A new milestone on my diet

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Since the quarantine started, I've been working out heavily (90-150 minutes per day) and following a Keto/OMAD diet. This process helped me lose 18 KG (40~ LBS) according to today's metrics.

When I started, my smart scale was defining me as "Obese - Category 1". Now, I'm back to normal levels and my fat rate improved very well. A good day to reach my first milestone considering this is also my birthday. :)


To put things into perspective, Turkish style demi-johns hold 18 liters of water, and they're very hard to move around.


This is what I miss in my body in terms of weight. It feels very good!


Working out 90-150 minutes per day.

When did you first started, did you do straight 90 minutes? or step by step from 60 then goes to 90.

It's a mix so it's not a "straight 90 mins every time". I do strength trainings, power walking, cycling. It differs.

Hi, I'm Marely from Venezuela.
I'm happy for you.
Happy Birthday ❤❤❤

18 kg weight lose . .its too good

I heard Turkish oil wrestling is really good exercise.

Happy Birthday

I guess you will never forget Turkish oil wrestling. :)

Haha, Erikli Su iyi bir ölçü olmuş. Giden kilolar daha güzel anlatılamazdı herhalde:))

Post for $ 40 - it is very stimulating to write 😆

How long have you been dieting/working out for? 3-4 months? If so, 18 kg loss is amazing.

TBH, I don't know the exact date, but it should be around 4 months.

Happy birthday!

Thanks mate!

Hahaha. You removed a perfect demijohn from your body. I can fly if I do this.

lol, thanks!

I target to lose 5 more kilograms and drop more fat/increase muscle as the next target. :)

I am sure that you will reach your goal with this determination. Comgrats