BlockTrades adds support for new Hive cryptocurrency

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Hello my fellow Hivers,

I’m happy to announce that you can now buy Hive on BlockTrades!

Our next step is to support creation of Hive accounts and Hive delegations, which should be completed tomorrow.

Our engineers are also working hard to launch our new trade-matching exchange functionality, so I’m hopeful that this new service will also be available tomorrow.



You can buy HIVE but not sell STEEM.. I don't like that I can only give you money and not get any from you..

I would like to sell steem and buy hive as well. Blocktrades even disables their witness in steem. I hope that will not affect our money in steem, I see a lot of witnesses disabling their witness. I like those witnesses who said that they will run their nodes at least 13 weeks for us to be able to withdraw. Like @ausbitbank for example. I hope others will do like him and stay to let steemians sell their steem.

Wait. I can't sell Steem on Blocktrades?

Maybe you'll get hive tokens?

We're also overhauling the look of our site slightly (references to Steem replaced with Hive references), but some other updates interfered with that release today (new site is also has changes to support more languages).

Great job, but disagreements on rewards

Awesome @blocktrades. Hope now I can convert all my STEEMs into HIVE. Thank you!

I used to like Steem, but considering who holds the most Steem, I much prefer Hive :)

Well, you are not alone :)

Well not yet. Everything is still locked it's a big curious.... I'm the one who works and like the bitconnect where I lost everything my dream my hope.. I came home from work and lost everything.. I wanted to stop at 10k a month private and 5 k public with the public i wanted to setup accounts for homeless people families who have it really difficult etc. With the private I could live from it so I didn't have to go crawling to work. I wish I had sold it when steem was at 40 cents last week. I would have more then double hive today. 🙈

Just used this to exchange 135 Steem for Hive -- which disappeared from my Steemit wallet, but has not appeared on Hive (no notifications, and cannot access wallet)?!

Please, help.

very happy to hear that blocktrades provide purchases for hives. right now I'm doing power down for steem power that I have and immediately buy a hive in blocktrades

@blocktrades I just exchanged 135 Steem for Hive (around 128 or so) on Blocktrades and I can't seem to find it!

It's missing from my Steemit wallet, but has not appeared on Hive (no notifications & can't access wallet).

Kindly, help.

Hi, Please file a support issue from our web site, it's easier for our tech people to solve the problem this way.

Sorry, about that... Spoke too soon, there was a glitch and it appears it's now gone through 😀

Hi, I found the transaction here:

You can use to check for Hive transfers, it's the Hive site that corresponds to

Thanks, for that. Exchanged Hive for Litecoin and it asked me to send you a memo through Hive wallet.

First time I do it that way & awaiting confirmation (over an hour ago).

Very nice! Is Steem going to stay down until the full exchange service as you’d mentioned in the past?

That is the current plan, yes. But if there's sufficient liquidity for it on exchanges, we might be able to re-open it. Seems like a lot of our customers do want to be able to sell Steem, so I'll see what's possible.

Yeah, that availability was the first thing I checked when I saw this announcement, as my first power down installment hits in a few hours. 😆 I think a lot of folks are looking for an easy Steem to Hive gateway.

If we enable Steem, we'd likely enable SBD as well.

So, Steem being under maintenance is NOT just Mr. Sun having a fit about us leaving? not working might be about that fit ;)

Agreed ... I think of that moment when a child has broken a toy in order to wrestle it from another ... that moment of confusion when the reality of the brokenness becomes real and then the crying starts all over again ... Steemit's new owner may indeed be having that moment...

hey, so I feel a bit out of the loop. The current plan is for the STEEM price to stay low? Is there an explanation or an article you can link to me to explain what is going on with this? I do see that I cannot access my wallet here on Hive, and I do see that the STEEM price and volume have gone flat. My understanding was that we would have STEEM and HIVE tokens separately, but some comments here sound like we are converting? Maybe those folks just meant they were going to buy HIVE with STEEM,

Nice this is great news. I love blocktrades such a needed service.

You bought steem from BTS exchanges right? Does that mean hive is as well? Or will he based on your new exchange?

Our new trade-matching exchange will be hosted on BitShares.

This is another great news, I'm thankful you are constantly working on Hive.

Amazing job here @blocktrades this is exciting. I'm definitely glad at this news at this point, I'm looking forward to buying some hive soon

This is encouraging news and should bring some order to trading for Hive from a reliable source.

This is very good news for all of us who will face a victory tomorrow.

@blocktrades - Hello! On my blocktrades account, even though I verified my account using an Australian passport and have declared that I'm not a US citizen, it has marked me as TRUE to a US citizen and FALSE as a non-US citizen.

Will that cause any problems?

Cheers. 🍻
Looking forward to getting some HIVE! 😁

It's a bug, but good news is we've fixed the code and it will be corrected tomorrow.

Will I be able to trade liquid Steem for Hive there? Will you support HBD as well? Like could I sell HBD for Hive?

You can trade HBD for Hive now.

This is a great new and advancement for this blockchain.

I’ll have to go buy some! I just wonder if it’s gonna pump too high before I finish work

Good work @blocktrades. The work you do is appreciated.

That is awesome news @blocktrades! Thanks for playing such a huge and active part in launching and establishing our new "home!"

This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Thanks for the awesome work!

I was waiting for that, I change HIVE for STEEM trying to get convertimos for Fiat

I will provide Steem in exchange for Hive. How much do you wish to exchange?

rofl @ myself...I was angry and impatient, so I took my first coupla weeks of STEEM powerdown and bought Steem Monsters.

Thank y'all for getting this done!

Huzzah! Thank you for your hard work.

I am glad to see the vitally important fruits of your diligent labor so soon ripe and ready for harvest.

" exchange functionality..."

Am I correct that you are referring to enabling folks wishing to trade currencies directly to be able to do so on Blocktrades?


Awesome work @blocktrades and this was needed to have more hives. Thanks.

Hey @probit, why did you downvote this?

Finally, the moment we've been waiting for. Thanks a lot for the hardwork @blocktrades!

When will other pairs be enabled with Hive?

There's a bunch now, which ones were you looking for?

You don't have any plan in operating back the SBD and STEEM?

Great "hive" to the moon :D

I love this, thank you for doing it so quickly I know that must not have been easy, hats off <3

It's incredible to see how quickly hive is developing, I've never really seen anything quite like it lol

Great work, @blocktrades! Just picked up a cool 2,000 HIVE and send it to my wallet.

How ? There is no Hive Wallet .... where do we send it ?

You can send it to your Hive account, don't need access to your wallet to send to it.

Great news!
It would be easier to buy Hive. Thank you for the updates!

When can we sell Steem for Hive ?

And when will have a functioning wallet? To me, that's kind of step 1..

Yeah. Me too.

use the interface from @peakd; it is very advanced, and has a lot of good features, also a functioning wallet.

Greetings, appreciated friends of @blocktrades.

First of all I must congratulate you for all the hard work you have done in the past few weeks.

We must thank you now that we can enjoy the freedom of true decentralization.

For all this and much more, Big Thank You!

Ps: would you mind giving me more information about the delegations?
It turns out that I am a co-founder of a community (Project Hope Hive) and we have a very important growing number of active subscribers and writers. So we feel extremely interested in reaching out to you in order to achieve some kind of strategic partnership that allows us to move forward together and make "Hive" to grow.

Your friend, Juan.

I really need to convert my STEEM to HIVE every week during my Power down. I don't want to put it in any other crypto because it can't be put to work. Plus, better support those actively helps the blockchain compared to other exchanges.

.and the bright future of Hive continues

Thank you so much @blocktrade.

Amazing :) love that

So amazed by all the forward progress!!!

I'll have powered down some Steem soon and will be looking to buy some Hive. Hope that will be possible. I expect there will be plenty of demand. I do not expect to get a great rate for Steem over 13 weeks.

This truly wonderful...

Step by step Hive is getting better.
We, regular users can be impatient but we know you're working hard to improve the ecosystem. Thank you for everything and keep up the good work. We'll keep promoting and spreading the word.

Thank you, for all you’ve done and are continuing to do ✌🏼

I’m still trying to figure out how to access my wallet on Hive —- any tips?

nice this is cool!

How long will steem and ETH be under maintenance ? can't sell steem atm

Will you share your vision for Hive once the dust settles?

I'm curious :)

My wallet doesn't work here

use the interface from @peakd; it is very advanced, and has a lot of good features, also a functioning wallet.

Great news @blocktrades we need all the help that it can.

Thank you!!! Glad to hear a solution was developed.

You are AWESOME @blocktrades! We love you!

Great update.

I can't access my Hive wallet. Is everyone having the same problem or this is isolated to few?

yep wallet is not working for me too...

Can you please explain why can't i access to hive wallet? and also am i going to have same amount of hive token in my wallet?

We have Hive wallet working now.

super. thank you.

Blocktrades is always expanding!! Pumped about the addition of hive, keep up the hard work. It doesn't go unnoticed!

@blocktrades has been my only exchange for the last several months. I always appreciate your contribution to the community