I will be trying to do some microblogging from now on

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Hey everyone. It's not often that I find the time to post on the Steem blockchain anymore, mostly due to real life commitments that leave me with very little time to spend on my creative outlets. I guess that some of you might miss the biology posts I used to do, but I bet that none of you miss it as much as I do myself. There are few things as fun as reading up on papers about a cool subject and compiling it into a somewhat readable format, but as I have said before, doing those posts did take a long time.

I have been pretty much completely absent from the blockchain for the last few months, but at the same time I have been thinking about ways to make room for Steem in my routine again. The solution I ended up with was to begin to microblog instead of writing regular blog posts, which is what I will be doing in the next foreseeable future.

This means that I won't be making 1,000+ word long biology posts, but instead focus on writing shorter posts like this one with a length of <500 words. I hope this will allow me to post somewhat frequently again, and stay more in touch with a lot of the amazing people I have met on this blockchain.

And that's pretty much what I wanted to share. I'm looking forward to being a bit more around here again, and hope that some of you will still want to follow my blog even despite the big change of content type. So let me end by posting a photo of my whippet; she is now about a year old already.

DSC_0268 – Kopi.JPG


Microblogging is a wonderful choice. Looking forward to some new updates from your life :)

I'm glad to hear that :)

What ever happened to those wildlife cameras of yours? Was hoping we get to see some nice snaps now that spring returned.

They were never mine to begin with. I borrowed them from my uni for a while after using them for a project, but returned them a few weeks later when someone else needed them. I'm tempted to buy one for myself though, because it's really interesting to see what pops up in my yard at night!

Welcome 🙏🏽 @valth, I’ve been following you for a long time now, and I really understand how it is with real life routines, I personally understand how it is with you and I’ll be looking out for those microblogging from you.

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Thanks! Yeah, real life can get very busy sometimes, and unfortunately that means very little time for Steem or other fun hobbies. But I'm glad to hear that you are looking forward to my microblogging :)

Hi friend! Good decision is preferable shorter content and constant look that it is always good to know about you.

Yeah, shorter content more often is much better than posting a long post once a month ;) Thanks for stopping by!

Great news! I am looking forward to having you around more often again :)

Wilma is a cutie! :)

Thanks! Yeah, she's definitely a real cutie :)

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Interesting, looks like we've come to a similar choice. I noticed that I was spinning my wheels trying to finish long posts that met my standards and noticed there was never much interaction on my 1000+ word posts anyway.

I decided to switch to daily 200-250 word posts that summarize a bit of science news or talks about a plant/animal. Gets more eyes and by limiting the size, I'm able to use the posts on my Minds and Facebook pages, as well. I'm also in the process of recording and editing them into bite-sized videos to put out once there's a backlog, meaning for the work of one post, I'll eventually be able to put out content for most platforms constantly without turning it into a job. (I even decided to invest in my own url since a number of sites have become hostile to bitly shortened links).