I knew this YouTube ban was coming

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I got banned from YouTube for one week for posting "vaccine disinformation". I can't upload, comment, or interact in any way on that site. Thankfully, I have established a presence and base of support on several alternative platforms! I've been expecting this for a while now, after being heavily shadowbanned and censored for years. The vaccine rollout is something they simply can't allow to be contested in any way - and they'll go to any length to ensure it goes according to plan.

For background, see my post yesterday, but in summary, my Covid-19-vaccine-skeptical videos finally upset someone enough to do something, and "They're Putting Vaccines in the Microchips!" got deleted, and I was warned not to do it again, or face banning.

Yesterday, I uploaded an update to YouTube, explaining the video had been deleted, and made it clear that I had got the information directly from the BBC official announcement, and that it had likely been an oversight on behalf of the YouTube moderator who reviewed it. The vaccines are clearly being put into microchips, dozens of mainstream media sites are reporting on it, but when I did a video on it, I got taken down and punished for "vaccine disinformation".

THAT video was also deleted, this time within 2 hours of upload, and for the same reason - "vaccine disinformation".

Thanks to my auto-sync feature with LBRY, the YouTube upload automatically copied itself over to the LBRY/Odysee blockchain, and can be viewed here. Did I say anything incorrect that would warrant censorship of my work and a one week ban? I'm honestly curious to know if anyone can find anything. Almost certainly, they deleted it (and banned me) for pissing them off and going against the narrative, not for actually endangering anyone with information or my analysis.

It's great to be able to list all those platforms, giving viewers several choices to choose from, even after YouTube deletes that copy. I'm no longer reliant on Google to reach viewers. I would never take a paycheck from Google, but on 3Speak, LBRY/Odysee, and even Flote, I can earn crypto for my content, while ensuring it is less vulnerable to deplatforming, censorship, and hacking.

I'm so glad I saw this YouTube ban coming!!

I can be found at the following platforms:

https://www.facebook.com/DRutter420 (perm banned)
https://www.youtube.com/user/drutter (temp banned)

Thank you to my supporters, friends, fans, followers, and others who consume and/or interact with my content!


You're in the popular club, now. If you get perm-banned, you'll be right up there with Alex Jones! Not sure if that's something to aspire to or not, actually. But there are better examples I just can't think of right now. Lots of good people get banned from YouTube. It's a badge of honour.

Got the yellow card, eh?!

The purge has come.

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The appeal process was a trick - only there so I could fall into the trap and have the strike against me confirmed.

They just can't have me showing viewers YouTube is hiding valid criticism of this vaccine and narrative.

Matrix bro 😉

Take the red pill! See how deep the rabbit hole goes ;D

Sometimes it's just better to not look down that hole 😂

Really sad, your videos are deleted on youtube due to censor. Where is freedom?

Lot's getting band lately 😵