$BTS/BTC Daily Poloniex Technical Analysis / Market Report Update #53, Jan. 15, 2017.

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Hello Steemers!


1 day Poloniex chart - Jan. 14, 2017

1 day Poloniex chart - Jan. 15, 2017

4 hour Poloniex chart - Jan. 14, 2017

4 hour Poloniex chart - Jan. 15, 2017

The price briefly spiked bellow the 461 satoshi support line, marking a new higher local low at 457 satoshi.
After the short dump it turned upwards towards the 477 resistance and made a new lower local high at 475 satoshi then got pulled back down to about 467 satoshi where it's traded at now.


BTS/BTC volume Poloniex Jan. 14, 2017

BTS/BTC volume Poloniex Jan. 15, 2017

BTS indexed global volume Jan. 14, 2017

BTS indexed global volume Jan. 15, 2017

Coinmarketcap top volume cryptos Jan. 14, 2017

Coinmarketcap top volume cryptos Jan. 15, 2017
Overall volume about 43% lower then yesterday, $BTS on 38th place on the volume rankings.
Poloniex volume about 36% lower then yesterday, volume ~27 BTC.

Once again, I will post the comment by commenting as it involves my personal opinion!
Thank you for understanding!

If anyone has any questions or need's help fell free to ask, I will try to explain as fast and as best as I can.
Critics, comments, reply's, counters, advice's, etc. are always welcome!
Have my charts helped you in any way?Let me know with a comment below :)
Are there more people who are doing TA?
Please post the links to your TA's posts into the comments as well!

I am showing multiple scenarios on the price movement, in the post itself I do not take any stance, either bullish or bearish. I am not responsible for neither you’re winning nor you're losses upon trading! the "comment" section is my personal opinion and does not mean I have to or do hold any positions in the given market.
Everyone who uses TA develops his own unique charting style, please keep that in mind.

Kind regards, OZ


Why the hell did this get flagged 2x by Dan?

@williambanks because this post and all the other posts are shit-posts that has no value to traders nor anyone else for that matter.

An analysis like this would cost me max $5 on upwork.com.

It is amateur-work, and he is not improving - just the same shitposts day after day.

They have no value to you. As a trader myself, I find them valuable.

Quit speaking for all traders and instead make the proper claim that you, personally, do not find the post valuable.

It's a written description of what happened in the chart.

The price briefly spiked bellow the 461 satoshi support line, marking a new higher local low at 457 satoshi.
After the short dump it turned upwards towards the 477 resistance and made a new lower local high at 475 satoshi then got pulled back down to about 467 satoshi where it's traded at now.

Where is the analysis?

@frystikken can certainly speak for the majority of traders. If it were as simple as someone verbally observing the movement of the last 6 4hr bars on a chart without actually putting it into context...

You're missing the analysis that is contained in the charts that are included in the posts.

Oh 'I'm' missing the analysis - was I supposed to do it all myself?
Please explain the horizontal lines from top to bottom for me...

I can't make sense of them, there's no context. Or explanations..

Sure there's some analysis 'in the charts', not in this post though...all I see are some completely random un-referenced lines coupled with a recount of what price did.

I challenge anyone to explain what the horizontal lines represent from top to bottom.

Yeah, but you wrote them, youre biased

I wrote what? These articles?

you, OZ, engagement, bernie and nextgen are the same people, right? DO we really need to take a trip down blockchain memory lane?

I cannot prove it, but a friend of mine gave me an interest-free 500 STEEM loan back in April.

That's all you are seeing on the blockchain.

I can assure you that there are at least 3 separate entities.

I do understand why you would come to that conclusion, however.

Please show me where these posts give you more valuable information then what you can extract yourself from tradingview.com and the various irc/slack/rocket/discord/twitter?

I have said before that I will support him if he go up in quality, so far it is just the same.

The question is what information you can extract yourself that is different from tradingview.com or the other sources.

You're suggesting that any of the tools that are available on tradingview or the other mediums is not of value. This would include any and all functionalities such as bollinger bands, EMAs over different time periods, VIX, etc. that are available as analysis tools on tradingview are not worthwhile?

I guess I don't understand how you could choose to ignore any of those tools ...

Anyway, as I've stated to you before, there have been several cryptotokens that I have missed due that have the classic patterns that I recognize that @ozchartart brought to my attention.

The information that he provides is his own historical records on what he finds to be classical support / resistance lines in very long time frames in conjunction with some basic Fibonacci analysis.

You don't like the tools he chooses to use. I understand that.

On the other hand, I will re-iterate that a simplistic approach to understanding cryptotoken markets is necessary as the standard tools for stock analysis simply do not apply.

Maybe you think they do. I don't.

Once more, it is your subjective opinion that his posts are "shit."

I just don't agree with you on that.

Because he's a piece of shit who hates to see others with support.

I can see maybe once if he's really feeling like it's his own personal disagree button or whatever. But 2x with both of his accounts @ 100% seems excessive. Punishment like that really should be reserved for people who are trolling and being douchebags.

By flagging this perfectly legitimate post so hard, the message he's sending to the community is that "You can say anything you like as long as I personally agree with it."

It just doesn't make sense. @dan or @dantheman can you explain why this post was flagged please so that we can avoid doing whatever this guy did in order to get punished like that?

That's the way he rolls. He doesn't like to see anyone who isn't one of his fanboys earning on the platform, it's been that way since day 1 here.

If you oppose Dan or Ned in any way, be prepared to be attacked like this.

That's OK. Anyone with capital can come in and buy STEEM and POWER UP and then become a "bad whale" by voting on content that she / he subjectively likes, which in contrast could be a post that someone else with POWER subjectively dislikes and consequently downvotes repetitively.

As such, you end up with constant attempts of driving out any adopters (think investors!) of the platform and remove any and all incentives that exist to buy STEEM and POWER up. If investors / supporters / early adopters are driven out, why would anyone new bother with the platform? I guess they would have to buy enough STEEM and POWER up that would negate any voting wars.

On the other hand, an evil whale could be someone who subjectively dislikes your content and downvotes you, too.

It's all a matter of subjectivity and what hat you're wearing.

Or an evil whale could be someone who pretends to be three different people having a conversation, when hes really only one person.

You realize your whole history is on the blockchain, right?

@kristinka -- your first statement is completely valid, but I don't know why you bother asking that question in the latter part of your comment.

But, to answer your question, I had no idea that the entirety of a person's history is stored on the blockchain.

None, whatsoever. No clue at all.

Zilch. Nada. Naught.

But, to answer your question, I had no idea that the entirety of a person's history is stored on the blockchain.

touche -- i meant the history of the acoounts.

Maybe so, but someone needs to talk to him and let him know that doing those sorts of things will cause users to leave. If users leave the price will crash and he'll have a nice fat sack of nothing.

It's unprofessional and makes the platform look bad.

I'm talking to a high school today about moving their creative writing class to steemit.

One of the things I'm going to need to explain is our community moderation system.

This is 500 high school kids who would all be signing up in a single day and blogging regularly.

It helps if we can all act professionally.

I am glad to see that he has downvoted this content. These charts are the most basic charts you can pull up on Poloniex and there is no real analysis or any reason that I can see these were making the trending page everyday. I thought these were just bot upvotes but now I see some whales are really in support of this content for what reason, I am not sure. I don't see how these posts making the trending page everyday is good for Steemit or attracts any new users.

@the.masses How's them boots taste? You get 'em nice and shiny?
You need to wipe your nose, you still have a little brown on it.

Now it's time for a reality check.
User attention and engagement are abysmal on this platform.
There isn't any plagiarized content that has been trending and this post is not plagiarism as far as I can tell.

I don't know how many people you've brought to this platform, but I'm up to over 300 people I've personally introduced, sat down, walked them through it and helped to get started. Every one of them is face to face contact with people I know.

Users don't care about anything that's trending at all. They care that they are rewarded proportional to their efforts. They continue to feel that way until the time they have so many friends and family on here that it has basically replaced their primary social media experience. After which, any money earned is really just a bonus.

A single downvote from a whale like this, completely unexplained, with content that is informative and original, alienates not only the person who was downvoted, but their entire first circle of friends. That might be 1 person or it might be 100. It really depends on the person and how well connected they are socially.

@Dan didn't do anyone a service here. He showed that the platform has the potential to censor content for reasons unknown and the assumption from the actual masses is that he is being petty.

If he explained his reasoning it would be different, but right now all it did was make him look bad. And since he is the leader of this place it makes the platform bad.

Flagging is a passive aggressive form of harassment when you don't have the spine to stand up and explain why and give people the chance to correct it.

stupid fucking shill account

i suck dicks

This isn't price analysis, it's a cookie cutter formula with a couple of lines of useless observations.

This looks like nonsense to any one that knows how to trade markets and potential investors. How does this sort of thing look to people wanting to put money into Steemit?

One of the most highly rewarded posters on Steemit being a fraud... I fully agree with Dan's downvotes.

Check out @krnel latest post that got flagged and the debate that started to find the explanation...

I'm seeing it, but it seems like a brain dead reason to me.
If the content they want to highlight was attracting users, our user base would be growing and frankly it's not.

The fact is when you sit down and talk to people they fall into two categories.

First off is the mommy blogger types who just want to make a little extra income talking about whatever. These people are extraordinarily influential and inspiring to potential new users. We don't see many of them and they don't get highlighted very often, so unless they have a solid support network they don't stick around.

The second type is the investor type. They are interested in dollars and cents and growth. Posts like this that are simple, easy to digest, factual and balanced are exactly what I show them.

Having it hidden like this makes me look like an idiot when I'm out here in the real world trying to bring investors to the platform. Real investors and I'm talking about people that might want to toss $100k to $1M into something like this, want to know about things like engagement, retention etc.
They look at buying SP the same way as buying stock in Facebook and that's pretty much what I tell them.

I just lost a guy because he feels like the platform wouldn't be a good investment so long as the CEO feels it's his divine right to censor content he disagrees with into oblivion. He should use a lower powered sock puppet and maybe turn down the down vote a bit if he's really convinced that flagging and disagreeing are the same thing.

I mean look at this, 300+ up voters can't make this post visible again. With just the swipe of a finger of a single person. This is barely any different to an investor than what just happened over at reddit...

Having smooth or one of the other whales engage in this is one thing. But having the CEO engage in censorship or at least giving the appearance of engaging in censorship, pretty much nullifies that whole "steemit is a censorship resistant platform" argument.

I'd like to ask the whales who are engaging in downvote curation to back off please. If it's trolling or something then fine, otherwise let people make the money they make. If someone can produce better content then the market will sort itself out.

But honestly the flagging system here is busted and it's making my job of trying to evangelize this place, that much harder. We need to find a better way.

Having smooth or one of the other whales engage in this is one thing.

For the record: 1) I believe you are exactly right about the type of content and focus, and distribution of rewards, that will attract and retain a wider audience (we may disagree on tactics to an extent, but I believe my actions are in furtherance of that goal); and 2) I always post a comment explaining the reasons when I downvote.

And with respect to #1 above, Dan is frankly clueless, dangerous and destructive not only on the actual positioning and marketing, but on how his actions on the site have been and continue to be perceived (Ned is as well, but somewhat less so), and finally on the negative effects they have (or he is aware and doesn't care, but that is too ugly a possibility to accept easily). Letting him wield a massive ninja-mined stake without sufficient perspective and insight is like letting a child play with matches. He may be good at developing blockchain code, but if someone doesn't somehow pry him away from being a user and influential stakeholder on the platform he is just going to continue driving it into the ground (if that isn't already a fait accompli), I'm sad to say.

Which was my point. It doesn't matter so much what the reason is, so long as a reason is stated. But burying a post on the price of steem does give potential investors pause for concern.

That is so far beyond any demonstrated capacity to understand or willingness to consider impact on others, it is comparable to expecting a first grader to comprehend string theory or negotiate peace in the middle east. Isolation is the only plausible method to stop the damage here. Failing that, the platform must succeed in spite of its existing and continued institutional handicaps. That's a tall order.

It's nothing to do with that. And there's nothing wrong with Dans flagging of these posts. They usually get only around 20 views even when on the trending page. I can't say for sure Dan's reasons but a number of us were flagging these posts for being overpaid before he started.

Cause this post sucks. Lol. I mean is there any other reason?

i could say the same for plenty of other trending shit

so you must have pissed off one of the almighty totalitarians of steem today. pray tell what was your offence?

I believe his only offense was not being a fanboy and receiving support from "bad whales".

Very Harsh
100% coming from dan n dantheman
He Downvoted me once.
Upvoted me three times, since last July.
Coming from the creator of Steemit doesn't looks very GOOD !!!


As said yesterday, expecting an uptrend move, i see the price possibly going down to hit the 460 support one more time but generally, uptrend.

See Dan has a problem with a guy earning a few SD spending time on posts every day but felt it completely necessary to pull in THOUSANDS on his own bullshit rants.


why you are using by example posts which were published 6 months ago? Such high payout was almost typical few months ago. Lately a lot of things changed. Dan's very often declaiming his payout.

A couple months late on flagging this...
After yoda was destroyed, i expected ozchart to meet the same fate, about time!
Its sickening to see this garbage! Makes steemit look bad.
I fully support @dan decision. Ozchart made some massive bank on copy/paste generic analysis autovoted by top whales. A 10year old could do better

"After yoda was destroyed, i expected ozchart to meet the same fate, about time!"

so the shit post that was the pivot point for a circle jerk got shut down lol the true power of the flag

@richardcrill replying here due to comment depth limits...
I think the point is that they are informative and quick especially for people who are new to all of this. There is value here.

Anyone who knows what to do with this information could create it themselves.

great post

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51 promotion cost!!! did i read that right?

get fukd dan! Just like old times.

for the record I like ur posts and follow and read them daily. don't get the flag thing I geuss

sorry to see you being targeted/attacked
isn't it funny that your content was acceptable for months but now all of a sudden whales have a problem with it? i myself think a lot of the trending posts are shitty so just because someone thinks your content is shit shouldn't be reason enough to flag. Fuck flagging.