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"Motivation Is Overrated, Action Is More Important." ~ Charles Fuchs.

What's Up STACKERS! 

For the past few weeks, I've been posting more things that's related to fitness and health. As you guys may have already known from my previous posts, I kinda let myself go for about 6 months since the "Cryptocurrency Spike". 📊

I was so focused on those "Crypto Gainzzz" and business meetups that I stopped working out and started to eat like shit. 🤣

When I looked back, the excuses I was making for myself was pretty ridiculous. If you think about it, workouts are typically only 30-60 minutes a day which is absolutely nothing. I know people who spend 4-5 hours a day on social media, watching tv, or cooking/eating!!

What's worse is that I have a personal "STACKIN" home gym with about $10,000+ worth of workout equipment for 10 years.

SHESHHH, I caught myself on becoming a lazy fat fuck! Haha

Am I hard on myself, probably.... but that's why we all have emotions. It's a feeling that we get to help us to change or take some action in that moment in time.

So here are some pictures of my "STACKIN" GYM! 📸

It's probably been over a year since I did any cardio and today was pretty tuff! I did about 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and it was like hell. 

The funny thing is that after any workout, I never said to myself that it wasn't worth it because after a few minutes I would feel great all day. 💁🏼‍♂️

So my journey from shit to fit started a few days ago, let's see what I can accomplish in about 60 days. Will I be able to get my 6 pack abs back that I had many years ago? Probably not, but I'm sure going to try my damn hardest to do so. 🤣

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

P.S. For those who's interested in following my "Content" and "Daily" Posts... you can just follow me @stackin to get my updates.


You are equipped to tackle this thing.
Before you know it
Shape you will be!
Keep on steemin’

I just to lean up these days, to old for huge Gainz lol

Nice setup! I already made my transformation. Time to catch up yo! lol


Mannnn, the funniest thing I seen all day @brianphobos HAHAHA

Don't worry... I'm still using the same monitor from the 2017 picture because you know I'm a cheap skate! LOL

I beleive it! Was that a compaq 😂🤣

YUP! It was before the HP / Compaq merger!

Brings back memories for me... 1995 style when STACKIN was a young 18 years old 😂🤣

Cruising the Internet on this bad boy!

Wow now you have everything to get rippped! Congrats

I just have to cut down on those beverages 🍹🍸🥂🥃 lol

Here's some motivation! Steem on :)

This motivated me 🤣

Enjoy your workouts ^^

Yeahhhh man! Let myself go for a bit there 🤣

Am amazed at the quality of gym house. I hope you make good use of it as you start your walkout fitness @stackin

Glad to see that you got your determination to get back in shape. It's hard to feel that groove again once you get lazy and fall off the track. At the end of the day, only YOU can push yourself to get to where you wanna be. Good luck to you and hope u achieve your personal goals!

Appppresh! I needed that motivation! :)

I am amazed at the quality of gym house because it remains us fit.
When a person reached at 70, 80 years old, he still remain fit.
So it is good thing.Keep it up and good luck for the future.

Healthy body -> healthy mind

Keep on lifting and stacking :D

Get those gainzzz 😀

Workout goals here to a fit and fab 2018 :D

Nice gym... I like free weights and elliptical... way to get it going!

Wow! You will really be in great shape with those gym equipments @stackin.😊❤
Stay fit amd fab!💪

Damn , what a nice home gym. Really cool. Must be nice to walk from your bed to that lol

Anyway, I just did 30 minutes of killer Cardio myself on my stationary bike. So I feel you @stackin ;) Thanks for sharing

The funny thing is that I have 2 gym membership and just use this room for my 30 minute elliptical workout 😂

Started working out a bit myself each day gotta do it! Good to see you getting back into it as well. How do those dumbbells work are they good? Ive considered them a few times but went back to the old fashion 5 pounds per each one

Yeah, the dumbbells I got are kinda wack... they don’t have that free range of motion. I do have the old fashion ones 😂

Hahaha, this got me laughing almost to tears. I think you're a bit hard on yourself. However, I'm looking forward to your dream body shape after 60 days. I hope I must gotten my 6 packs by then to flaunt as well, lol

Yeah, those 6 packs are hard to come by. I blame pizza haha

A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.
All the best @stackin

I better start taking larger steps lol

Hahaa. Not such a bas idea lmao.

We are here to pump you up! Get that summer body ready for some spf 80!

Thanks for the reminder, I need to start hitting the tanning bed also haha

personal training area ... excellent ...
i hope you can achieve what you want @stackin

Billions of dollars and six pack abs! LOL

i hope ;)

Nice to start working out again, I wish you all the best @stackin. I wish I had a percentage of such.

Thanks, just gotta do it ya know 😀😂

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