Bitshares NFT Issuance app has been released!

in #bitshares2 years ago (edited)


The Bitshares NFT issuance application is now available to the public.

Now available as packaged linux and windows applications, no coding experience required!

Check it out!

To use this tool you'll need the following:

  • A compiled Bitshares BEET wallet (develop branch)
  • A Bitshares account with either an NFTEA NFT or 100,000 BTS in its portfolio.
  • Enough BTS to cover create/edit asset network fees.
  • Your art uploaded to an IPFS pinning service

Brought to you by the NFTEA.Gallery

Relevant forum thread:


Fantastic! Will try it ASAP.

Thanks, mind you'll need to self-compile the develop branch beet client, unless you want to wait till it's released soon 👍


Glad you like it :)

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