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Spotted Towhee 2.jpg

Spotted Towhee

Hello and Welcome!

I am an amateur photographer studying bird biology. This year I challenged myself to a bird photo every day for all of 2018. So far I have not missed a day!
I also enjoy supporting fellow steemians in their ventures and passions by sponsoring them for @steembasicincome shares.

My husband, @josephsavage, is the man behind @steembasicincome. I am extremely proud of his creative genius and of all the work he has done.

We are expecting a new addition to the Savage family this June!
We are very excited and trying to get everything we can done before the arrival to make things go more smoothly.

Without further ado, let's talk about what you are here for! :)

The Challenge

While trying to choose a name from the countless possibilities, we had a good time looking at the bird species names that are out there. There are some that are hilarious, some painful, and some that are actually quite beautiful.

The challenge to you is to choose UP TO FIVE bird names as potential names for our child.

Categories are:

Worst name for a human

Most hilarious name for a human

Best name for a human

2E5A4742 Leaf.jpg

The Prize:

The top two names in each category will be sponsored for 3 SBI shares each. Winners will be decided by me and will be reviewed for original content in their blog to qualify (simply meaning no plagiarism).

If profits exceeding a whole number, I will sponsor one additional participant for 1 SBI share.

Ex: profits = 3.24, three additional participants are sponsored for 1 share each.

In Review

Comment up to five (5) bird names that you think would be fun to name our child

The best two (2) names for each category below will be chosen.

Worst name for a human

Most hilarious name for a human

Best name for a human

Profits on this post will be returned to participants as extra SBI shares.

Upvote, Resteem, and Get creative!

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LocationPort Orchard, Washington
CameraCanon EOS 7D Mark II
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Nice one

Please do not leave repetitive generic comments on people's posts. As it happens, this post was a contest that would be very easy to enter just by listing some native birds from your area. If you had actually read the post, you would know that.

The best name for a child girl or boy would be.......
Krestrel, A very majestic and beautiful hawk. Also know as the American Krestrel where I live but they are in many parts of the world.


Painted Bunting, One of my favourite birds I love it when I encounter one of these beauties.

Source By Dan Pancamo

Cardinal, another spectacular beauty. I have many of these that live in my neck of the woods.

Source By SearchNet Media from Tucson, Arizona, USA

Bluejay, another beautiful bird I see daily.
Source By Mdf

Last but not least
Dove, I have a pair of these that live near my front door. I hear them singing often. Did you know doves tend to have the same mate their entire lives. How can it be so popular for hunters to kill this beautiful wonderful bird?

Source By -

Hunting birds that mate for life makes me very sad.

Worst name for a human: HO-OH Savage (Ho-Oh's feathers glow in seven colors depending on the angle at which they are struck by light. These feathers are said to bring happiness to the bearers. This Pokémon is said to live at the foot of a rainbow.)

Most hilarious name for a human: KFC Savage (Finger lickin good)

Best name for a human: Occamy Savage (The Occamy is a plumed, two-legged serpentine-bodied creature with wings that can reach up to fifteen feet in height. It's extremely protective over its eggs as they are made of the finest silver.)

Tweety Savage (This bird is recognized by its large head and bright yellow plumes. These birds are rather intelligent and is known for outsmarting bad ol' pussy cats)


Firstly, congratulations on your pending arrival. Your life will never be the same again.....

Okay, I was going to limit my suggestions to Australian native birds only, but then I figured that I couldn't go past adding Dodo to the list of worst names.

Worst -

Willie Wagtail


We just looked up Rosella. They're very pretty! I think we need to travel more to see those in their natural environment, though.

They are indeed. They only came to mind as we took our 2yo daughter to a Wildlife Sanctuary yesterday where there were a few flying around the trees.

let's see....

worst names:
great tit (parus major)

yellow-bellied sapsucker

best names:
robin (works for either sex - and everyone can pronounce it...)

Oh, in any case, I think that what your husband has done is just totally awesome! I've already received my first share and just yesterday I sponsored my first share as well! So exciting!

I think these are the most worst names:


Worst name for a human : I think it would be Leiothrix

Most hilarious name for a human: Dickcissel (Psaltriparus minimus) and Bushtit (Spiza americana) haha

Best name for a human: Alouette (Skylark in French) for a Girl, and Bran for a boy!

Nice idea for a constest. I love it.

you accidentally switched the scientific names for the dickcissel and bushtit, but we figured it out. no harm, no foul. (no fowl either, these are much more interesting birds)

Thanks for point that out, my mistake! Yes they are very interesting birds. All the best for both and the baby!

Greetings, congratulations for the baby :)
Here's my entry:
Woodcock (hehe)

Wow! Congrats to both of you @katysavage and @josephsavage. Well birds is a great idea to name a baby. This is my entry :
Maya (Philippines small bird)
Byrd (Just bird but cooler)

I hope i had helped you on your quest on finding a name on your baby :)

Fun challenge Katy! Ok, I'm going to stick with Lake Tahoe area birds:

Worst bird/human name - Dark-Eyed Junco (yeah, don't do that to your kid...)

Most hilarious - Cheeseburger Bird (it's the mountain chickadees nickname but that would be funny)

Best - Steller Jay (Steller Savage??? That sounds cool!)

Good luck to you and Joseph with the naming process! We went with Kane for our son @enak.

Worst name? Woodpecker Savage
Funniest? Goose Savage, Pteradactyl Savage (close enough to a bird, imo)
Best? Starling Savage (girl), Hawk Savage (boy)

I love this idea! This is gonna be hilarious!

  • Booby (Blue Footed)
  • Lark
  • Warbler
  • Wigeon
  • Falcon

Congratulations to you both! Having a baby is so exciting. I like how creative and fun this contest is because you included your pregnancy. This should go into the baby book 😊

To the names -

  1. Black Billed Magpie
  2. Tawny Frogmouth
  3. Jay
  4. Cockatoo
  5. Kea

All the Australian birds people are submitting is moving Australia up in the rankings on our travel wishlist.

Fun post! Congratulations on your upcoming baby.

I'm choosing birds from North Carolina, where I live.

Best name for a human: Carolina Wren Savage (girl) or Finch Savage (boy)

Most hilarious name: Duck Savage or Buzzard Hawk Savage.

Worst name for a human: Yellow-bellied sapsucker Savage

Funny Game :) I love this, this is my entry.

Worst name: Bananaquit and Masked Booby. HAHAHA
Hilarious name: Brown Booby and Pyrrhuloxia
Best Name: Jack Snipe

We may have seen pyrrhuloxia, but before we started birding so we couldn't say for sure.

The worst name name for a human - Pelican
I apologize to all the Pelicans of the world ...
Most hilarious name for a human - Waxwing
All my life there is rowan, and not hamburgers ..... funny, it's not for the boy))
Best name for a human - Condor
Even in old age, he is a strong bird

Yes, why I did not name the names of the girls ...... it's better to call them not the names of the birds, but the names of the fish))
Worst name for a human: Tetroganopterus! Pitsilobrikon!
Most hilarious name for a human: Neon! Labio!
Best name for a human Guppies! Gurami!
You really wanted that it would be fun?)) And how to have fun and not break the rules of the game?))

Of course, I have to participate - and in keeping with some of the others, I am going to give you German Bird names - and I don't think you want to use any of them lol

Ziegenmelker - goat milker

Wachtelkönig - King of the Wachtel - crex crex

Rotschenkel - Red Thighs - Tringa totanus-Common Redshank

Kiebitz - just sounds good :) Vanellus vanellus-Northern Lapwing

Lachmöwe - laughing Seegull - Larus ridibundus-Black-headed Gull

Hi @katysavage, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Paddling Nature Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Thank you @paddlingnature! I appreciate it and happy Earth day!

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Jay, Robin, herrin, song (song bird), my wife’s name is Skye. I call her Skye bird. So for my last one I say Skye.

Your passion for birds is so sweet and endearing. It really sums up your whole personality. Just sweet is what I think of when I think of you.

I really am looking at my environment differently after hearing you speak. I am now looking for birds where ever I go. When we bought our house in Washington State, I had decided I wanted to draw a photo of the house I wanted BEFORE we saw it. I drew a wood pecker in a tree near the bottom of the property. When we went to see the house for the first time, as we were pulling onto the property ....... there was a wood pecker! It was so cute! I couldn't believe it! We knew that was the place!!

So I'm going to go with worst name for a human. Wood Pecker. :). (Unless you called him Woodie for short, then, that would be cute).

Congratulations on your baby and for 109 days of bird photos!

The Stork will soon deliver a baby Bunting for Mr. & Mrs. Savage.
A name was in question, so they asked for a suggestion.
What is in a name? asked Poe the Crow. You are stuck with it for life, you know.

The worst name would be Loon. He or she would be teased as being a Dodo Bird in a cartoon, which was made in June.
The most hilarious name would be Booby for a girl and Limpkin Peewee for a boy. Need I say more? You opened that door.
The best name would be Martin Byrd Savage for a boy and Phoebe Myna Savage for a girl.
And don't forget his or her Steemit user name Heron, which symbolizes heightened creativity, said Blue with the clue.

Dream baby dream of birds chearping, to bring you joy and love from above.
Dream baby dream of birds' nests, and you will be independent and secure, for sure.
May you sing like a Canary and you'll be full of joy, little girl or boy.
May you be the Bluebird of happiness, nothing less.
May your Cardinal beauty shine from the inside, little cutie.
May you be balanced and full of grace, like a Flamingo wrapped in lace.
May you have the charm of a FInch, the brilliance of a Catbird, and the wisdom of an Owl.
May you go through life like a Swan with personal grace every night, and every dawn.
May you go through life like a Dove with hope and peace, never to cease.
May you hover like a Hummingbird, savoring each moment, as the written word.
May your good fortune come from a Magpie, so your tears will dry.
May each feather protect you, in good and bad weather. May your wings be as strong, as a long prong. And, may you fly forever free; these are my hopes for you, as you can see.
And every night, Mrs. Nightingale will croon for you and the moon, a soft lullaby, as it lights the night sky.

Thank you for having this fun contest! : )

Hi there! I decided to put my entries into a post! You can check it out here
Congratulations of your pregnancy and looking forwards to lots of baby and bird photographs from you soon!
BTW I really like the @steembasicincome initiative! All the best!

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I don’t know if it’s too late but Hyacinth (Macaw) would be really neat :)

I had to look this up. We get towhees here, but they're not near as festive looking as the bird in your photo. Turns out we have the California towhee, which, apparently dresses much more conservatively than the flamboyant spotted towhee. Very pretty photo.
My first recommended baby name is: Phoebe.

Worst name for a human: Lazy Cisticola or Satanic Nightjar
Most hilarious name for a human: Woodcock 😆
Best name for a human: Jaeger (boy) Sparrow (girl)

Worst name:
Most hilarious:
Best name:
Hoot Savage

I like Falcon for a boy, and Wren for a girl... and Savage is a great last name with either.

Super Fun and Cute Challenge, wish I saw it earlier,
But I love to play anyway 😁
OK 1st bad name.. do not call your beautiful child a "LOON" not a good connotation in OZ 😉

The post has not paid out yet so your entry will count :)

Hey, just wanted to let you know I gave you an upvote because I appreciate your content! =D See you around

Be advised @katysavage

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