Finalists for our Design Contest! Help us decide the winner! [Vote]

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Below are the top 7 entries (in no particular order) we had last week and we are asking for everyone to vote for their favorite now! Simply reply with the number and/or username you want to win! Finalists below (We will pay out the prize to the winner based on your votes, we just can't decide which should win!):

1 - @thelifestyler

2 - @artlover

3 - @orcheva

4 - @lirfael

5 - @mendezand

6 - @byronviljoen

7 - @yusaymon

Thanks to everyone who entered they all were great and just like any contest it is sometimes really hard to decide a winner! We will hold more opportunities to earn like this so stick around and be sure to comment below which you would like to see!

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I need to put my entry here!!
The Number 7 it´s incomplete maybe

#6 - 😎

#6 is the best logo 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

I like #6, I agree with @kindgirls reasoning.
It is the most practical one.

#6 - its the most practical one, you need to think of how the logo will be used on a website and within steemit itself, the other logos are good but cant easily be used on a web page and within steemit, that's just my 2 cents.

I like 6

For a logo/mascot design, I like № 5 and № 6 equally.
5 is more "mascot-y" and № 6 is more "logo-y."
6 would make a good "avatar"/"profile image" for posting.
And I agree with @kindgirls comment, so № 6 gets my vote!
All are good designs, though!


Hard decision ... i choose #6

Exactly now you see why we couldn't just pick one.. It was hard enough choosing just 7 finalists!

#6 these perfect

Many Thanks to those who voted for me. Really appreciate it :D. I am confused between #3, #4 and #5. I vote for @mendezand - #5.

So they're all awesome pictures, and I cannot draw for toffee but I'm not sure we want a menacing logo, after all, we're supposed to be supporting one another not vapourising all before us?

I'd like to see something along the lines of a guardian angel although I'm not keen on any religious imagery either hopefully you get my drift?

I get conflicted, part of me wants something sweet and innocent but part of me wants people to realize ShadowBot is bad ass! We have also discussed something pretty neat we will announce after this post expires I think we will all like!

A shadowbot superhero character would be good? Must have a cape though. :-D

"something pretty neat we will announce(d)"

    Own personal whale?
    $1bn SBD?
    42bn SP?
    4m Followers all saying "Your post changed my life, please follow and upvote me."?
    Free introduction to @cheetah and all the benefits of its attention?

Oh I know.

    Shadowbots very own member ranking system. \o/
#hugs ;-)

I wish $1bln SBD and 42bln SP! lol and all the blatant spam posts should be ignored. We do have our own ranking "Shadow Rank" though!

It's not very good. I'm not in the top 10 ;-)

I will choose number 6.

Everyone did a stellar job!

After looking, and relooking...

I am going to say #1

Out of all of the entries it is the most eye catching. The blue eyes really capture your attention and cause you to want to look more, immediately. For attention capitol and design- looks like a lot of time went into the design, definitely # 1 :)

Pretty much everyone here plagiarized. None of the images are or fully original. However these 7 were chosen because they are best edits. Are you trying to prove a point? Are you saying that shadowbot doesn't know what they want? They do! They want a good image. Majority of pics on your posts are plagiarized Mr. Anti-plagiarism

What is original work?

"William Shakespeare's world renowned Romeo and Juliet (written sometime between 1591 and 1595) stands in the historical record as one of the greatest love stories ever written. It is most interesting to discover then, that Romeo and Juliet was not, in fact, truly of his own creation, but rather a variation on a story told many times from the fourteen hundreds onwards."

Okay well I guess everything is a modded redezign such as steemit from reddit, Shakespeare, etc.

Clearly No. 1. It seems more of a relevant to the concept of 'Shadow Bot'.

It is OWNED by me. Now go eat some bamboo and stop spamming. Spammers aren't appreciated here and neither is your opinion

They are all very good, I do like the changing robot head to SB of #2 but I would want that with one of the other like #5 or #6 but they would have to change it a little more maybe colors to part from the original "inspiration". It wouldn't be that hard to do. I do like the superhero type of #3 So maybe #2 and #3 mixed. If i had to pick only one it would be #3

Lots of good entries. I think 1 is pretty cool.

Without doubt the design of (1) @thelifestyler is the winner for me!

wow its amazing ! loved it !

Hello, I found this pack on the web. I think it is not wrong to use resources and add personal touches, but this and these designs are already made.

I do not seek to disparage anyone, it's just a remark.

Are you saying they did not make the design and should be disqualified?

It's an observation, the rules do not depend on me. It seems unfair to me that a user receives rewards for something that was already done.

Whats the actual issue here?, there were no rules specified at the beginning of the contest. Its a free vector based graphic that i made a logo out of. It suited shadow bot perfectly, why reinvent the wheel. " I think it is not wrong to use resources" yeah right buddy....

I'm not hiding anything. I also used web resources, but I added personal touches. If they are there to use and customize, not just copy and paste. In short, I do not seek to create conflict, I am not a judge, I am not the creator of the contest, as I said from the beginning it is an observation.

Dude you essentially did the exact same thing as i did, except my vector is labelled for re-use. Did you purchase yours?

Anyways, im not going to argue. Lets just leave it at that.

#1 is the best than the rest

#1 thelifestyler is the best!!!

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wow i like number 2 it is really awesome post
keep it up.

I Like Very Much....

First One # 1

He Only Must Winner, Since He Is Good Imagener....


Gotta go with 3 just love how it reminds me of the old school sonic robotnik style robots he sent out to take over the world! Really perfect and spot on great details and the SB logo on his "chetst" over all think this is a home run!

This doesn't say what the contest is for, but looks like it's for a logo for a bot on Steemit? I like #4. It's the most human and creative-- reminds me of film noir and features the Steemit logo.

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Number 3 is the best of the out the entries!

very hard decision i chose 5,but my shadowbot rank is 5 and it just gives me 2% upvotes what went wrong

please refer to our voting policy updates over the past few months to understand what is going on.

What is the Shadow Divider?
The Shadow Divider is currently 2. Shadow Divider is the amount your Shadow Rank is divided by for Up Vote Strength (rounded down). Example: If your Shadow Rank is 10 and the Shadow Divider is 4, your posts will receive 2% strength up votes {floor(10/4)=2}.

It is the best !

#2 is great!
Maybe #1 with a different font or without the writing

form me number 4 look awesome. and its really shadow bot :D

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