Buying cryptocurrencies without a premium in under 5 mins using CNY + get 100SP delegated to YOU

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Hi all,

I get asked every day what is the best way to get into crypto by expats and Chinese citizens. This video shows you the best practice and things to be careful of.

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I think is not for me, unfortunately​. :(

Litecoin, be my Valentine!


Great article! Smart people always figure out ways to navigate the system.

Thanks for the tip.

In a way, I'm surprised there are still loop holes to use CNY to buy crypto. In a way, I'm not.

hahah there are a lot more ways than this. investing in mining is actually the biggest in china.

Great video. So many ways to buy these days... the "easier" it gets the wider the spreads seem to get.

same here. only localbitcoins is the only option. this is not for my country unfortunately.

@ddangerwu Yes this app is good for buying cryptocurrencies but I think this only useful for those who are in you're country. I'm from Pakistan there is only one website currently provide that service to buy bitcoin its name is localbitcoin and I think its price is not too much I'm using this for withdrawing my Steemit earning in Bitcoin so form my opinion this is limited and localbitcoin provide it's services to almost countries hope you like my comment and I'm minnow need some delegation to grow up keep supporting newbies :D

@farhanali you are absolutely right.

Thankyou :D

Do you know if localbitcoin works for other countries?

Yeah I know works in 248 countries :D

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localbitcoin is for people who steal btc,use btc on black market,etc. Do not be surprised when police knocks to your door . Just to know.


Great informations :) Thanks you I will follow you blog.
I need information for steemit pay :)
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Photos are very good and attract attention

very informative to get penetrate in steemit or crypto. must watch

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I thought they collect 25% of what your video makes not your overall author rewards including your article rewards.

hmm not sure. but I doubt they can take curation awards tho.

Great video! Very helpful for Chinese citizens keep doing! You can ignore spam or steem could add delete coments for articles, but it would have 50/50 benefits.

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Sounds good, Danger Wu! I had never heard of this way to add fiat before. Certainly a lot easier than trusting some stranger in a WeChat group. Thanks a lot!

yep. I used to use those WeChat groups then got scammed lol

I live in South Africa and I've been using Bitshares for about a month and it has been one of the most impacting experiences in my crypto learning curriculum. Never have I been exposed to such incredible technology to transfer and receive currencies and assets. Using a centralized exchange like Bitshares has shifted my experience from theory to actual engagement in Africa. So shoutout for the exposure @ddangerwu. I never realized that there was a mobile app too..

So, it works in South Africa? What is the cost or fees to buy?

Yeah it works perfectly @freedomshift. The costs are so minute that I don't even consider it. I'm a lifetime member so I get 80% of my fees back anyways. Use my link and get started on your journey to effortless trading and asset development @freedomshift:

Good information, I am looking forward to see more from you.

Thank you for the video :)

there is a lot of issues with the current exchanges wich decentralized exchanges should help overcome.

that is such a great advice... hope it will help each and everyone..

So very good idea about currency thanks

this video very useful for us. nd thank you for this info :)

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I think it's better to buy BTC through magic wallet. We can buy BTC through the coinbase app and coinbase account. Thank you

be aware: if you buy gdex.btc or open.btc, those only work in their respective internal markets

Well I know that. Anyways thank you


Very good movie, you have a nice voice, it was nice to listen to you. : )

Great Post

Amazing video and tips. Really helpful for new comer like me. Thanks for sharing.

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I would say you did a good job bringing this information to us, helping to pen down some scammers whom i term virus to progress. Am glad for your candid effort, looking forward to getting some gift from you. Am a newbie, kudus.

wow,it's really a helpful video, I like it.

When We Get Angry

Really goods video especially for those new with cryptocurrency world

Appreciate that

Thank you for this post, it will be very helpful for a new comer like me.

i have 63 SP and i want to delegate it? what is the most beneficial bot do you advice???


I think it's better to buy BTC through magic wallet. We can buy BTC through the coinbase app and coinbase account.Good information, I am looking forward to see more from you. Thank you

Great post . Thank you

wow, amazing you allow our comments, for a better step, but what you have to say in this vidio, much better,

wow thanks to this very insightful video sir @ddangerwu im sure it will really help a lot especially to the people who are planing to buy or to invest in this kind of platform. salute to you bro. we are hoping and expecting a lot like this kind and very helpful tutorial to your post

Yes i think this is brilliant

Thanks for your information I like your post thanks for sharing

hay there Are a ICO token launched chek it
Theta Tokan

Most Chinese citizens speak Chinese, so if you speak chinese may help much more Chinese citizens. Well it's my pleasure to translate it in Chinese. Well I think you can speak Chinese better than English, lol. No offense I am also a user of magicwallet, Good job!

you are welcome to put subtitles on the video or do your own version =D

Interesting information, thank you for the good work you are doing. Keep it up.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge - you have reinforced to me that I have so much more to learn about cryptocurrency but at least I know where to look and who to consult when I do need assistance!

Thanks you information a post

Very nice! I learned about MagicWallet awhile ago and have used it successfully several times now. I blogged about it here:

nice! great article

thanks for the news of crypto currency

I found this very helpful, I have been trying other methods and it hasn't been helpful. I am so grateful to you for making this Vidor to help people like me.

This could be very useful for Chinese or expats. I do remember during my year in Tianjin that I had to carry a Foreign Expert Certificate (外国专家证)in order to exchange Yuan to Usd and even so I had a limit on how much I was allowed to exchange. Therefore, cryptocurrencies may make transactions easier. And yes the recharge code is crucial! I hope a lot of expats can use this all the best to you!

wow what a small world! I was born in Tianjin. are you still in china?

Cool!!! @ddangerwu - No, I am back in Ohio, USA

Thank you so much @ddangerwu !!!!! I will use it wisely and focus on good quality posts!

Wow sekali postingan ananda
Andai saja saya bisa membuat postijgan seperti ananda ini.
Semoga aja saya bisa seperti ananda ini.
Mengharukan sekali.

It seems you shoot the whole video on one inhale only :)

haha edited out all the boring parts

where was this article when i need it the moest?

Thanks! I think everyone across the world should have access to this tech. Keep up the info sharing.

very interesting may you succeed and hopefully healthy always in its cover

It is appropriate that education in developing countries is applied to information technology. This program is very supportive of a developing country to be more advanced in the field of education

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Thanks for your information I like your post thanks for sharing

Hi! @ddangerwu, Great video! Very helpful for Chinese citizens keep doing! You can ignore spam or steem could add delete comments for articles, but it would have 50/50 benefits.

really great post but nothing for me

This is a very well made video although visually, there are too many distracting elements.
The information, although only applicable to Chinese citizens or expat in China, it is educational and informative.
In the USA, there are no such issues or needs to pay such fees to buy virtual assets - AKA crypto-currencies. US citizens can buy BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC on without such high fees. There are fees for bank wire and for trading / purchasing. Buying or trading on is a better and could be cheaper than doing the same on

I like your profile and posts. I upvoted, resteemed, and followed you.

Airswap and Blocktrades offer decentralized exchanges where you trade p2p without storing your crypto in third-party wallets.

interest, what are their fees like?

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Nice post. Thanks

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too much chinese in one app! unfortunately, not for me either! :-(

Thanks for the information but I'm new at this and there are certain terms and things I don't understand. If you can share more information about that, I'd appreciate it.

thank you!

Unfortunately, its not for me. Looks great for China.

hallo sahabat steemit semua saya pendatang baru disini mohon bantuan untuk mejadi sahabat saya semua

I don't think it would be useful for me being in the USA but good video. Also I am not a fan of voting apps, or the use of upvote bots or comment bots.

I focus only ETH and BTC,

I really enjoyed this tutorial. What I like is that there is such an emphasis on fees which means more pressure on these exchanges to make transactions go smoothly. In my opinion, high fees are a serious detriment to wider adoption just like tanking prices because seeing your investment eaten away is disheartening, especially when you're trying to get an altcoin that is low cap and can be scooped up by the thousands.

I believe the lightning network and awesome apps like these will help people get more bang for their buck when dealing with transactions. Although this particular app is something I cant utilize I thank you for showing it off. Great post

yep new innovations like the lightning network is a game changer. I am making an animated video about it right now. it will be posted tomorrow

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More knowledge on the crypto market

I honestly can't conjure words to say for now, albeit, I've been seriously informed seeing the video!

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in south korea nowadays, it is getting more difficult for non-citizen of south korea (resident) to get bitcoin to buy just as before. any idea to get bitcoin in south korea like this for non-citizen.

Bilgi için teşekkürler iyi şanslar

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why do this when there are many less complicated options

Not for US?

tengo que empaparme mas con esto, ayúdenme a enterarme mas de este mundo del mercado electrónico

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