Beauty Is Sometimes Only On the Outside....

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Happy Sunday !

My Mom was invited to (another) birthday party for my sister with my sister's grown children and their families today. We Sibs already celebrated her birthday last Saturday on her real birthday, so it's not like we're being left out. :)

That left my Sunday free to do.... nothing whatever I want. Part of what I wanted too to do was make a Hive Post, so here I am ! When I started, this was not at all what what I came to do, but sometimes some other subject takes over and that is just what happened here.

Recently I put in a grocery order from a store I had not shopped with for a while. I noticed they had these fine Pumpkin Rolls again and my memory from a couple of years ago was that they were scrumptious, so I added one to my order justifying that I could have a couple of slices and would carry the most of it to my sister's birthday party as an alternate dessert.

icing border.jpg

It got here with the rest of the order and they had fancied it up a little with some Autumn candies. It was quite pretty.

pumpkin roll in container.jpg

It made for a very happy photo shoot I thought.

pumpkin roll.jpg

It was the perfect model of a happy fall treat.

pumpkin roll looking down the roll.jpg

Such a fun swirly twirly design.

pumpking roll two.jpg

YUM !... right ?... um... no.... wrong ! Although the filling was delectable as it had been in the past, very creamy with a nice hint of cloves, the cake was amazingly dry ! There is pretty much nothing worse when it comes to cake, than for it to be dry. Ugh ! Ewww ! Yuck!!!! So those couple of bites I took when first cut were all that were ever consumed of this cake. I let it sit in the frig a week before I threw the rest of this sawdust log out.

The expiration date listed as 5 or 6 days after I received it, but for all her pretty looks, this girl was not how she presented herself to be on the outside. On the inside she was a dried up old witch !

Such is life.... right? Looks can be deceiving and you just can't win every time.

pumpkin roll slice.jpg

It's pretty disappointing when you have something that is wonderful and then later you buy what appears to be the same thing and it is not fit to eat.

It didn't ruin my life though....LOL..... or send me spiraling into depression. I didn't need it anyway.

Hakuna matata.... right ?

I hope you are all having a good day... or evening, whatever time it is, wherever you are.

Love you !



So delicious.Love this cake.

Normally Pumpkin Rolls ARE good, when they are baked right. This one was so dry, it was not good.

Thanks for stopping over.

Awwwww! All dressed up and nowhere to go!!

That is what you get for being untrue!! It does look delicious and what a disappointment because it had great potential. What you see is not always what you get, for sure!

I have to admit, I might have brought it back or called them. I just deleted my tirade on not getting what you pay for. LOL

Anyway, you did get a beautiful cake and the pictures are beautiful. :)

I guess I would not have been so surprised if they ones I bought a few years back from the same place had not been good. I bought more than one the first year I found them for various occasions and maybe even the year after that. I had not bought any since covid and was really excited about the prize that was on the way, only to find..... not good..... wah !

It is always disappointing to get bad products. I suppose I could have taken it back. I guess I just didn't think to do that once I had cut it.

Unfortunately it will not put them out of business when I never buy another one from them. LOL ! Not taking THAT chance again.

It really did make for some nice photos.

At least it provided great photo opportunities! I wonder how they were able to roll it... Usually you need a moist cake to accomplish that. Too bad it turned out to be simply a Halloween decoration.

It DID make for some happy photos.

On the third photo you can see a crack in the cake under the top frosty to the right of the cake. Was that a sign? I dunno ! I thought for commercially sold cakes maybe they had some kind of machine contraption to roll them. I don't know if that really exists, but I figure it does, so maybe a machine can roll a dry cake easier than human hands.

LOL... yeah.... a decoration was about all that it was good for. No way I was taking that to serve to my family..... nor eat it myself !

Kind of like putting lipstick on a pig.

It certainly wasn't true kin to the ones I had before.

It looks so beautiful. It’s a pity it was dry.

It WAS quite a shame. My brain was already set to enjoy some of it and expected it to be like it used to be. MAJOR disappointment!

I can imagine the disappointment because all I’m seeing is a “tasty treat”.