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Hi there,

As most of the visitors of @hivefest know, I reside and work in the realm of the living. A freelance chef with some festival experience and foremost a poet, pure sang.

Technology has always baffled me and had its period in my life, when I was young, feeling the answer lied within it’s capabilities.

As time flowed by, I have always been reluctant to share what I wrote. As a kid often bullied for the mere exclamation of what was considered to be different.

It comes from a well that is not to be understood, it is free associated writing and the truth.

I lack the gen or the capacity through learning of nullifying emotions, which, when push comes to shove is what needs to be done within the current state of the world.

By far, no cry for anything, merely a wish that the dangers that lie ahead when monetary systems become engraned with greed, the sauce will spill or burn.

As I have learned, after a hard fork, and countless talks with the in it for the dough people before the fork, hive is an actual hive. In a good sense!

So @crimsonclad is there a chance that shoe box poets, without an online portfolio (the mere word portfolio) can join nft showroom?

Without further ado and no title:

Everything comes in droves, not waves.

It’s but the mere existence of empathy that saves.

Heart burn and cognitive dissonance will show the rocky roads ahead.

Misconceptions rife with inner battle. Once and for all, we shan’t be cattle.

Push and shove the narrative, all you deem a necessity in life or beyond.

In french the reduction of a liquid is aptly called a fond.

It’s not the numbers that oblige, the truth has it’s routes.

There is but nature that has the inevitable foresight to bare it’s fruits.

Symmetry is overrated, underestimated, cringe worthy, oblivion will per-sue.

Somehow the gnu is always on cue.

Have some fun dreamers and realists of all walks of life.

Freedom, that is our strive.

Thank you all.

PS: One wonders, how important this message is without mentioning people, as that is of actual importance. Without the human factor no blockchain or otherwise would exist.



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