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I know, it's barely November. Halloween is hardly over, and Thanksgiving is weeks ahead in the US, but here I am with a Christmas post? The audacity!

But my game group and my library are already discussing Secret Santa assignments, so I thought it might already be time to share a concept I tested at work today. I made this hastily in Canva and welcome anyone to use it. This is for US 8-1/2" x 11" letter-size paper, but scale it to fit A4 and you'll be fine. Cut into eight slips and you're set for a Secret Santa drawing!

Secret Santa Slips Letter Landscape.png

The idea is to give some loose framework for Secret Santa gifts that won't be as likely to miss the mark while leaving the hints wide open to interpretation. I also thought it would be a good idea to leave room for what would NOT work. Each participant can fill one out for themselves, and then all the slips are put in a drawing. Once names are distributed, they have better guidelines for a gift that better suits whoever they drew.

Suppose my Secret Santa victim recipient says they like the color red, moose are their favorite animal, they drink coffee, they enjoy scrapbooking, collect souvenir shot glasses, and dislike cilantro (Coriander leaves). Maybe I am inspired to buy a red coffee mug with a moose on it and some fair-trade ground coffee. Maybe I have something completely outside these suggestions in mind, and just want to avoid getting something they might not enjoy as much, like a gift certificate for the local Mexican restaurant.

What do you think? How would you change this to work even better? I can share revisions if you have good suggestions in the comments!

And let's not kid ourselves, everyone loves Mexican food!

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You have got a nice idea to collect information about people's liking. And even amazing is the thing that you will give them all together. Hehe. A mug with a collection of their favorite objects.

Is it for the staff of library or the visitors?

This was inspired by the slips I made for the library staff secret santa.

Okayyyy. So it was for staff. I was thinking if it were for visitors how costly the gifts will cost

!LOLZ no, that would be way too much for me to administer. It's just for our little group of librarians. Me, Ms. C, Ms. A, Ms. M, Ms. T, and the new Mr. S.

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Hehe. That small group would surely be happy with your presents

I think it's a great idea! Otherwise, unless you know someone quite well, it can be difficult to decide on a gift.

Man, that's a perfect idea. While we are in high school we were drawing too but we didn't have that table and just buying random stuff and sometimes I got some terrible gifts because they don't know what I like. I can use it that one for my job too. Thanks for sharing.

Well thats clever, that way you might get something that you don't guiltily hide in a bin on the way home!

Chuck it in the "fuck it" bucket!

That used to by my favourite thing to say 🤣

Gosh I could have been saved from so many crappy Secret Santas if this had been around back then lol. I wish you to get few of your disliked articles and many good ones.

Clever way of pranking someone.. at least you just follow direction..

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