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Good moning!

The first contest got four entries and we decided to let them all won 1 hive . Congratulations again.

You can check the winner announcement here below;

We are inviting @sarimanok, @jurich60, @crazygal and @diosarich to join again and invite your friends.



Here we are today for the second theme. It must be a food photography during your covid19 quarantine. Try to submit good photographs and we will give some tokens as tip and of course a valuable upvote.



This contest is called "COMMENT CONTEST PHOTOGRAPHY ". This is going to be a weekly contest that will be posted every MONDAY. This is as simple as taking a picture of something according to the theme. If we will get some support, we will make the contest two times per week.

Simple Rules :

° Picture the specified theme or object or the week ( must be your own photo)

° Comment your photo in this post

° A resteem is not required but will be highly appreciated to inform other hivers.

° Please write 50 words to describe the photo you have to submit and mention what camera you are using and the location.

° Contest is open to all hivers , but this contest is with a time limit.


We just want to help our fellow hivers most especially the newbies building their account.
Its the right time helping each other and share the love that we have. We can't give it for free but we need your cooperation for our goal.

We are also open for any suggestion for this initiative. We need your respect.

You may make a post about your comment but that is optional and up to you. We only require a picture and a 50-word description as a comment in this contest.

The best output, the best comment!
The rest of the entrants will get random upvotes on their posts from @beezdak and the fellows behind this community.

Keep joining to gain more friends and support from us here in @beezdak.

I would like to mention and inform @theterminal and @brittandjosie about this contest. We appreciated your concerned and also to @worldcapture for the support. It is our obligation to support and care for the newbies.





This is my Lockdown pasta or Pasta Sardines. I always cook this especially in this state of enforced isolation since sardines is the must have food during this quarantine period and we have abundant supply of it. This dish is healthy because it is rich in calcium, protein, and omega 3.
The camera I used to capture this is iphone6.
Location: In our balcony

Thank you 😌

It looks so yummy and I'm craving to have it right now.
Thank you fir joining.


It is a simple recipe during pandemic. A pack of 1 noodles, radish leaves, cabbage, and 2 eggs. There's no need to cook it for a longer time. It's a quick cooking but so delicious.

Thank you @beezdak and keep it up.

Thank you! And of course, am all set for the next contest!

Hmm. the all-time favorite Lechon during a fiesta. though my doctor told me not to eat lots of the "taba" (fat of the pig's skin) I am not contented with just a pinch to satisfy my tummy...hahaha

Indeed, that's everybody's favorite. I love the belly part too and the rest is best for paksiw! So yummy!

I love lechon paksiw as well..hmm I'm salivating at this moment 😁

Here is my Entry:


This vegetable was my favorite, it is what we called here in my place as "Ginisang Ampalaya with Eggs". Ampalaya is Bitter Gourd in English. It was a little bit bitter but for me was really delicious and at the time very nutritious. So, I recommend everyone to eat this vegetable for all the health benefits that we can get by eating it. I also the one who cooked this recipe. It is very easy to cook and also very affordable.

Yehey! this easy to cook vegetable is one of my favorites. I love the taste of the bitter gourd so much..hmm and garnished it with egg? my stomach craves for more...😁

This is the best pandemic recipe. It satisfied my eyes how much more my belly. Good luck!


Captured by iphone6 camera
Location:dinning table
Here is my entry
“Tinolang Manok,” this soupy pinoy dish is one of the traditional dish in the philippines. This may be a simple dish but it has excellent and nutritional and taste value. By eating this dish each ingredient has it's own nutritional value.I make sure that when, I cook tinola there's a lot of ginger; because I love to slurp it's spicy warming soup especially when I feel sick it helps me feel better.

I cook this especially when I have colds. It feels really better when you inhale the warm aroma of the soup.

Wow! Is that native chicken meat? I love it with lemon grass too. Thank you and good luck.

No it isn’t, like a magnolia dressed chicken

Here is my entry:

Sinigang na Bangus

food sinigang na bangus.jpg

A traditional Filipino fish recipe, bangus (milkfish) is stewed in a flavorful, slightly sour tamarind broth with lots of vegetables, an all-time favorite. This is so good during cold weather.

Taken using my iPhone 6 Plus
Camera Setting: Portrait setting/ HDR
Location: Family Table, Philippines

Would you please cook for me? Thank you and goodluck @diosarich.

My entry:
Sapin-Sapin is a Filipino steamed glutinous rice cake, with 3-layered color delicious at as it looks.Soft, chewy, and topped with golden latik, a delicious meryenda or after-dinner dessert.

I don't know how it tastes but I'm sure I will love it. Good luck.

Here is my entry:


This was my birthday Pancit, as the saying goes for long life. Last July 16, my 2nd daughter together with her husband and 2 teenagers, my granddaughters were my visitors. They lived from another Barangay here in Lapu-lapu City. She cooked that yummy Pancit, while her husband grilled two big fishes and granddaughters helped prepare our outdoor settings. Grateful much we are GCQ here at least they were allowed to visit us.

Happy birthday @jurich60. I think cooking pancit is a kind of Filipino tradition as a birthday present for a long life kf the celebrant. Thank you and good luck.

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Papaya with Sardines

No money, sardines is free from the government. Everything are just around so this is the result of having a garden. I have a papaya tree and it is bearing fruits continuously. My moey is just for the buying of rice.

Thank you @beezdak.


Thank you for joining and good luck.

Oh my God I want to join haha, good that I was able to check your post.

I'm not so sure if this will qualify as an entry but I want it unique and I like the story behind it. After all a polvoron is also something people eat so it is categorized as food hehe.

As I quote them this is created through love and dedication as the idea emerged during the pandemic.
The people behind this small business are Pharmacists and one of them is my daughter.

One big reason why I appreciated their efforts is that all of them are actually working and yes have an income of their own but still wanted to earn more. They don't want to just depend on their salary.

Another thing is that they have a big hearts,all of their profits during their last Sunday delivery was given as donation to a friend who was hospitalized due to heart problem.

Camera used: iPhone 6s plus
Location: Cagayan de Oro City

Congratulations for having a good daughter and thank you for joining the contest.
Good luck.