Introducing BuzzBreak - 1000 STEEM Giveaway!

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Hello Steemians,

Today we're really excited to announce BuzzBreak, a fun and entertaining news app in which you can earn real cash!

Who Built BuzzBreak?

BuzzBreak is built by the team at Partiko (, who also built the most used Steem mobile app Partiko (see If you have used Partiko before, you will notice they look similar in a lot of ways!

Why Build BuzzBreak?

Partiko aims to be gateway of crypto where people can easily earn STEEM and in the future other cryptos with it. However the onboarding learning curve is very steep for a non-technical person.

BuzzBreak allows people to earn real cash (earning crypto will be supported in the near future) by doing something dead simple - reading news. We hope this can help us reach a broader audience and bring even more people into crypto. Just to give everyone a brief idea, Google News has 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store, and "Today's Headline" has over 100 million daily active users in China.

Join BuzzBreak Today!

We are giving away 1000 STEEM for people who join BuzzBreak today!

Follow the 6 steps below to earn up to 200 STEEMs (payout after 7 days)

Google Play Store or scan QR code:

We will reward you based on your ranking in BuzzBreak (payout in 7 days):

  • Ranking #1 in BuzzBreak will get 200 STEEM
  • Ranking #2 in BuzzBreak will get 100 STEEM
  • Ranking #3 in BuzzBreak will get 50 STEEM
  • Ranking #4 to #10 in BuzzBreak will get 20 STEEM
  • Ranking #11 to #50 in BuzzBreak will get 10 STEEM
  • Ranking #51 to #100 in BuzzBreak will get 5 STEEM

Note: Reaching #1 on day 1 of this post DOES NOT guarantee you 200 STEEM. We will look at the rankings of all participants on the 7th day of this post and use that to decide the winners.


Where does the money come from?
We use our ad revenue and share a portion of that with our users.

How do BuzzBreak users get paid?
We currently allow you to cash out BuzzBreak Points into your PayPal account. Cashing out into crypto will be added later based on user interest and demand.

How to get to ranking higher than 100?
You can earn Points to do that. You can watch videos in BuzzBreak to earn Points (as signup bonus, you can earn 3000 Points for watching the first 5 videos). You can also earn Points by inviting your friends to join BuzzBreak using your referral code.

What if I have other questions?
Don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!

Thank you so much! Look forward to your participation!

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Why are you forcing users to sign up with Facebook account? I don't use Facebook at all but I would like to use your app.

Posted using Partiko Android

Partiko team is starting to behave the wrong way. If it wasn't the best Steem client I would stop using it

Posted using Partiko Android

BuzzBreak is a separate app. If we want to bring people on Facebook over, we need to let them login using Facebook.

Hopefully that makes sense to you. Sida

Posted using Partiko Android

Most people have a brain and think outside the book. You want me to spam my tribe for some steem points that I may not even get depending how I rank... Scam or Wat

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You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Wow how intelligent

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Yes, it does make sense to me. Thank you for the clarification on it. I installed it on my phone and then uninstalled as I deleted my Facebook account recently. It was great to see some right-winged news sources been featured on your app. It is just sad that the only way to use it as a registered user was to link the Facebook account.

I do really hope that this new app success, but I do -and will ever from now- disagree on this practices you are using on all your apps. Sincerely, luck with BuzzBreak.

how do you think they earn money to provide you with 'the best Steem client' ?

I am an Android developer, so I know those ways to earn money to keep on the business without having to ask users for money in-app. But the way it is doing things lately on the Partiko app is not the best way to do.

They could show ads on their app, if they wish, of course. Myself added them on my apps. However:

  • indicating to the user that an ad will be shown after clicking a button
  • not showing a full screen ad -whichever the ad is about, even this new app made by them- as the first thing any user sees when running Partiko

is good experience and is respectful to users. Currently Partiko is not doing any of those, although I think they are trying to fix the second one. Users on Steem are privacy concerned. They would like to know that when clicking a button, a new ad will appear on their screens. Currently, Partiko is selling steemians privacy. They are giving them points, which is far more better than any other social platform. But sooner or later people will realize that their greed for points -which, of course, could be redeemed to upvotes- has converted them into the products, just as they would be in any traditional social platform.

As always, just my opinion on it.

"converted into upvotes" is a bit of a stretch don't you think? 1,000 points (aka tokens) for a 1-cent upvote? How is that not a slap in the face to people converting? It's like throwing money out the window.

I like the way it worked with Partiko Points. Well, it is still working that way. I liked that gamification feature. I still do. Partiko included a way to make steemians use their app -which still is AWESOME from the performance perspective and quite beautiful compared to some other ones- instead of other ones or even mobile web sites. It also made me delay some actions and perform them on the Partiko app instead in order to gain more Points.

You are surely aware of those delegation of power programs where you delegate some of your Steem Power and gain a few upvotes from the delegee. I am using one of them, Steem-UA. Every upvote is almost 0.100 STEEM which is great. But you are loosing part of your own upvoting power from your own upvoting actions. Partiko lets you get upvotes without that disavantage. Not too much, yes, of course. But that's ok to me. I haven't redeemed most of my -low amount- of Points, but when I had, I felt ok with the value of the upvote.

What I was complaining about is only about this last feature which made you increase your Points by watching one ad. The Partiko listing on the Play Store states that they show ads -that's great, @partiko team, I know one other app from another blockchain which doesn't do the same and still show ads-. But those ads are shown when the user clicks on a button. Every other single app which uses that kind of monetization states very clearly that an ad will be shown. That's not the case for Partiko.

Do you have other means of earning online that you can share

Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience. Due to limited resources we are only able to implement login method one at a time.

Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users, and that's why we chose it. Hopefully it makes sense to you.

Which login method to you prefer? We will work hard on adding it!

If you are implementing Steem login (or any other blockchain), isn't username/address alone already enough? Or are you also selling something on the app instead of users only able to earn?

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As an offshoot of @Partiko could you not add steemconnect?

Posted using Partiko Android

steemconnect please.

Hi! Thanks for your answer. As an Android user I find google login the most convenient. In mobile apps it's the easiest way to sign up with my google account which I already use for my phone.

Posted using Partiko Android

So much for decentralization. ;)

Please stop comparing yourself to Facebook it makes you look tiny

Posted using Partiko Android

Keys! And steemconnect! Or oauth like A project on EOS did.

this. crypto is about not having things like facebook involved, so this is weird.

In order to bring non crypto people over, this is what we have to do. Hopefully this makes sense to you!

Posted using Partiko Android

I don't disagree! but having options FOR crypto people as an added thing wouldn't hurt, no?

Exactly, you are right.

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If you have any problem to share in Facebook. Then don't do that......don't join the contest.........they are not forcing you to use their app

Posted using Partiko Android

At this stage they are forcing users to have Facebook account in order to be able to use their app. My comment was regarding the fact that there are lots of users not having Facebook account willing to use their app. I didn't mention any contest. You shouldn't be such an asskisser. That looks disgusting.

Posted using Partiko Android

Ohhh come on!
Take it as a dare

Posted using Partiko Android

Well I don't have a Facebook account so I can't use this app.

Just open a Facebook account @gamer00. Takes five minutes.

Posted using Partiko Android

I left Facebook in 2011, not going back.

Oh, matter of choice then. 😊

Posted using Partiko Android

Maybe, but a principled choice at that. Facebook is one huge surveillance, mind control and censorship system, I'm choosing not to support them in any way.

Assange vs. Zuckerberg.jpg

Agree on that @gamer00. Nice meeting you. 😊

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nice side ads income play. i like that. spin it out to a new product ;) nice!

Resteemed for more visibility and participation.

Best wishes to the team

I´m in, already rolling some ads to help you out!

Btw, if you guys are looking for a referral code:

  • B00000621

Here is the post (my entry):

Is it ok for me to keep it updated with my progress in the ranking?

Sure thing! It works!

If you need to use Steem on your phone, you can also check out Partiko. It's really handy.

Use this link to download and get 1000 Points as sign up bonus.

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What a pity! I do not like Facebook, and I'm not able to accept PayPal payments in my country:-(
Maybe you should think about alternative registration and withdrawal methods before starting such a large-scale promo campaign. Like, I don't know, equal chances for all or so.

I agree with you. I'm trying to use less Facebook due to their bad practoces

Posted using Partiko Android

Checked all the replies under this post...
I'm impressed with how many people think that Facebook sucks:-)))

Also, Steemit is becoming a better posting platform without the data harbouring

Posted using Partiko Android

Sorry about that! Which login method do you prefer? And how would you like to get paid? Thanks!

Posted using Partiko Android

SteemConnect (for steemians), Google or Twitter login would be great.
And since we are living in a crypto world, how about adding the ability to get paid in cryptocurrency? Any from the Top-50 with low transaction fees.

btw, you can make a dpoll to find out which method is the most asked by steemians.
Good luck with your project!

U really need to pay out higher. I know for sure each video I watch earns you much more then 0.001cent upvote. Living in the USA u most likely make a good 5 to 10 cents per ad I watch. This seems like another attempt at a money grab. Kind of disappointed from all the people that deligated and supported partiko just sayin

Posted using Partiko Android

Sounds like a good idea to drive adoption, using cash incentive, whilst slowly edging in crypto education. However, Facebook/What's app, big no, no. I mean it's obviously up to the user how they share, but I can see a lot have already called out Facebook/WhatsApp integration. Maybe Telegram integration would be nice also, i.e. getting Whatsapp users to download/switch to Telegram (then crypto/steem), by announcing the great cash rewards they can get by doing so, ha!

Posted using Partiko Android

My Post:

You can use my code to earn 200 points here:

Referral Code: B00000600

There seem to be a lot o this kind of apps where users can earn cryptos by just reading news nowadays. Not that it's a bad thing mind you. I do have some of these kind of apps but in my experience they only pay on the 1st month or so and then stopped paying and started banning for no reason whatsoever. Hopefully, Buzzbreak won't turn out like that. Either way, I wish you guys success.

Would be great if you could list a few of them! Thanks!

this sounds exciting and very useful to people who like to carry their phone everywhere and read news like myself. what's more we can even earn steem while doing so. what' not to like? thanks for introducing the app to us.

It is clearly targeted to Facebook audience at this point.
They could have implemented support for STEEM and steemconnect but they chose not to do so ...

Why is iOS always left behind!?!?!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Yes, I got so excited until I wasn't hahahaha
We wait as usual...
Think I will get an android next round ;p

I know right

Posted using Partiko iOS

yes looking for the IOS and a login option that doesn't include FB .. I am on FB but wont use them to login anywhere so they can track me even more.

The current Rambling Radio Schedule can be found here
It's All About Community!

Yea the Facebook login is a no go!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hello old friend. This is a long sad story!

Simply put, we prioritized iOS in the beginning and finished the iOS prototype first. However App Store rejected us three times forcing us to pivot to Android to get it out.

We got on the phone twice with the App Store crew and finally solved it. And we will keep you updated on the iOS app!

Posted using Partiko Android

Hope you will run a separate one for us iOS users to get involved

Posted using Partiko iOS

Some how I doubt we will see the released

Posted using Partiko iOS

Great to hear this, waiting for the IOS version.

Also waiting for @Partiko to get many features implemented in iOS.... I won’t hold my breath

Posted using Partiko iOS

Spammers posting your affiliate links gives you a bad image. I'm already tired seeing those Partiko affiliate posts and now this? I think it would be better if people could post news they found interesting and get rewarded with Steem. And have a voting system like Reddit. And listen to your users. Because once you get a negative image for your brand, it's impossible to go back.

Is there is an iOS app?

Posted using Partiko iOS

I still don't get it.

Posted using Partiko Android

Can not download it on IOS😡

Posted using Partiko iOS

I guess it is not yet available on iOS.

Coming sooner or later on IOS, hope real quick tho

Posted using Partiko iOS

most of the time, apple and android are not in congruence in terms of app implementations.

Btw, make your first post on @partiko
I am sure, you will enjoy using it.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi @buzzbreak Where will the money be if I don't use paypal but just put my phone number? I tried cash out 2k but I couldnt find any record of the money.

I’m earning real cash by simply reading news in BuzzBreak! Join me using my referral link: To earn extra cash, use my referral code B00014659

This app isn't paying for just reading articles as it advertises. You have to watch ads, and in that case I'll stick with just partiko. Imo you guys should focus on continuing to build on partiko with more features then Branch out to more products. Buzzbreak Is a solid idea but not ready for prime time yet.

I wouldn't be offended if partiko added some Google ads then shared the revenue with it's users. It's a solid idea all around that could boost traction

Posted using Partiko Android

I actually didn't know about Google News and I neither love the Pocket App.
I agree with others, being paid in STEEM would be nicer.

Why do we need another partiko with a different name? Why can't you just unit and work on the one app? Why di we need hundred of shit apps?

Posted using Partiko Android

I just download. My ref code - B00000523 enter get 200 point

Hello buzzbreak, welcome to Partiko, an amazing community for crypto lovers! Here, you will find cool people to connect with, and interesting articles to read!

You can also earn Partiko Points by engaging with people and bringing new people in. And you can convert them into crypto! How cool is that!

Hopefully you will have a lot of fun using Partiko! And never hesitate to reach out to me when you have questions!

Creator of Partiko

Sida. Are you talking to yourself ? lol

Posted using Partiko Android


Posted using Partiko iOS


Posted using Partiko Android

nice 😁

Posted using Partiko Android


Posted using Partiko iOS


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Sorry, you don't have enough DRAMA.
You need 10.00000 DRAMA more for a chance to make it happen.
To view or trade DRAMA go to

This is good news to all the avid users of the platform
. Nice news to everyone. Thanks @partiko

Posted using Partiko Android

Will be there an iOS app as well? Thanks

Posted using Partiko iOS

Would be great if you include the screenshot in this comment! Glad you have received them!

Posted using Partiko Android

Looks like an interesting project, the best of luck to you, cheers.

Re-steemed and going to install it on my Android.

Posted using Partiko Android

Can I use a twitter screenshot instead of Facebook?

Posted using Partiko Android

I second this question

Yes you can!

Yes you can!

OK cool

Posted using Partiko Android

It's so easy to create fake referrals. How are you going to filter them out?

Posted using Partiko Android

Great questions! For people with too many referrals, we will email them and ask questions about why that's the case.

Add Steem!

Posted using Partiko Android

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Hey guys put this code " B00000587 " for get 200 point bonus.. thanks

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