2 million Chinese Communist Party Members exposed! - Many embedded in western companies

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Source: The Australian newspaper

A major news story with global implications has just been broken by the Australian press.

It relates to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members secretly embedded in western companies and government organisations, including entire branches of the CCP within major western companies. I must credit @cryptographic for drawing my attention to it in his post a few hours ago.

This story is being reported by The Australian newspaper, Sky News Australia, the Daily Mail and other well respected media sources.

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Source: https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6215946537001

According Sky News piece, the information has been verified by a number of means and has been in the hands of a global inter-Parliamentary group which focusses on China for months while they had it verified.

The background to Australia being at the forefront is that China has been attacking Australia and banning its exports because Australia dared to question the Chinese official line regarding the origins of COVID-19 and called for an international investigation.

This also has major implications for the US election and the big tech companies that so openly sided with Biden, whose strong public links to China are on the record and less public ones are coming out all the time.

Is the US about to swear in the ultimate Manchurian Candidate into office?

Was all the Democrats fuss about Trump and Russia, a smokescreen for their embededness with the much greater threat - China.

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BTW for any coders I've put the English translated list that is having some issues being shared up on GitLabs. That is also the place where the original list was posted some 3 months ago so this didn't just arrive suddenly.


Absolutely not a surprised and color me not shocked at all in the very least.

China has been buying a massive amount of influence. Trust me I've gotten a couple of offers that I've turned down where individuals have looked at me oddly. Yep that's right I know where you're funding comes from. The worst part is a lot of people will get bought off from China and not even think about it because China does a lot of these operations under the guys of environmentalism and peaceful activism.

It is going to take the entire world to end China's Organ harvesting campaign.

It can't just be one country.

China's behavior over course of the past 20 years has shown how evil it is