Introducing, the bot that rewards your influence

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We are running an experiment with our upvoter bot for weeks. If you tried to post on using the tag "busy", you may have noticed that the account automatically upvotes your post.

How does the bot work?

The bot will upvote you based on the weight of your followers. The more influential followers you have, the stronger upvote you will get from the bot.

  • To get an upvote, you need a minimum of 500 SP following you
  • To get a 100% upvote (around 10$ value), you currently need 12 Millions SP total following you (25 whales).

How to get a vote from

It's free and instantaneous, you just need to:

  • post using (works on both version: v1 and the new beta)
  • use the tag "busy". It doesn't have to be the primary one

The bot upvotes maximum 1 time every 12 hours per user. (2 upvotes/day/user)

How to check my followers weight?

Thank to @jesta he made the awesome SteemDB API with this precious information, our bot is using it get the weight in VESTS of your followers. You can find this info if you look here: and change fabien by your username and search for the field followers_mvest. (This value is in VESTS, to get a 100% upvote you will need 25 billion VESTS)

If you don't know how to do the math, try to post on and see for yourself the voting power % the bot will give you.

I hold 1 million SP but have 0 follower, will i get upvote from the bot?

No, bot don't reward users because they have a lot of Steem Power, the bot only looks for the weight of your followers, without at least 1 Dolphin or the equivalent in SP following you, you don't get any vote.

What if I post bad quality content?

We don't have much policy on the upvoted content for now. We think if you really post bad content you will most likely end-up losing followers and influence in Steem and not get so much voting power in your post by the bot.

What if everybody use the bot?

When bot run out of power, we set a higher number of whales required to get 100% upvote. Now it's 25 whales but if power go lower 50% we will change to 30.

Why we do this bot?

This bot has been started has an experiment, the goal is to reward influence. The bot give a new distribution model for users and a more stable income.

Give power to influencers

If you like the concept of rewarding users based on their influence and you have some Steem Power sleeping, feel free to delegate some to account using Vessel or SteemConnect.

Is the bot Open Source?

Of course! See here:


What's next?

We are looking forward to do an SMT with a completely different reward mechanism. We would love to base the reward on user influence directly without depending on the vote per post reward mechanism. Let us know your thoughts about this! This experiment and your feedback will help us

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I looked everywhere on the internet for something like this! You are the man!?

I thing your upvote weight is higher

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This bot is based on a more sophisticated idea than I thought first, as I've already told. It's a really good implementation of Steem redistribution, but my personality force me to be excited more in the next step, the SMT. And communities... I don't like Christmas but I feel like a kid at Christmas when somebody starts a new, powerful thing. :)

Why don't you like christmas?

It's about lies.

It's a celebration of the solstice, the sun will stop setting lower in the sky and longer days will begin. The promise of spring lol

Well i don't agree with you but what celebration event then do you like?

New Year's Eve

Thats really a great idea, it helps new good authors to get some exposure and encourage them to work more on good contents. Thanks for sharing.

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I am excited to try this the soonest. This is ery helpful, Thanks to those who created this concept.

Yes give it a try.

i love, and can i translate this article to make steemian in my country understand and wanna post their article by using ...??

Sure you can translate this post, and thank you for your support!!

Seeing the above, I suppose it's ok to just do it. So I did a Chinese version. Not exactly a translation, but introduced the main points.


I am very excited to try this the soonest. This is very helpful. Thanks to those who created this concept. great job!

hy @fabien This is the article of introducing, the bot that rewards your influence I've translated in Indonesia.

you're welcome @fabien , i'll translate it soon. it's honor for me to get replay from you.

two days ago, i use busy to post my article. and its really great place for posting anything i want. thanks for creating and make us easy to post. respect for you

i actually now use like over 80% of total browsing time on top of steeem blockchain :)

nice post, i am now continuously using and i found it is a great website and it works a lot faster, i think bot is great induction in this way peoples also getting good reward by using busy and i am also so excited to see SMT's on, i personally see a really bright future of

Wow, this is really exciting! What a nice way to reward those that are followed by lots of people :)

I found it:
A rare occurrence.
The last time that I searched for it, I checked more than one page backwards and did not find it.

My original comment was:
Nice, but why does not claim its rewards?
They are subtracted out of the reward pool anyway.
Not claiming them hurts both you and the users that you reward.
This comment is posted roughly 8 months after the thread, and since then casts the votes alongside for some interesting and unknown to me reason.

/end of original comment

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It is really a great initiative to award new steemians.

This is really good to know, I tried so but sadly it gets hang when I try to upload picture. I need to then edit my post on Steemit and upload that pictures.

Strange, there might be an issue with Busy1, i suggest you to try Busy2 instead.

Do you have the link to busy2?

This is a good initiative. However, I have one major issue, and which prevents me from even using Busy to write on......I am not able to edit my posts in Busy! This is a HUGE problem for writers, because most writers edit their posts multiple times after they post it....IS THIS FIXED IN THE NEW VERSION?
If you have a SMT, how will people store it? ON here or somewhere else?

Hey yes! You can edit post or comment in Busy new version. SMT will be stored within your Steem account basically you would have a balance for Steem, Steem Power, SBD but also Busy, eSteem etc..

Hey edit works on old version!

Yes, forgot to tell you :)

defintely I need a for dummies today my post doesn´t show the images :S Idk why? but I like very much the project ^_^

I have exactly the same problem. Even so this is a great project.

Interesting bot

Wonderful I will give this a try! It seems the voting power is currently going out much faster than can be reloaded and a higher minimum threshold might be necessary along with perhaps a daily post limit!

Sounds interesting so you get rewarded for the amount of followers you have and how much they have been investing.

Does the bot check if the post has been posted from busy and for the tag or just if there is the tag?

You need both, it has to be posted from v1 or v2 and include the tag "busy"

Hello, Recently he got this error while trying to login to busy.

Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

It was fine 2 0r 3 days ago. any help guys?

Maaaan, busy has chance to take over. Especialy the new front end. Is there some chance of incorporating direct messaging?

Hey Andrej! Direct messages is something we want to do when there will be a ton of users Busy. We are focused on publisher experience for now.

Glad to hear that :)

Does anyone know how many mvests = 1 SP? I tried this out an hour ago, but it didn't seem to work.

The bot is sleeping now due to some issue with Heroku provider, it will be back and upvote all what he missed.

Great! Thanks for clarifying that!

I had the same issue

Seems to be working fine now. Try it out! :)

Today first time i get learnt about this bot.. looking forward to use this bot and get some extra advantages.. thanks for this bot

Very interesting, so the amount of power you give to the vote depends of how many steem power my followers have?...
I should try this, my 1700 followers should have more than 500 sp, hardly doubt i have 25 whales following me tough...

a minimum of 500sp

That excluded the redfish rank! Lol!
Still it is great,

I can't post on Busy, everytime I add an image, the website show me script errors, use a lot of CPU, browser unstable, etc. Tested with Firefox and Edge. There is no way I can post with a picture, only text.

sir i saw the web page a problem, I think the server is still very weak. I tried to make a post, and tried to upload a photo but there was a problem. please fix it sooner.

I was wondering on what depends strength of vote... Now I know :)
Thanks for this great service :)

Nice explanation @fabien
I have "followers_mvest": 2812281.1873560003005, but bot hasn't upvote my post yet

This is really good. Thanks for sharing. 1 week

Reminding @zahabu of this post as requested!
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I have just up vote your post
please please up vote my post now thnkyou.

upvote is more helpful to earn money

A warm welcome to an introduction, great article. Success is always for

It works! Checked.
Did you fix an issue with double voting (after updating post)?

Not yet :)

Good job and i like

what does it mean??

minimum of 500 SP following you

The sum of all the Steem Power of all your followers must be bigger than 500 Steem Power.

Is there any means to know it@fabien??

search for "followers_mvest" if its over ~1,000,000 then you qualify.
1 mv is currently worth 486.386 steem.

Thanks @acidyo It helps.

Thanks @acidyo It helps. And why is it showing follower/following counts lesser than I actually have on my steemit?

It is an awesome support that goes amazing with the amazing platform You are giving us to surf on the blockchain :D So Thank You so much for that and the support :D

Thank you for this information .

I would like to have that much STEEM POWER!

I have never used, I will definitely give it a shot now.

I have never used, I will definitely give it a shot now.

great package and nice initiative you launched. It's very useful and worth for steemit users. I highly appreciated your this efforts for the development and promotion of steemit, thanks for informing and sharing.

muy buena idea

Exciting initiative

To get an upvote, you need a minimum of 500 SP following you

How SP will follow me?

Ops. Looks like this question is already answered in the comment section.

Yes :p. Your followers SP balance matter.

Great idea! I don't quite follow how busy and steemit work together on the backend, but after some time playing around I'm sure it will become clearer.

Great news and innovation. I hope you guys could help the community well. Thumbs up!

Lo primero que me vino a la mente al leer el post fue "que buena manera de atraer a los usuarios a utilizar Steemit en" :3

Great idea! I still don't quite follow how busy and steemit work together on the backend, but extra bonuses like this are well-received.

Great idea! I still don't quite follow how busy and steemit work together on the backend, but extra bonuses like this are well-received.

would like to ry but I get:

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

Automatically send some system information and page content to Google to help detect dangerous apps and sites. Privacy policy

The above error when trying to go to the site. So guess will stay on steemit.

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