The message of Felis catus

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Hi, cats all over the globe, stray cats, and even the ones who become pets for the desire of human beings. I am a stray cat, you can call me a wild cat! I don't have a name and I also don't know how old I am but today I bring you cats a message, a message that I think is necessary to ensure the continuity of our species.

This is me

Well, what is the message? Our population worldwide seems to be dropping. I think the below points are the main reasons for that:

  • The rapid killing of stray cats for either of human means,
  • The scarcity of food for us cats

I hope all of you know that there is a pandemic going on, which is affecting us in both aspects. We are free to wander in the streets without causing a nuisance to anyone. So simply we have freedom but fear. Some of our friends might have died from the virus too. I want all you cats to stay strong and hope remembering that every cloud has a silver lining.

Things have been worse for the past few months. Everyone is frightened. So here are a few precautions that may lead us to a safe zone.

Stay aloof

The first step to do is stay at home but most of us don't have a home. If you are one of those like me then be distant from other fellow cats.

Do not Panic

The most common thing that we can see around us is fighting and the reason is mainly food. So don't fight each other for food instead keep aside your instincts and share some with other cats.

Gif source: Giphy

Stay Strong

Don't lose hope. Stay with your families and stay cool. Don't feel lonely because there is a population of a billion cats out there to sing you a meow song. Motivation can be helpful to us cats too!

Image by Franz W. from Pixabay

These three points can be helpful for us cats to stay safe 🐱.

Bye now, I am out for some hunt to feed my belly. Sometime I will tell you a story about how a cat like me hunts.

Me again

Hi, everyone, I am the one looking after this stray cat. Don't believe him LOL. He is a selfish cat LOL. He fought a cat for food.

So it was this cat in my cat's territory, a furious black cat and my stray cat let it in cause it was afraid of getting beaten up, and as I went out of my house and saw the black cat, I managed to get it outta place then I saw my cat lying down on the stairs.

Then my stray cat ran after that black cat about 1 meter far and both sat and then my cat slapped the black cat on the face and the black cat was like, what should I do man! The boy will beat me if I hit his stray cat, it also had this feeling like: look your boy has done it now and then black cat went away but it was very angry because my stray cat took advantage and slapped it on the face.

So don't believe this cat at all!

What?... What did you say?

Aaahh... nothing.... nothing!

Come here you human!

Aaaah.... sooooorrrryyy.

Image source: Tenor

Read about the boy looking after me!


Noticed you Cats have the location in your profile of NDG 224. Would that have anything to do with the NDG in Montreal? Yeah, yeah curiosity is a dangerous thing, but can't help myself.

Oops, you misread. It was NGC 224, it is a name for Andromeda Galaxy 👽😉

My bad. 🤓

I promised you some CAT APPRECIATION TOKENs ;)

here you go:
!CATtip 100 CAT

your tip of 100 CAT towards @ardpien was sent successfully

Kittens are always nice! 😁

Does it look angry or nice. It is learning to become angry. 😸

Message by ferral cat.

GIF source: Giphy

Cute post, and I like the photos! 😁

Thank you human @thekittygirl. I can't tell you that you are a human because of your name🐱🤔. Bye Kitty Girl, make sure the message reaches to all pet cats and stray cats.

message by feral cat

GIF source Giphy

beautiful..thanks for share . anyway stay here and enjoy your time.

Thank you, my friend.

Very good post about your life, straycat. Keep posting for him, tell us more about your daily life there, hoomans like stories hahahaha!

It depends on the cat. As long as it wants, it will keep typing posts like this.

GIF source: Giphy

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Love it hahah but what is you name mister cat? And I like you ownerboy @aroien very much I know him from discord

@aroien please source the gifs you used two without source I vote 199% because you did very well

Stray cats like me don't have a name!

I will ask my owner boy to source the GIF images.