Goon : Last of the enforcers - Sports movie - What is that ?

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Hello everyone !
Today I'm coming back with a sport movie review !

That movie is Goon: Last of the Enforcers

The biggest reason why I wanted to see it was Sean William Scott. When I was younger he was one of my favourite actors. Probably due to American Pies but also thanks to movies like Role models for exemple.

But since years he did not appeared in many movies. So I wanted to see him once again, and I don't want to watch Lethal Weapon (But now I will probably, seeing him again really makes me want to see more of him).

I know that the Movie is a sequel and I already saw the first.. 5 years ago... But I don't know why but I didn't want to watch it again now. Maybe soon.



The story is pretty simple. Doug Flatt is a hockey player and in the first time he became one of the best. Not by playing like better than anyone else but buy being the best fighter of all and being able to beat anyone during a match.

The film takes place when he's starting to be older and some younger players come and fight better than Him. And one of them, Played by Wyatt Russell totally destroys him. Doug needed to be hospitalized and can't play anymore. The rest of the movie is "how can he continue practicing Hockey ? Especially now that his girlfriend is pregnant and doesn't want him to fight anymore ?"

The movie really has some big moments, and some jokes are really great and funny ! But, something... Strange. There is too much d!cks joke. Along the movie there are a lot of them. It starts with a guy punching his penis trying to make his boner disappear. There is also someone eating a sp&rm sandwich, you know, nothing unusual in a movie.

I was pleasantly surprised with some moment, making us feels something. Even if other moment were more pointless like when it looked like a shonen after being beaten, he's alone full of blood and say "How is that possible ? He was stronger and faster ?" While clenching his fist.

I still don't understand the morality if the movie. It appear that they want to show that to stop violence you just have to give the final hit to avoir you energy to reply back.



The casting is full of unknown celebrities. You know, the ones your recognize without being able to name them. There is a lot of them here.

They are all convincing. I don't know why but Doug sometimes seems to be really dumb and sometimes he can think normally but except that each character is at his level endearing and all funny.

The biggest problem of this movie is the humor. It's sometimes really funny while being nearly too much, and sometimes it's just too much and, that spoils everything.

They know what I mean

If you want to watch this movie, you have to life those kind of films where there is not that much serious moments and most of people stupids.

I think of american pie, or most of Adam Sandler movies. Now that I'm thinking of that, this is like an Adam sandler's movie, but better.

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