Images of Decentralized 2019

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Networking our way to success!



Actually my Decentralized 2019 experience


began the day before in Corinth where I went to buy a new briefcase to take with me, not in Athens where the event was held. It was a great way to begin emerging from my Loutraki cocoon and get ready for the bigger world of a major crypto event!


As you look at some photos from Decentralized


on this, the 11th anniversary


of the releasing of the Bitcoin Whitepaper


(Happy Birthday Bitcoin!)

not to be confused with the more famous:


let us stop and ponder:


Where will BitShares, STEEM, EOS, and BEOS,

Optimized-Conference12.jpg(@xeroc wowing the crowd with his knowledge of bitshares)

be in 11 years???


After all, isn't that Tone Vays


the famous bitcoin maximalist, who has a carreer going around the world announcing the imminent demise of all alts? with a bitshares logo beside him? on stage at a conference sponsored by bitshares? many years after calling Dan Larimer (founder of bitshares, steem and EOS) a fraud?

Look over your right shoulder, Mr. Vays




Powerful bitshares performances by:






Optimized-conference3.jpg(the moderator in the center)

and George (bitspark)



Witness on both Steem and bitshares blockchains


Optimized-Conference7.jpgdon't mess with Daniel :-)


And I was there with two

count them, two, lawyers of the BEOS legal team:



and Vassilios


Mr. Bokos even managed to score a feature interview for promoting Decentralized 2020 in Cyprus next year! Being a very sophisticated lawyer type (advisor to the Greek Parliament), I'm sure he managed to make references to bitshares and BEOS LoL



Let's not forget the guy



who put the whole bitshares contribution together!


This year was great!


Next year, in Cyprus, will be even better!


images (1) and (2):


ouzo and out,

There is a plan!
(It's unfolding NOW)

Please spread the word about BEOS


Get ready for SKYfall!!!


Where you there representing BEOS, BTS, or a combination of both of them?

Was Stan able to join you?

I spoke to people about bitshares, steem, and BEOS (my three passions).

Stan was with us in spirit :-)

Did not make it this year, but next year Limassol - be ready for us!
Thank you for the updates :) Great photos, I am sure it was an amazing event again!

I will be in Limassol to have a look for the first time this week. I am sure the next one (Decentralized 2020) will be the most amazing yet!

NIce to see the fun you get up to .... well some of it 😉

A man needs a few secrets :-)

Looks and sounds like you had a great time. Glad to hear it. Quite a few people showed up to the event judging by the pictures

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A phenomenal number of connections were made.

Thanks for sharing some great photos of your experience, and for all you continue to do to make BEOS and BTS a success!



It's nice to be appreciated!

it must have been amazing! how did you see people's reactions when you told them more info about bitshares and steem?

The crows went wild!

I have no idea BTC might be here after 11 years from now! but I wish STEEM, BTS, EOS will be the leaders of crypto space at that time! And my token will be at top 10 of CMC too lol :D


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Seems like excellent time there you had with everyone super cool networking on the next level ;)

R U ready to take it to the next level?

i am a crypto lover

You're not alone any longer :-)

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