Belgian Beer Review: Paix Dieu Triple

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Okay, it's been a long time since I've written a proper beer review on Steemit, but now's the time to write one again!

I was walking through the supermarket here in Belgium and I noticed there were some special beers for sale, this Paix Dieu caught my eye immediately. Now, I'm usually the kind of guy who just gets the same beer, but this time I was kind of intrigued. Granted, I'm a sucker for these special bottles that have a top pop cap (idk the real name of this, please tell me in the comments), so I just had to buy this particular beer.

I've gotta say that I was pleasantly surprised. I usually expect these abbey beers to be quite heavy, kinda difficult to drink because they're so bitter. This definitely wasn't the case with this one. Yes it was pretty yeasty, as the Beeradvocate comments tell you, but it's a perfect beer for beginners.

Managed to get a pretty good pour, it didn't completely foam up on me when I popped the cap. Yes, I did use Chimay glassware, you can't expect me to have a designated glass for every beer I try. Chimay's an abbey beer, so is this one, the glass will do!


Now, let's talk about the actual taste of this beer... It's kind of sweet, but not too sweet. It definitely has a lot of character, but I suspect that even craft beer novices could appreciate a beer like this. Hints of honey and citrus were my main takeaways regarding the smell and taste.

Apparently each bottle has a symbol to show you under which kind of moon the beer was brewed. The bottle I bought was brewed under a full moon apparently... Now I'm curious if there's a difference in taste compared to the batches brewed under a different moon cycle.


Translation: Brewed under a full moon

Paix Dieu website:


Now, that bottle reminds me of the old Grolsch bottles from years ago, perhaps they are still like that now, but I can't drink the stuff.

You remember the 4 tiers of beer from years ago post?!

Grolsch is firmly in the 'can't drink' category.

I do like Tripel Kartel, but getting these fancy beers over here is hard work. Waitrose may sell it but there's isn't one close by.

Is it an 8% one?

Yes, I do remember the 4 tiers of stomach hell! This would be a definite 3 or 4, I reckon the yeast would do you no favours :P

This one is actually 10% btw.

I tend to pour beer straight out now (get all the gas out), and then I can drink it without all the bad effects later.

10% is quite evil for a beer, though @meesterboom would feel right at home.

I'll stick with the old faithful, Tesco sells these in four-packs, and grab a Kartel or two next time at Waitrose.

I like the moon component for extra fun! I am a simple Coors guy, but the moon would sell me on it!

It looks refreshing @daan I wonder if how much it's alcohol content, it seems to be not nice-tasting because you said that it was yeasty. :D

When I was in Bruges a couple years back, I loved trying all the different Belgian beers....and the chocolates....and the waffles. Lol

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Mhh, will have to look out for that one. I love tripples.
My favorite is Karmelier, closely followed by Hapkin. Okay both are on the stronger side, but for sure they aren't as bitter as Duvel for instance.
But last month I did discover a new gem! It is called "Vliegend Varken". Also a blond tripple with a whopping 9%. But when you drink it, it doesn't feel like a heavy beer. If you do find it, try it.



Been missing these reviews! I'm glad to see you are back with them :)

Welcome back to the world of beer review! I’m a fan of pop tops too. I’ve found that it can be a bit misleading because they look fancy and people put mediocre beer in there. I’m glad you like it though it does sounds pretty good.

Have nice weekend.

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This is pretty awesome. I like the bottles that have tops like that too. The first time I ever saw one was a bottle of Grolsch that my friend game me. He used to reuse the bottles to put his hard cider in that he would distill. It was good stuff! I might have to keep my eye out for this one next time I am at the specialty beer store!

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Ahh the swing top beer review from Belgium, making me thirsty, even before breakfast!

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