Just Saying Hello

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Just wanted to pop in and say I’m not dead for anyone here who I’ve been lucky enough to befriend along this journey that has wasted their life away reading my nonsense. Been taking the time to focus on a few other things which have been on the back burner for a bit along with trying to adjust.

I miss this place...or the connections I’ve made here. I think I’ll be cross posting a bit here and on Hive as soon as I jump back in this week. I’d like to see what part of the community has made the switch.

Believe it or not, my non essential business of the comic shop has actually been keeping me fairly busy. Easter week, limited options for folks, and our option for deliveries has left me with little spare time. Anyway, I look forward to writing again and reading about your adventures in lockdown as well as I have pretty much avoided all of this for a few weeks. I hope you are all safe and healthy.

Talk to ya soon



I look forward to all this pandemic stuff ending, so we can get back to ripping one another like we have been for the last year. Could there be another installment of "Reviewing NSFW Comics With @Blewitt" in the works?

Could be.

Could be... 😆

I think a few people have things other that Hive on their minds. Hope your business can get through this crisis. There may be a few people needing some reading material in coming weeks/months. Stay well.

Glad to hear you're hangin in there! Hopefully I'll be able to stop by the shop a few times this summer. Keep in touch!

Hey mate, good to hear from you and hope to see you around some more.

New follower here. Welcome back!
Looking forward to seeing what type of nonsense you post in the future.

You have been missed. Glad to see you’ve been doing as well as can be expected given all the present difficulties. As soon as travel across state lines doesn’t require insertion of a rectal thermometer by state troopers, and your shop is open for business again... I’ll have to make another trip over to hang out!

It's good that the lockdown has not hurt your business @blewitt it seems some places who do mailorder/online are actually seeing a boom and it might help others to move to more online/delivery options. Funny old Brave New World, eh?

It's good to hear that you are doing well. Stay safe!

I have completely fallen off steem and hive. But lurk a little. I am glad things at the store (at least 19 days ago) were keeping busy. Miss ya friend. Stay healthy.

hey Chris, it's nice to see you here! I just joined super recently, so Hive is all new to me too! Hoe you're doing well and staying safe in NYC!

PS I tried to vote your post and it won't let me....dunno why

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Hey, hey, just saying hello to you too man! I's in the same situation, hope everything's good with you!

Are you actually still alive? Or, just some sort of aborted homunculus at this point from all the ramen noodles and being coated in your own filth from the lack of toilet paper. Sent you a few FB messages on top of not seeing you here, so I assume so. If you aren't some sort of half dead repulsive gremlin, make sure to let us know, doooood.

Hope all is well man!