Over Do Thank You!! Canna-C

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Hello my friends!!

I have been trying to get this thank you posted for some time, but between real-life issues, and my health condition, I have been unable. So today, I want to share with you, some positive energy and love, that was expressed to me from the #canna-curate community!!

I have been a member of this community for some time, and not too long ago, I was in the "right place at the right time"... let me explain...

I was approached several nights ago, by a friend I have known for a while on the blockchain @steemseph. It would seem he had won a contest but was wanting to share the love with another member... that member just happened to be me!!

Image taken by me | Edit with LunaPic and Aviary

You don't just find someone to give away something they have won, and that's exactly what @steemseph did. In conjunction with @jonyoudyer and @bluntsmasha, I was graced with the above image, and I just HAD to share this wonderful situation with you all! I utilize both CBD as well as cannabis to try and deal with my Multiple Sclerosis, and this was a most amazing show of love, respect, and community...

If you are unaware of this wonderful community, I would invite you to pop in and say hello!!


Thank you again, to @steemseph, @jonyoudyer, and @bluntsmasha, as well as all those at the Canna-Curate Community for spreading this positive energy!!

I have set #canna-curate as the Beneficiary for this post...


That is so cool! So glad to see that being put to great use. We have tremendous respect and live for you Wes. You truly aerosol an example of how humans should act. I really mean that. 💚

Much love man! Glad you enjoy the bong:)

Thank you brother... appreciate all you do!

Respect brother! Just want to put this here on the chain. You always brighten up our day when you visit canna discord:)

I truly appreciate your kind words... that's always been my focus... spreading positive energy on the Blockchain...


So good! hehe!

Thank you!

lol sounds like me and my pipe I won on here. Great place to get High AF and blog. I was always wondering what "High Quality Content" meant on weedcash, does it mean you need to be high or actually produce good quality blogs? HAHAHAHA

Me personally I love to see personality in a post. I don’t give a shit about grammar nor word count. It’s all about people. What turns me off, is if a person who posts a lot, and I never ever see them reach out to nobody else’s posts. I usually just end up ignoring them, And believe I know who comments or don’t.

You know...

I have been on the Blockchain since 2017. Had to unplug for about a year after my Multiple Sclerosis kicked in... I'm at that stage again, as well as many other health issues... but it's ALWAYS been about helping, and community with me.

I was super fortunate to join forces with those at #theterminal and consider them ALL family...

You are right... real people my friends...

Hard to come across, but easy to spot. :)

Except for GINA 😂

To comment twice or not to comment twice, that is the question!

I guess whales think this is a big deal lol the 1 or 2 comment scheme.

F the grammar nazi's! (Did the ' trigger you? Then you ARE one of them!)

You never hear me say "you don't know what 12x12 is? What, did you flunk 4 grade?" Or chastise you because you put the comma in the wrong place when writing a number. Or shame you because your math is wrong.

I never understood this "superiority" attitude or need to correct people. Some people have grammar brains some have math or art or other types. That's just how Humans work. And the Spelling world has so many stupid conflicting rules "I before E, sometimes Y". F-it. I gave up caring about it in the 7th grade.

Try correcting one of these people the next time they get their math wrong and watch the fireworks.

All I care about is if I have communicated my thoughts successfully.

Was I successful?

Whoa my friends...

I understood your comment @meanbees! It was a comical approach to my post comment 🙂

I remember in my younger days, it was... "bottom of your feet!" focusing on holding that hit lol. Please let's keep that positive energy going dear friends. I appreciate all of you...

Very mucjh so! One thing I think people tend to forget, is this place also attracts people who never planned to write in their life! I for one never thought I would ever write again, till I joined 2 years ago, then eventually I did start to write a few paragraphs here and there. There needs to be more compassion to these platforms IMO

I think it's hand in hand? Lol... appreciate the visit my friend

I'm a heaa ser hiacough ha ha, ha cough. Gurgle gurgle gurgle.. mmgkttt. Schooooooooooo... *!#

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Breath!! Thanks for the comment lol

I'm really happy this all worked out. @wesphilbin is one of our under-appreciated Hive neighbors. Wes practices compassionate behavior everywhere I've see him. He promotes Hive here on the blockchain and also on Twitter too.
Please show him some upvote love on his posts.

Thanks for putting in the hard work to make a great contest, @bluntsmasha and @jonyoudyer. Well done, it's never looked easy to me. I also appreciate your flexibility and patience.

Happy 420 CannaCurate community!

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Always good to have a visit from you... thank you.

You're welcome @wesphilbin! Always nice from you to answer back ❤️❤️
It would be very appreciated if you could support our proposal so we can keep up the good work!
cheers, liz

Thank you Liz... and Done!!

Wow that was quick! Thanks a lot @wesphilbin! Your support is highly appreciated 🙏❤️

Awesome BroSir... I love the Free Mind & Positivity around you all the time! CU later!

Thank you BroSir... glad to know you, and call you friend...

I was reviewing my following list and I found you 😁. Hoping you are doing well my friend @wesphilbin.

Greetings from Mexico


Hello my friend! I'm doing best I can! This virus and real life have taken priority... combined with my many health issues... but you know me... I don't give up!!