Where Are You???

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Have you ever lost something in your house, know it HAS to be there somewhere, but yet, you can't find it?


A few weeks back my sister sent me a photo of the air plant one of her friends had given her. When she did, that jogged my brain and I thought, I have an air plant. I pictured where it had been in my window sill in the kitchen and yet, I couldn't really remember seeing it there recently.

I thought to myself at the time that I needed to look for it and see if it really was still there, but had become one of those things that you see every day, but have stopped really seeing it. You know what I am talking about, don't you? I don't remember what I was doing at that time though, but I kind of made a mental note to look for it later.....and of course, then I forgot about it.

My air plant was in a little figure of "something" about 6 inches tall, a somewhat ceramic figure like a person that had a head and the air plant was it's hair. (not exactly like the above photo...LOL, but hey....)

vicky air plant.jpg

When my sister sent me the above picture of the air plant, she also sent one close up showing that the air plant was blooming ! For real, I didn't even know they would do that. Hers is bigger than mine and very possibly a different species, but I had never seen any air plant of any kind blooming anywhere. She must have it in just the right spot and has taken care of it just the right way.

vicky air plant bloom.jpg

Anyway, this morning as I am fiddling around the house, doing a few things that should be done and a lot of other things that I just want too, something makes the air plant cross my mind and I think.... I'm going to go look for that right now and put it back out on the kitchen window sill. As I am thinking on it, I wonder why I would have moved it in the first place. The only thing I can think of is when I put out my Christmas doodads on the sill, but.... where would I have put it? Sometimes when I move my regular stuff to put out Christmas decor, I put it somewhere near by for when the time comes to change it back. Other times I have put things in a Christmas box, so it will come back out when the Christmas things are put away. In this case, it does not seem like something I would put in a box in the closet and if I had done such a silly thing, I would have found it when I put stuff up.

Starting in the kitchen, under the sink and in the edge of every cabinet was the obvious place to start, but no air plant. My mind spinning all the while, I go through the house mentally and follow with my body (typing that made me laugh !).... wondering where else I would have put it, if not in the kitchen. I think about how I can't imagine putting it anywhere in the dark with the plant in it's head. I look and look and...... look... .wondering all the while, what would I have been thinking??

I pull open a drawer where some random things are stored. As I am opening the draw I am having a mental conversation...

Me: You know it is not in this drawer.

Me: How DO you know.... since you don't know where it is???


...but it was not their either. So now I have looked everywhere that makes sense that I could have put it and a whole lot more places that would make NO sense.... and I still haven't found it !

I decided to make a post about it. I mean, what else can I do? I had forgotten about my sister's photos at first and had wondered what kind of photos do you put on a post about not being able to find your air plant?? The only answer was, I would have to do a quickie painting to go with it and that is how my first photo on this post became to be.


So here I am, about to finish my post and the hunt will continue, at least for a while. There is no way it is not in this house unless I threw it away, which I can't imagine why on earth I would do such a thing. Did I break it ?? I really think I would remember if I did... wouldn't I ??? .... or some air plant thief broke into my house and stole it.

If by chance you happen to be psychic and are getting a message now about where my air plant is, could you please let me know in the comments below?

I would greatly appreciate it.

As always, I hope you are doing well and that your heart is happy.

Love you !




You know some folks believe we are living in a simulation. Really if you think about it, how do we know we aren't? Maybe we are just brains in a jar with electrodes that are making us "dream" that what we see is reality. So in essence we are living in a complex video game...However, rarely there are glitches...Something is not where it clearly should be. It is a glitch in the game... Like an air plant...😮

You may be right. Someone must have done a reboot and didn't quite get everything back like it started out. No telling what else is missing that I just haven't noticed yet. 😆

Oh ! ...and thanks for the reblog !

I had to do a search to figure out what an air plant is. Now I know what you mean.

As for your description I'm now thinking about a chia pet. Which brought me to chia.com and then I found out they also make The Clapper. Who knew? Clap on, clap off, the clapper! Clap, clap.

Now I'm lost watching old commercials.

As for your lost item, the location will either pop into your brain at a random point in time or it'll make itself be found. This is what I usually experience haha

ha ha .... It is a mystery to me. I can't imagine putting the air plant anywhere that was closed up, like a cabinet or a drawer, but I looked in those places anyway. Normally, there only a certain number of places any item could be, but this one has me scratching my head (and it ain't even itchy !) LOL

Sorry I sent you down the "old commercial" rabbit hole !

I'm sure it will show up or not. Even if the air plant died (surely I would remember) and I put the holder away, surely I wouldn't have thrown it away. My brain currently thinks if the plant died (pretty bad if it only needed air LOL).... certainly I would have just bought a new air plant... right ?.. hmmmmm .... and the mental hunt continues...