Corona get's common

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Hi all,
it has been silent for a few days. Busy with work and around the house. The corona virus begins to take its own place in everyday life. You take many things into account, and much is taken into account for you. Everything goes on at work, the daily activities, consultation, coordination. Actually (except that we are at home) everything just goes on.


We now mainly meet online and via conference calls. And that all works fine, the bandwidth and connection is completely fine.

I have been a member of the gym again for two weeks, I have to lose those corona pounds again :). In the Netherlands, the gyms are still allowed to open, at least not inside. The owners are very inventive and have put a lot of equipment outside so that everyone can exercise a bit. I think entrepreneurs, and the smaller ones in particular, are having a hard time and maybe even getting more. It affects us all but when I look at myself, apart from the adjustments that I make in my private life, it is actually not so bad.


yesterday we rehearsed with the band for a long time. It was a bit strange, the owner of the practice room had taken all kinds of measures. Screens so that we could all be safely at a distance, breaks that were planned, etc. But it was fine. It took some getting used to, I hadn't played the songs for a long time, but actually it didn't go bad at all.




It was fun and good to play together again after sometime. We had a lot of fun.

Which change do you see in your near surrounding due to Corona, did a lot of it change for you?

Take care and stay safe,



It is good that you could come together even if it was separated by partitions. That is some impressive work the guy did having things all set up so you could still socially distance. I have been doing a lot of work around the house and getting our trailer ready for camping if we get to go.

Ah that sounds great, we cancled our holidays. We would go to turkey to a resort. At the resort they work with timeslots now, so a couple of hours at the pool, at given time dinner etc. Not really the holiday you we had imagine ourselves... So we stay at home and have some chill days overhere :) I hope you can go to the camping :)

No, that sounds more like prison or Summer camp with everything so regulated. I'd love to go to Turkey some day, but I have heard it is not super safe for Americans to travel there now. Pity...

Good to see the gym and studio can still get some business. It's been hard on small companies. Things are pretty much okay here. We can get the food shopping we need (with queuing outside) and I am not so bothered about other shops, but more are opening tomorrow. They will have to installed screens and one way systems. It's hard to imagine right now how live music can work except in big outdoor areas. Others cannot fit in enough people to make money. Keep rehearsing anyway so you are ready for when you can perform.

Yes, small companies are having a very hard time... We try to support the locals as much as we can. Can't wait visit a festival or gig again :)