Things Ms. Dee Likes, Edition 5, February 3, 2023

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The Roundup

In this edition we have a special highlight -- a Hive video front-end so new, Peakd doesn't even recognize it yet for its automatic post pull-up: Cast Garden! @gadrian mentioned it in his post below, and that correlated with my own investigation ... so, I found some music that I truly enjoyed, and the video quality is amazing!

There is a LOT to Cast Garden and the team around it (shoutout to @kencode and @agorise), more than I can put into Edition 5, but, future updates as they become available, in Editions 6 and 7! For now, just know that Cast Garden's specialty is allowing Hivers to push their videos out as podcasts for syndication, and the number of bloggers that will be looking to syndicate Hive work is about to grow dramatically if I understand what I have read so far. Also understand: if you like Hive's censorship-resistant features, go on and double that up for Cast Garden and its ecosystem in the Fediverse. "Unstoppable income," @kencode shared with me -- free speech is where it's at!

And speaking of unstoppable for those of you in the NFT space -- Aureal and Unstoppable Domains are forming a partnership -- audio NFT meets blockchain-based web domains with interoperability on Hive and a number of other chains -- the article is the fourth in News and Views You Can Use!

Most posts in this edition are in the payout period still, so if you like what I like, show the content creators some love! If you are using PeakD as your front end, you can also TIP anyone in the "Oldies But Goodies" section, too. Be sure to look under News and Views and show the New Hivers some love as well!

News and Views You Can Use

[//]: #1
In addition to Hive rising and stabilizing above 35 cents, @gadrian shares how Hive has had a number of developments ... Threespeak and the core of Hive have taken big steps forward as has the state of the market, and there is a new video front-end available on Hive, as you saw in the Roundup...

[//]: # 2
This is close to payout at the time of publication, but @khaleelkazi gives us one of the finest breakdowns of an inevitable path to Hive gaining and sustaining value in the long run ... but it IS necessary to get prepared now for the possibility.

[//]: # 3
Speaking of getting prepared for Hivers in the U.S. -- be aware of some important tax changes that are coming along for this year's return!

[//]: # 4
Aureal and Unstoppable Domains together -- both in their own right are powerhouses, but they have chosen Hive as the place to let it be known what they are going to be doing together -- go check it out!

New Hivers -- Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome to @uchechi123 -- banker, fashion expert, and more! Everybody go and show her some Hive love!

[//]: #2
Welcome to @dae1001 -- zookeeper and naturalist with a passion for snakes, and also with a Hive pedigree: his father is Hive's own @antonioeviesart! Everybody go show him some Hive love! Bienvenido a @dae1001: cuidador del zoológico y naturalista apasionado por las serpientes, y también con pedigrí de Hive: ¡su padre es @antonioeviesart de Hive! ¡Todos vayan a mostrarle un poco de amor de Hive!


[//]: #1
This collage by @balabambuz reminds us of something important ... every generation, a new series of HUMANS discovers our planet ... it is important that we as mature adults treat them as our beloved and necessary successors, not invading aliens!

[//]: # 2
This work by @silviabeneforti was just the height of delicate, tasteful beauty...

[//]: # 3
This is a style of art that I love from @shinoxl ... but why it should be in Alien Art Hive confused me until I looked at this beautiful picture very closely ... the unique magic that separates manga from its American counterpart the comic book is here ... as subtle as the haiku and the cherry blossom, something is floating in the air along with the autumn leaves!

[//]: # 4
A beautiful piece of art inspired by humanity's hardest and most necessary journey ... of seeking forgiveness and being forgiven and redeemed...


[//]: #1
Bleak mid-winter, up close and personal from @acesontop ... what tripped me out about this black and white spread was realizing: ice is mostly white and asphalt is gray to black, and winter skies on cloudy days are gray, so, up close and personal, THIS IS how mid-winter is in many places, mostly grayscale ... and why we love spring when it comes...

[//]: #2
In a land in which winter never comes, @silviamaria shows us the beauty all around her ... the shot of the jaboticaba tree stands out because of its unique habit of even fruiting from the tree's bark ... one wonder of many...

[//]: #3
Summer has come again and the surf is up in @rossfletcher's post ... three different views of amazing waves and amazing riders... and, a coming full circle in our color palette for photography this week!


[//]: #1
An electronic music creator at work with a new sample pack ... AND, a new link to @nicklewis's videos on -- click through and you will be taken to Hive's newest video front end so you can look around and check it out for yourself, in addition to being able to check out more of @nicklewis's music!

[//]: #2
This is a beautiful song beautifully sung about one of life's most necessary and beautiful relationships ... a song of gratitude for one's father! Esta es una hermosa canción bellamente cantada sobre una de las relaciones más hermosas y necesarias de la vida... ¡una canción de gratitud por el padre de uno!

[//]: #3
A remarkable deep voice, singing a beautiful love song with great joy and earnestness ... what more could you ask for as a woman beloved? Una voz profunda notable, cantando una hermosa canción de amor con gran alegría y seriedad... ¿qué más se puede pedir como mujer amada?

[//]: #4
A heartfelt and tuneful a cappella praise to God by @yhuddee111 -- a remarkable deep voice here as well!


[//]: #1
A magnificent poem with sweeping highs and lows ... come survey @carolinaes's territory...

[//]: #2
A sweet story from @wandrnrose7 of how a community invests into the future by supporting a very small but serious (although hungry) businessman...

[//]: #3
A gorgeous take on an old plotline from @kemmyb ... sometimes, when the locals who live by the beautiful sea warn you, it is best to listen...


[//]: #1
You've heard of the terracotta warriors ... how about a terracotta worship center? Come with @pitboy to see one of the greatest sites in North Bengal, India ...

[//]: # 2
@alequandro has been showing us Italy for a long time on Hive -- although this beautiful destination is nothing to new to HIM, I am sure it will be a wonder to many of you as it was to me!


[//]: #1
The businessmen of Venezuela are serious when it comes to getting adoption for Hive among their fellow businessmen! This massive report in English and Spanish is a revelation of how much has been done by @valueplan and the businessmen and how much continues to go on behind the scenes! ¡Los empresarios de Venezuela son serios cuando se trata de lograr la adopción de Hive entre sus compañeros de negocios! ¡Este informe masivo en inglés y español es una revelación de cuánto han hecho @valueplan y los empresarios y cuánto continúa detrás de escena!

[//]: #2
Want to go into business with one of Hive's most important dapps? Got the know-how to run a node of your own? Check out this opportunity from Threespeak!

[//]: #3
For those of you wondering, "I have all these great ideas, but I'm not sure how to make them work on Hive or anywhere on the Internet," new Hiver @truemystique shows you how as SHE ACTUALLY DID IT, creating a book about how YOU ACTUALLY DO IT...


[//]: # 1
Hive is moving -- how far does technical analysis suggest it will go this year? @tobetada checks the charts and gives us an idea of the possible futures...

[//]: #2
Ancient wisdom from @gbenga ... don't GET all your eggs from one basket ... the need for additional income streams is REAL!

[//]: # 3
Hive literally was the wind beneath @joetunex's wings, for a long-awaited journey HOME!

Philanthropy (Hive Keeping Folks Alive)

[//]: #1 (and only)
Family by family, Hive is making a difference ... valuable skill acquisition is being obtained by a teenager and her mother here...

Oldies but Goodies (still worth a read, still TIPPABLE on PeakD)

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JUST out of payout, but still at the beginning ... this is a new series of stories on Hive with amazing art and storytelling from @astrohive ... don't miss it ... you need to know what awaits the very planet you are living on, RIGHT NOW...


Thank you for the shoutout Dee! :)

We hope to make the new https://Cast.Garden platform the highest quality streaming service in the world, with the widest possible reach. Free of charge for #Hive users right now...

Chat with us anytime:

No more walled gardens! 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

Hive Podcasters, Creators and Livestreamers are rockin' it on CastGarden, thank you @deeanndmathews!

Thank you for featuring my stories! More is heading our way, although it'll be a surprise for both sides...

Hopefully, people get on board NOW in reading and keeping up!

Thank you for sharing my post! Reblogged. I'll check out cast garden! Great recommendations. 👍

You're welcome!

Thank you for the shout out Mis Dee
Soonest it would be heard all over the Hive communities

You're very welcome!

I appreciate the mention, thank you kindly.

You're very welcome -- yours was a remarkable story!

Thanks Dee. I love your post and will follow you for more of this fabulous content. I’m really honoured to have featured in this post too. Cast garden is exciting, would be great to auto post new videos to my regular hive feed too but apart from that, I’m going to create more content. Possibly expanding my output to photography and video, maybe via a separate cast garden feed. Let’s see how I get on with what I’m currently creating.

I am considering some Cast Garden content as well ... although it would be nice if it posted to the other Hive front-ends as well (and that is something I'm going to ask about in terms of future functionality), I think it is designed to do something quite different than the other front-ends can do, so, trade-offs! The way I would get around this is just set it up to put it in a front-end post on PeakD and schedule it on a day's delay ... that way, it would auto-post, just a bit delayed, but, the best of both worlds while you are on to the next.

That’ll be a good workaround so maybe I’ll just do the same thing. I need to find time to record a batch of videos to release on schedule.