Investing in Creature Comforts Whilst in Lockdown

in #computer4 years ago

I've been looking to upgrade my ancient computer for several weeks now. The more recent games of late being a good reason for this change of mindset. I recently installed the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider, looking forward to some spectacular graphics and gaming for a good couple days or so. But what I got was anything but. The frame-rates were sub 30, sometimes dropping into the high teens. And as for the gameplay, well... To put in bluntly, it matched the graphical state of affairs. Suffice to say, something needed to be done about this...


Specs-wise, I currently have an Intel i7, but an older model being the "2600K", I believe. Add to that my GeForce 960 to run my games on and 16Mb of RAM (upgraded from 8 just a few months back). But it's still simply not good enough. So, I researched into the latest components to build myself a brand new state-of-the-art gaming rig. Imagine my shock when I saw the prices of these new GPU cards. A GeForce 2080 Ti can set you back about a grand and a half in British pounds! I remember that was the cost of an entire build not too long ago. Also RAM costs have gone up quite substantially due to the lockdown. Although CPU prices are still about the same as before. Oh yeah, that Intel i7-9700 does looks mighty tasty right about now.

So, I'm running through a checklist of all the parts I require, the manufacturers who are the best in each computing field they cater for and the cheapest place to buy it all up. I've been pleasantly surprised to find how many online IT retailers support BTC as a method of payment for their purchases (big up to Just goes to show that even with the recent drop in price for the "OG of digital coins", the global pick-up as a viable means of financial transacting, seem to paint an entirely different picture. General acceptance like this was never near to anything I saw a couple years back. Good signs for crypto in general, I hope.

But as I say, this is the project I'm embarking on now. I'm giving it a couple months before deciding to bite the bullet and go for it. Although the missus won't be too pleased when it arrives (as she says I already spend way too much time in front of the computer as it is), but this is something that must be seen through to the end. Can't wait to share the end results with you all and hopefully nothing electrical blows up in the process, lol. Fingers crossed!


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