitShares NFT's

EverGreen Coin

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BitShares Fractal Team

  • We have set up a new Bitshares Fractal channel on discord which serves as a great place to keep up to date with all the projects in the BitShares ecosystem such as xbts, smartholdem, beos, axai, evergreencoin, bitshares fractal team and more to be added soon with regular updates.
  • We are having our regular BTS Fractal team meeting on Tuesday at 11am EST and encourage any and all community member to join and hang out. Follow the Telegram group for links and information or follow us at on our discord channel linked above.

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