It's ALL YOUR Fault!

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Recently we announced a new venture to enable us to help accounts grow a little bit more and we asked you all to cast your vote for the name of this new account. You can review the post "New Account, New Name, You Vote!!!" HERE . We had a wonderful turnout and a decision was made by you all so this is ALL YOUR fault!

Votecheck image source.

Steem Terminal is a pretty small account, but we have some wonderful people encouraging us and participating within our Discord server and because of them, we had a really good turn out for the vote. We had 47 individuals vote and there was a very clear yell as to what the name of the new account should be. The three entries were:


These three names were chosen from a long list of names suggested by many of our followers. We will be awarding the creator of the name chosen by you all 3 STEEM. These three have been so patient to find out who wins, so we need to make an announcement!


Out of the 47 votes that were cast Steem Guiders received 8.51% of the votes. Terminal Support received 38.3% while our big winner was Steem-aide taking more than half of the votes. We have now started our account that we will use to give additional upvotes to those who are Redfishes. This will be a subscription account that will be uber Redfish friendly.


20190830 9.png

We will not be starting the subscription service just yet, it will be starting October 1, 2019, as long as we can build our SP quickly. At this time we are looking for those who would be willing to help the Redfish as much as possible by delegating a small portion to our @steem-aide account. We will also be taking some time to hammer out the final details, but that will be done soon enough. These details will need to come from our new account. If you would like to discuss with us the details, delegation, donations, or ideas, please contact @brittandjosie, @thekittygirl, or myself,@xcountytravelers in the Steem Terminal Discord Server. You can visit the server via the banner below.


Thank you so much for everyone who voted, entered the name contest, and helped us get closer to achieving one of our goals. There is no words to show you just how much we appreciate every one of you.

@thehive @sargento @drakernoise @qwerrie @niallon11 @kharma.scribbles
@hatoto @porters @viking-ventures @meditations @erica005 @eii @fracasgrimm @arcange
@fmbs25 @seadbeady @akdx @simplymike @mytechtrail @anaclark @bxlphabet @d-zero
@fredkese @literalypotato @mastersa @wakeupkitty @akumagai @maxer27 @orjantomarcelo
@abbak7 @ili0braz @mrnightmare89 @traciyork @gillianpearce @tijntje @onesfear @suntree
@jamerussell @wonderwop @akomajong @treze @vimukthi @jeffjagoe @drlobes @adalger
@chunkysoupsvc @swedishdragon @dkkarolien @enginewitty @wesphilbin @videoaddiction
@fredbese @smasssh @mondoshawan @mrbussi72 @victoriaxl @wovlou @melinda010100


This would enable us to connect and engage with even more new Steemian accounts. If so, please contact Ren at (xcountytravelers#7157) in the Discord Server Steem Terminal or down below in the comments. We appreciate your interest in helping us to help others.



Thanks @minnerz22 for the gif!

to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal


Why not visit their account @heyhaveyamet today?


What a great ride this was ! And congrats to @wakeupkitty for the new name. Its a WINNER !
Thanks to all the voters and do follow the new account for more information.

Thank you. To be honest it is that you congratulate me with the name otherwise I would not have known I came up with it 🤐

Happy Saturday! 💕

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I wont tell if you wont hhhhaahah and uou are a master contest winner and make quite alot of steem with it girlpower!

As long as pictures are not shown with me I only get half of the message ☹

I am not really a master in winning vontests but do as @fitinfun teached me. Never post without joining something. I try to stick to that rule although it's hard but I also see it as a way to promote myself and it is my way to engage and get updated.

What I made sofar I was not able to buy anything for,I invested in other Steemians. It did not all work out since many left.
Think if it comes to earning I better go back to the dutch site but I can hardly load it/sign in.
I hope to make more to power up and raise the prizes for the contests I host. For some it really became hard now to earn a bit.

Btw Did you hear anything about no payouts or payouts not showing up? I had the question. Can it be a mistake/wrong calculation after HF21 and HF22?

So far comments do not show up with me so I have extra work tracing them.

Happy day 💕

This post was featured on #PYPT but sadly I didn't attend PYPT this past week, or the week prior. :( Something ALWAYS keeps coming up on Thursdays for me no matter how hard I try to avoid it! I am always so eager and then something gets in the way.

While I am here this second look reminded me that I don't know exactly what qualifies as a Red Fish. Under 100 natural SP?

Thank you so much!!!!!

That is correct a Redfish is under 100 Sp... let me share an image....

So wait, is a Red Fish under 500? What fish is that at 600+? Minnow?

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oh yeah I know, it's my fault to be in the last. hahaha
Well anyway I'm so honoured to be chosen as one of the names to nominate.

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You had my vote ..

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ahaha oh really? thank you, I thought it's just me who love this name.. hahaha 😘😘

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It was a good entry!

what a great idea you are all doing!!!

Thank you for teaching us how to help!!!!!

Is it tastier than Kool-Aide?

Great choice! Best of luck with the new site.

Thanks so much. We are very excited.

!giphy good+luck

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Though still very much a redfish, I've started delegating SP to the communities and accounts I'd love to help grow (and that I can grow with!). Y'all have been super friendly and helpful to me (so appreciated!) How can I get involved? Can I simply delegate to @steem-aide?

Yes, please delegate directly to @steem-aide and THANK YOU!

Congratulations everybody, you all picked a great name! Of course they all were great! 👍

It was a rough decision on picking the three. I am just happy that everyone was so wonderful in helping us out.

I will see how much room I have to delegate some after the payouts I made for hosting 2 contests to help redfish grow. I am already delegating to several and my connection needs to be stronger too to make it work.

Good luck with the new acvount. I hope redfish will find you but you also advice them to join @paulag her league and other contests held to make them grow.

You have to be an active member to be seen and make sure to do the most with the bit SP you have. With many the enthousiasm to write, follow some simple tasks to grow seems to be a huge problem.

Happy Saturday. I cannot see any picture in this post, they do not load with a slow connection. It is nice to write down the new name too.

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Just wanted to let you know I will have that 3 Steem for you on Tuesday for Steem Terminal. I forgot and powered up! haha.

We do appreciate the thought and considering helping us out. You were already a huge help with joining in the naming contest and voting. All three of us appreciate that so much.

Growing that account will be interesting to see how fast we can get our natural SP up. We are hoping to have everything built up quickly because the faster we get it built up, the faster we can start helping more people.

Thanks so much for everything you have already done.

Good job. This is definitely the best thing for retaining new users on the platform. Better than a grilled cheese sandwich... almost.

Keep on keeping on. You folks rock! Thanks for sharing your post on #PYPT!. Did not attend the podcast, but curating the post shared during the show. Luckily I got my upvote in 2 hours before the payout!

Thanks so much @sgt-dan! We appreciate all your help. The new account @steem-aide will definitely be a benefit for all of the Redfish. We are still pounding out the details, but planning on opening it up on Oct 1.

You are more than welcome. I am happy to help in any small way I can.

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Thank you!

Yes!! Steem-aide.

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Great idea @steemterminal and congrats @mrnightmare89 STEEM ON!

Glad you finally have a set date

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A good idea, well done...

Wonderful! This will be great for new Steemians. Love the name @steemterminal :)


@steemterminal interested in the delegation upvote system.. though im way too high in sp. heard about this on #pypt

There is also the possibility to delegate to @steemterminal or @steem-aide 😉👌

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You shared this on PYPT during the morning session, and I shared it during the evening session, so we did our duty in getting the word out! 🙌

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