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How have I been.... well Ive been better, a lot but Ive been really learning some different things about life

My kids are my priority. My time is for them. If I had more time to waste on movement that lets face it, video and video editing takes a lot. Ask @snook she will tell you. Its not always easy for people. It doesn't matter how smart you are more on luck. We have a knack for having this not working in our favor at times. Lolololol. I know its been a while but I figured Id update you on whats been going on medically. Where I am at on my journey and what's next.

Whats been going on?

Busy, Tired and Stressed but not all is doom and gloom. Ive had more time to focuson myself and getting somewhere with the doctor's but most of all my energy goes to my children.

Where am I at

Well a lot. Im finally gettingsomewherewith the doctor's. Imaging of my spine showed everythingand the doctor will be doing a referral to Mayo Clinic. In the intrum they are sending me out for that brace to be fittined just for me, my body. So progress is being made just very slow. Its hard gettingaround. The wheelchairs they give out today are such junk. My kids cant push me fast becauseit shakes, pain. So I rest mostly. When we do get out, its a slow ride thats for sure.

Whats Next?

Wait! Be patient and just try to do the next right thing. Hopefullythe brace can help me travel by plane so Ican go quick and see how it works. Then fly back when they are ready for me. Idont know exactly how it will all go, but Im scared. Its amazingreally. Fear is the only thing that cant be trusted (think about that for a second) so pushing through scary times will be my guiding light. My lighthouse.

Im working through the hard times, pushing tbrough the pain, using whatever hacks I need to and most of all, ready for a new life!


Thinking of you! We miss you! Well I’ve been MIA too also cos of kids and health issues haha..

Looking beautiful as always. Stay strong 💪🏽

Who knew that smile has been through so much, I hope you’ll stay strong and wish you all the best with your travels! Do miss chatting to you and hope you’ll feel up to it to give us more of your time in the future

Soon. Baby steps but Ill try to update more

Well step #1 is done, we can take our time with step #2, just know we're all backing you!!!!!

Theres a lot. I mean besides the leg injuries. My spine if F'd in three places. Not to mention they found a lesion in my thoracic spine..infact. I looked up only the outline. I didnt want to read too deep so I judt needed some straight answers about what it is

Sounds very appropriate. Add conus medullars disease to it, it makes sense.. So I think thats the real reason they are sending me to an Academic Hospital

Im going all the way! Im going to dance one day!

Good to see you back looking good !👍

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well, not back yet but ill be around some. The thing is. I like to curate and since i really can't I dont post. Also i got rid of twitter, fb, i font need it. I just need simple but i do miss you all. That is ore thing i know is i do miss yall very much

Gotcha. Just glad to see your post and show your lovely face around here. Yes, good to hear you are at least curating. I got rid of twitter a long time ago and other social media and going full hive and blockchains! miss u 2!

AND TO THOSE WHO NOTICE, yes I have lost wieght. From 127 lbs to 102. Its been hard since the last hospital visit but thats why I know I need to go get looked at by their doctors. Appt for the brace is monday at 2

Looking happier and healthier! Good to see ya on here again

Haaaa, well If they get me fixed, id like to be around more. Baby steps..i know i look pretty but I promise its not easy.. I have to keep trying every day. I have jo choice. My body wont let me give up



Awwnn 🤗...yes, it has been a while and it is good to read your post again. I am glad things are progressing even though its slow and spending time with your children is absolutely medicine on its own. Keep smiling and being strong...lots of hugs from here. 🤗🤗

Exactly. Its slow but I am getting there. Ty much luv💜💙

Give you a call here soon, miss you!

hey where are you!???

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Miss you. Hope All is well.

I hope that brace will help you and someone can help you with a better wheelchair.
Invest time and energy in what is needed most. Children are worth it but me time is worth even more. Without you there's nothing.
Love and Luck for you.

Hello. Hope all is well. I’m doing ok myself.

Thinking of you. Hope you are doing well. Lots of love!

I was thinking of you and tried contacting on IG but couldn't find you. Hope you are hanging on well gf. xo