Appreciation Upgrade Activated

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The kittens have started giving out CATs.

Whenever a kitten-bot wants to say "Thank You",
Cat Appreciation Tokens will be sent along.


The "Appreciation Upgrade" for the kitten-bots was rolled out earlier today.

From here on, whenever @steemeow, @steemkitten or @cuddlekitten get to say "Thank You", they will attach a small transfer of CATs to go along with it.

The amount of CATs sent with each individual transaction is up to the kittens' perceived gratitude towards the receiver. To prevent any abuse of this feature, no more than 100 CATs will be sent in a single "Thank You" and getting much more than ten tokens will require some very intense cuddling to have taken place before.



and with this:
The first CAT-faucet is now live!


You can always see all CAT-related transactions including all "Thank-You"-transfers taking place over on the steem-engine block-explorer and they have the CAT-richlist publicly accessible over there, too.




now go and cuddle some kittens!



I'm happy to be among the TOP 100 Richest CATs!

I'm at number 60 right now.

Also @catnet I noticed that your link to the CAT richlist links to page 2 of the list - accounts 101 to 200 sorted by number of CAT tokens. Not sure if you did this on purpose or by mistake. Perhaps your cat distracted you, or maybe even stepped on your keyboard. I know that happens!

Have a nice day, humans and cats everywhere!

Kudos, and I think you managed to turn a small buck on the side, too?! Smart trading, well done! ;)

I think I probably just copy-pasted that link from another browser-tab without paying enough attention, and that actually happened one post earlier, from where i copied the mistake over into the next post, too... uff?!

I fixed the link in both posts now, thanks a lot for paying attention!

Yes my CAT trading has been profitable. But I am also trying to accumulate tokens and also be a market maker. Right now, I'm the highest buyer and the lowest seller, but offering to buy 10 times as many as I am selling. Hopefully we can get some volume and get noticed.

Best wishes with all of your projects!

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That's awesome! Thanks for keeping the markets moving :D

I'm glad it's gone so well, I don't regret splurging enough to own 15K cat tokens 😻😻😻😻😻Are you contemplating doing something similar to beer or drama tokens whereby people can give each other cat tokens too?

Nice... you're a CAT-whale... or would that be a Lion? Either way, thanks a lot for the support here!

There's no plan to let CAT-holders "print" more CATs into circulation, like some tokens do. User-issue-able tokens will make inflation a bit tough to control, and it's abused for token farming by greedy hoomans a bit too easily as well.

I see your point, I have noticed the shenanigans with the beer tokens. What I mean is, part of the reason I bought so many is that I would like to be able to give some cat-people tokens on their cat posts. Or will it be best to wait for smt?

CAT isn't intended to work as a proof-of-brain voting token (like PAL or similar tribes) if that is what you meant?

For now the primary utility of holding the token is to use it as "CATnip" for the kitten bots. You could send whoever some tokens if you want to increase their chance of meeting a kitten, but you'll also be able to call the kittens directly into a post in the near future.

Yes, I was thinking along the lines of using it as a "proof of cat" appreciation token to send to people and attract the kittens. I'm glad to hear that that will be the way forward

I got one! I got one :D
Thanks kitties!

the very first appreciation token ever handed out by a kitten on this here blockchain...

that's kinda special... maybe I should come up with some badges :D

Cat Appreciation Pioneer @ewkaw :D

It is very special and surely was a surprise :)
I feel like a CatVip :D

well, that's because you are!

It's very cool that this has all been so well received! I have always enjoyed the kitten bots... I think they add a sort of "quiet innocence" in this environment which can sometimes get a little mercenary.

Nice to read about this! :)
Here is a cat for you :)
Made in my mobile phone with Sony Sketch App and retouch with PicsArt App both for Android

meoww !!

Dear @catnet. At first thank you and your friends @steemeow, @steemkitten and @cuddlekitten for helping steemians.

I received some CAT tokens from @steemkitten two days ago. Thank you for all.

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Pets would be so happy🐭