INTRODUCTION-Me, Art, Hive and the Life

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   Hi everyone, I am Haris a 15-year-old guy who is here to start an epic adventure on this blockchain. Why I am here? Looking at the life with the sense of maturity and my instincts have brought me here! So I am here to learn about cryptocurrencies and crypto trading. I first came to know about Steem blockchain when I was 12-years-old via my friend and it seems that we have got a new ecosystem now! HIVE. After learning about the Great Fork and its causes I think it was prudent to take this step.


Background source: Image by Jeon Sang-O from Pixabay

For me it was like this:

ME: Hi Steem universe, I am from sector NGC 224

Hive: This is Hive universe.

ME: What?.... I thought I was in Steem universe

Hive: No it is the multiverse

Me: Ah okay, nice to meet you, HIVE!

My past in Art

   Back in days, I was ingenious about the subject of Art. I had a great interest in paintings and sculptures and used to read about art though I only created 9 artworks in my life and I ruined one of them which I liked very much. I was prospering in Art, I also won competitions at the national level but soon I figured out that I was never meant to be an artist and I wasn't one of them. I was and always will be an Innovator! At some moments a thought bugs me, Why did you leave Art? It is the one that gave you respect, prosperity, and fame and the next moment, life shooks my head and says," You Are An Inventor" and I reply,"Yes You Are Right!"

My artwork

🔼 Another realm

🔼 Abstract artwork

🔼 Moon in the Sun

🔼 Artwork in environmental awareness

The above artwork belongs to me and all of these works were created by me when I was in 7th grade.

My aims

   Aims and dreams are different things from the perspective of life so I hope I don't mix them. It includes many things and here are a few of those many things, So my first goal is to be an inventor. After that, I look upon becoming a programmer and in third place, it also includes learning digital art. I also want to be an explorer, find a place that the world has never seen before. Above all, I want to be the man who will be known by the whole world (still figuring out how to do that). I also started writing a novel based upon my thoughts and sentiments about adventure though never completed it. Here is a little bit of its start:

It is the time of cruelty in the whole land, the European nations are making every land their colony. From the mid-nineteenth century; the people are being killed mercilessly for objecting to the colonization orders. People have been deprived of their lands and business. The chiefs of tribes are disappearing, leaving the tribes burdened. Britain is occupying over the land and civilizations in certain places. No one stands to object the British authority, the time passes and God makes blessings over the people, the laws and orders are becoming fair.

My dreams

   When you talk about dreams.... well dreams are just dreams at all. There are lots of dreams in this nourishing mind below are some of them. I have dreamed to be a member of WWF and save the endangered species. Dream of technology usage includes having an HP ENVY x360 Laptop. When you talk about being a hero in dreams well, I want to have an electron microscope and make some research on the COVID-19 virus. I have dreamed to explore the universe which isn't much of a dream because I do that every time in my brain.

   I hope together with you guys I may learn some fundamentals for crypto trading and investments. Moreover, I am also seeking engagement with people to develop communicative skills and this might be the best place for that. Currently, I am in the good hands of The Terminal who are teaching me about writings and helping me in my problems.

Have a good day, that's all for now folks.



Creating art means you have to invent and explore. It’s also an easy way to express things that are not as easy to explain. I would persist making art (use any form or technology you wish) during your free time or when you need to disconnect from your duties.
Nice to meet your new you hahaha 😁
You know we care of you and will be helping as much as possible... Hive on Haris! 🤗🤗🤗

Yes, @drakernoise I will try to keep up with my hobby as much as I can. But once again I learned the art to design my inventions and projects. Many artists in history were not just artist, they were more than the artists. Suppose Leonardo da Vinci, we know him only as an Artist but he was the inventor of many war machines! He also built the first helicopter as written in History. So I am in queue to be one of those men apart from war machines. 😜

welcome there ... enjoy your time 😊❤

Welcome to the Hive community Haris @ardpien!
This is a very impressive post, now with a clean start, make it worth it.
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for and have found a new home here.

Seven suggestions to consider:

  1. Guard your passwords carefully, and only publish with the posting key,
  2. Use your active key only for wallet transactions, keychain and Peaklock,
  3. The master password is only used to reset compromised passwords,
  4. DO NOT lose your passwords; copy and store offline,
  5. Do not publish other people's work, be it photos or written, without credit, and
    be sure to source all of your work, even if it is your own
  6. An introduceyourself tag is used only once , and
  7. Do Not open any links in memos or comments that you do not know who they belong to. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is, so the old saying goes. There is nothing free here.

I found you because @brittandjosie and @jamerussell from @heyhaveyamet presented and promoted your publication to get more exposure and help you grow faster.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and need some guidance, or if you have any questions, there are informed Hivians available who can help you; you can click to go to The Terminal in Discord here:

Have fun and happy Hiving!

Thanks for the warm welcome, @Jamerussell. I will follow all of the above seven suggestions given by you.

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Welcome Haris
Welcome to the HIVE community in the blockchain.
It’s a great day to start your future blogging or maybe blogging. You will live it and the interaction is very nice.
YESS You are a new hive’er now!
I saw your #introduceyourself and its nice to meet you. We haven’t met before but that changes right now. Don’t let all the replies and bots scare you. We are nice and but a new platform but with bloggers who know the ropes. Just comment if you get scared and i Will help out.
Blogging, building and uplifting eachother is what Hive is and what its all about on this blockchain. The best part is that you could earn money to.
I love blogging, But always be carefull with all your passwords, Never give those up !!
I use Peakd to post to Hive. But is an option too.
Good luck with with hive experience and I Will See you around and may you find here what you are looking for. Just remember that all good things come in good time and never giving up is THE key to big succes on the Blockchain. Also you could join the the Terminal discord. Or visit @heyhaveyamet for more new arrivals, newbies exposure in the beginning very important.
Let me know if this was helpfull or if you need more help, see you in Discord
the Terminal. Here is the invite its free,

Greeting from the Netherlands
@ Brittandjosie

Note OLEASE ADD A TAG HIVE OR COMMUNITY OR HIVECOMMUNITY you are allowed 8 tags so why not use them

Good luck and see you in the terminal soon

Stay safe

Welcome ardpien!
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