Who needs censorship when a single user can destroy your ability to communicate on hive?

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Nextgencrypto and all its sub-account (xxxxxxxx,berniesanders,etc) destroyed the rep of @dbuzz because they refused to be bullied by his treats. See here

This is the fundamental flaw of DPOS and #Hive and everybody is censoring themselves out of fear of retaliation.


We consulted w/the community, stakeholders and Hive Watchers ahead of time to prepare our launch, but it wasn't enough for us to get it right in the 1st shot.

People used our Dapp and we won some support, but it was not the majority of major stakeholders.

For that reason, we took our site offline and are now re-grouping. @nathansenn will publish a post for our @dbuzz account sometime in the next 24 hours.

Flags are bad. If you give monkey a pointy stick, monkey will poke other with it. Always.

New chain, same stupid acts.

The reputation system needs a big rework. Relying on value of votes is a terrible way to do it. Sometimes I wanna downvote content without hurting rep.

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I think there is a value in the product you are underselling. Users of Twitter may see that there controversial posts can not be censored on HIVE and this may attract them to the platform. This would work also for Reddit, especially since there has been outrage lately over the small number of mods controlling most of the website and censoring a lot of people. Finding some controversial posters that want to use your service would help in showing this.

It may help if you add a promotional message to every posts, emphasizing the censorship resistance and real monetary exchanges on HIVE.

Good luck!

The title of your post does not depict reality. Let me explain...Dbuz has it's own interface and they can control how it displays every post on it. What bernie can do is remove rewards from the posts but that's it. The solution, once SMTs go live setup one that will reward it's users in that token.

I understand that it sucks but the other option is to power up enough stake to counter bernie's downvotes.

Yeah, just spend 200k so you dont get bullied for having a different opinion.

They too poor. They’d rather just bitch and cry.

the link you shared is broken.

i get what are they trying to do, never got into it to see how it works. i seen a lot of posts in my following feed few days ago, not sure why if they use a community.