Proof of the power of communities and interaction!

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Well one of my real life friends, poolbuddy and also soccerdad finally did jump on the Steemblockchain!
@davolitius he is.
I do want to prove to him the power of belonging to a community and of interaction.
As you all know or don’t my average number of genuine comments per week is 200!!!!

This is how I did get many followers and friends! Or you could say that this way I have build my own community! I do want to show him, the power of this!
That’s why I will donate all SBD generate by this post to him!

So don’t let me down and show him the power of interaction!
I don’t think that I have ever asked anyone anything, besides interaction, here on the blockchain!
So for once for a good cause I will, give him a warm welcome and upvote this post full force!
I will own you one!

Keep the faith,

Sports Bettors On Steemit Unite and Join the SBC !



That is very sweet of you! It also shows how a true friend you are for supporting him. Lucky @davolitius :D Now you are not bonded in real life but bonded in blockchain for life :D

@leeart, indeed! A true friend hè is!
Cheers Davy.

Welcome to @davolitius!

Seriously, 200 unique comments per week! That is impressive!

Thanks @bengy
Cheers Davy

@davolitius trust Peter about the power of interaction on Steemit. I learned it from him and its worth it. You will be amazed to see how much you can talk around here with people you haven't met in your entire life from all over the world. That's some of the best parts of Steemit. Enjoy it!

Thanks @acesontop you can’t imagine what this reply means to me!

Hi @asesontop, I am very enthusiastic about what the blockchain can mean for me. I am convinced that a whole new world will open up for me.
thanks for the great response.
greetings D.

Welcome on Steemit!

Thanks mate!

That's a very noble thing to do, giving back to someone you feel indebted to :)

Thanks. It is not that I do feel indebted but I still remember good my first days here. I did not know anybody and it was a long and hard road.
Now, finally one of my real life friends signed up I do want to make it a little bit easier for him!

Yup, that’s how to build a strong and friendly community. Now we have something to giveaway as we grow. Doing the same thing like you ;) Steem on and keep it up.

We are just trying to do our best. People forget to support their own species. Red fishes are swimming up to minnows, dolphins or whales and just forget about the other minnows! Pity!
If all red fishes support each other also, it would be a lot easier for them to grow and it would be lots more fun!

I think some of the whales and dolphins are purely from their ingested fiat for Steem. Anyway, it is important for us to empower the community by consistently helping the ones just started :)

Steem on my friend.

I will, you too @kimzwarch!
The lower the burn rate it, the more niches will pop up on the blockchain. The more niches there are, the more people will feel at home and stay around.
We also, have a responsibility to educate new comers, so that they will not become the beggers, spammers and follow-you-follow-me Steemians!

True, hope to have more people like you around too! Haha

What a great friend you are @fullcoverbetting. I'm supporting you! Welcome to @davolitius :) You will get the hang of things here and soon enough, you maybe "addicted" or rather it will become a part of life :) We have great people and community here, not forget to mention kindness and great information sharing! Hope you enjoy the starting of your journey! Just be yourself, everything will fall into place eventually :)

Thanks for the support @happycrazycon. It could be really dark in the first months of Steeming and I do want to show him to good way! I really wish that somebody would have done the same for me in my first weeks!
He just needs to interact with people with shared interests and then learn to understand to look further than the upvotes. Money should be for most of us, just a very nice side effect! It is about building relationships what keeps me here!
And like you wrote, it all start with being genuine!

@happycrazycon, indeed, @fullcoverbetting is a great person, an incredibly good friend who shows me that there is more than real life that is limited to what you can see.
I'm impressed!
cheers Davy

Comments are indeed the way... until you become a whale lol.

But that will not happen soon :) Euhm I doubt that I will never reach that status, I even doubt if I ever will become a dolphin. But at least we can try to achieve it!

I think dolphin (5,000 SP ) is definitely do-able... especially with a community behind you. Yeah, whale's probably impossible at this point.

Lets do it step by step. My next milestone is becoming a minnow and for you it will be Dolphin.
We will see from there. As long as we enjoy it here, we have a chance!

@numpypython, I begin to understand that an opinion has a value in the community. it gives a good feeling that there are people somewhere doing something about my opinion. Greetings Davy

Hope you have a great time here on Steemit, @davolitius! :)

I enjoy it every moment! 😁

Welcome to @davolitius, and good for you Peter to bring new people onboard Steemit!

Definitely, interaction and engagement is key here on Steemit, and when you do that, you discover a great community. Make posts and stimulate discussions with your posts-- ask people questions, even.


That's exact what I am trying to teach him. He was under the impressive that upvoting posts was enough but it isn't. Find people with common interests and interact with them! Don't focus on upvotes but on replies! And above all, be genuine!

@curatocat thank you for accepting me in the community. I am impressed how random people can discus about common interests. Greetings Davy

Great to see you were able to build and grow your own community within Steemit community. It is the quality of your posts and comments that attracts us. I'll be happy to follow your real life buddy Davy Aerts AKA @davolitius as well. Cheers!

@zorank, thank you for your response, I look forward to your posts and your comments.
cheers Davy

Don't raise him up too high! On my first account my first 3 posts attracted nearly $3k - and then I was dropped from a massive height to earning $.01 again, haha

Really 3K?? Amazing. While I do want to support him, so that he does get rid of the steem delegation by the system. I just want to show him that engagement and interaction is utmost important. Without it, you don't make a chance or have to extremely lucky!
Just like all of us, he needs to learn to see the money part as a nice side effect!

@mancave, waaw, 3k, this is unbelievable. In this story, money is never the most important thing for me. The interaction is much more important to me. Thanks for your comment.
Cheers Davy

Hey @davolitius welcome to the community glad you joined in. It is amazing how you could interact and meet awesome people around the world. Warm greetings from the Philippines! @fullcoverbetting is a real genuine friend

Hey @watersnake,
thank you for the reaction, in the community you quickly notice that real distance disappears completely. It gives me a great feeling.
Cheers Davy

True true... See you around 😊

Thankx mate, see you soon!

200 comments from less than 1k followers is really respectful. When you gain lot more followers( I am sure you will) than you will be in problem responding to all future comments :-) Welcome @davolitius :-)

@cicbar, Thanks for welcome me! my first plan is to respond as much as possible to the posts of people with similar interests, then to grow in posts and followers! I look forward! cheers Davy

Peter's friends are my friends 😁 I am glad you are here 😁

Could be. Have lots of respect for the one like @tarazkp! Can’t figure out how he replies to all comments!
But I do write 200 comments per week, record is 350 🤔.
Would like to have week with more than 500!
I do expect that I won’t grow much farther!

You will be fine until your wife start complaining. Then you will be in problem :-)

So works all the time and with the money this brings in, I can qualify this as work 😂😂😂

That can be only successful excuse :-)

As you know, I am a fan of commenting...genuine engagement is the only way to develop your own genuine community here! So glad you're friend joined, and I'll make my way to his page to hi too :) 100% upvote to you my friend. Nice job :)

What a nice gesture to help your friend get started on Steemit. 😊

I kept on nagging that he needed to sign up, so I can’t leave him in the dark!
Or can I 😁
But I wont. I also would have wanted a wing man, but I did had to figure it our all by myself!

I agree on the power of community and interaction!

And intriguing photo at the top.

Saw your post on sbi Discord server.

Good to see another Belgian here on Steemit! I see that you have a great taste in beer, if the Karmeliet is yours at least ;-)

Hi @daan
The Karmeliet indeed was mine! Greatest beer in the world.
If you want to know another Belgian check @ costanza blog also!
Also @simplymike is from Belgium!
Both from the same area, but I don’t know if they know!
I am from Limburg? You!
Will check tour blog!

Good choice, did a review on Karmeliet a while back! Have followed the people you've mentioned, a lot more Belgians here than I expected.

I'm from Leuven myself, just as @joythewanderer btw.

Will dig up your review. Easily drink 6 to 8 of them a week. Now I write it down, it sounds likely I do have an alcohol problem. But it is not!
Only did drink one bottle of wine this evening!
I am from Maasmechelen!
Guess there is beer enough in Leuven! To bad I did study in Hasselt and the states. My parents didn’t like it that I would go to Leuven!
Maybe we should set up a Belgian dicord channel. I know there is an all dutch channel but there won’t be much talks about the World Cup 😁

The Dutch discord has quite a few Belgians on it too ;) Not too much talk about the world cup though.

A big WELCOME to your friend @davolitius
I do hope he has a good time blogging on Steemit and likes the community here! He must be a good dude to have a friend like you who would do this for him!

Thanks @thekittygirl
I keep on nagging that he has to sign up, so it would be stupid to leave him in the dark here.
It will give him a head start but he has to do the work! I can only guide him and ahow how a good Steemian acts!