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Hi Friends,

I know it's been a hot minute since I posted a blog. 2019, has been a really busy year for me, and I decided to step away from Steemit for a little while, so I could focus on my business. As many of you know, I'm an artist, and this year, I decided to dedicate a lot of time to pursue my dreams.

If there is one big life lesson I learned this year, it would be "follow your dreams." I know it's cheesy, but it is totally true. Growing up, I was taught to live a "traditional" life. Go to school, get a job, rise up in your career, etc etc. Since the start of my Steemit journey, I really started to question my values and belief. Steemit showed me that there are so many alternative ways to live life. I even got to become a travel blogger all of 2018 and blog and meet Steemanians all around the world. It was GREAT! This really led me to start looking at life differently. Maybe I don't have to follow the "traditional" path. Maybe I can make my own path.

Fast forward, here we are 2019! So what have I done with my time away from Steemit? I'm proud to say I published 2 more coloring books this year on Amazon, "Mandala Daydream" and "Flora and Fauna."
It has been incredibly fulfilling and I cannot believe I am living my dream as an artist.


I've got a couple more books that are in the works, and I cannot wait to share them with you soon.

I've really missed my Steemit community, and hope you are all well. I'll try to post more, so I can fill you in on all of the adventures of 2019!



Oh wow, wonderful looking books!

Very cool! Yay, adult coloring books. So soothing.
Best of fortune to you with all of your ongoing projects.

aw thanks for the kind words!

I really like this update. It shows that even though Steem slumps Steemians don't slump. What you said is totally right for me also. This community got me out of the thinking box and opened new avenues. I hope your books do well and I'm glad you can enjoy what you do.

Glad to hear from you! :) Yes I totally agree.

Welcome back and happy to know you are living your dream. Congrats on the 2 books

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Thanks so much!

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Traditions are good in the sense that they may be founded on eternal principles that can then be applied as needed. Variables can change. Therefore, traditions should sometimes be tweaked if needed lol. Karen, keep up the good work.

Totally agree. This year has been a good growth year for me. Lots of self reflection and changes! :)


Miss you Karen!! <3

Congrats on your books and your continued success. We have a LOT of Mene to catch up on !!

AWWW Omg! Yes please. We should have another reunion soon.

I agree! Content opportunity!!

Have you visited Mene recently? You will cry from excitement

I missed you <3

MIss you too! :)

That would be surely gonna be awesome!

Hey ... @karensuestudios
Nice to meet you. Where are you from?

I live in California.

Congratulations on the colouring books. I flag basically everything over 25 dollars I see, especially if it has been promoted needlessly. Clearly you're unaware of the new dynamics on steem. I'll introduce you to the new reality here with my weak friendly flag to let it be known you will need to do much more than stop in to say hello and have a 50 dollar valued post.. Clearly even after 6 months away, you either have a helluva following, as there's likely not even 1000 active steemians here, or you bought all these votes. This is at the top of trending LMFAO!! If you're gonna hang around, know that things have e changed for the former "full timers" and this shit ain't gonna cut it, unless you're some special class of steem elite.. We shall see, this place is full of hypocrites and circle jerks..

Someone is jealous...🤣

No, I just think shit like this isn't worth the rewards. If you do that's cool, steem on..Coming from a dude that self dust votes his comment..

Grow up you muppet. Are you 3 ? Grown up people are allowed to disagree with other grown up people....and they don't feel it necessary to self up vote their own comments which is considered abuse ....Although from someone who simply cashes out their Steem each month like a top community member, I'd expect little else.

So, disagreeing with the disagreement isn't okay though? lol.

Skra is fine and at least he backs up his words with a downvote and it is also fine for others to disagree with his take.

Self upvoting is just an expression of stake and other stakeholders can choose to disagree if they want.

I often disagree with Skra, but I give him credit for using his voice and his vote to back up his opinions.

I carry my soapbox with me at all times, that and muh flags 😂

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Which Muppet baby do you most identify with?

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That makes it more interesting!

This is awesome.


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OMGSH! HIII!!! How are you? :)

Wow! Congrats on your 2 books. You really follow your dreams!

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Nice post, welcome back to Steemit Karen. I think like you. You should or must follow your dreams. A friend's grandpa said before he died: In old age you won't regret the things you did but the things you didn't do.

We all have only one life so trust your gut feeling. You can't do anything wrong. Either you do something right or you have an experience.

Greets from Germany

aww thank you! Hi from America!

I agree with you.Steemit show us so many alternative for living life.

That's awesome to hear! Currently doing the same of pursuing my dream as a music composer at school, and even if some parts of life seem rough financially, I know that I'm immensely happier knowing that I'm pursuing a dream.

Totally agree. When you do something you love, it doesn't feel like work at all.

Exactly! It's nice to find that passion since I know a lot of people just let it sit as their hobby for their whole life

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This is awesome. Your post is so motivating. Watching the examples of people finding a different way of living that the one we get educated into is so encouraging.

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Keep going! Glad you feel that way and that things are working out for you.

Those coloring books look sick!!! I will try my best to pop out lots of kids to buy them for, and to get my own shit together enough to justify buying a coloring book for myself which I would also love to do ;-)

For now I’ll share this with an adult friend who I’ve seen coloring in mandalas before

awww :) Thank you! Coloring books are super therapeutic, hope you try them out sometime. :)

Thanks for the post.