Sunset Photography Contest. Reward 5 Steem. Every Successful Participant will be win minimum 0.100 steem

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Hello Friends!
I hope you guyz are very well.

Today I want to start a Sunset Photography Contest. Personally i like travelling and photography. Still I'm on bike travelling in my country. Last 14days i will visited lots of beautiful natural place. Already i will share some of travelling photographs in my last post and I want to share some of my moments with you guyz after my next post.

Anyway now time for Entertainment!!

If you like to participate, place your personal image from your travels in the comment section below with a short 20 to 30 word description. Only use of own photo with sunset will be accepted and only one picture can be submitted for these sunset photography contest. One winning picture will receive 1 Steem from me & All runners-up will get a minimum 0.100 steem from me.

I show you a sample of what the image should be like.


Contest close time at end of the 15th December.

Every successful participants will be win minimum 0.100 steem

How would you be a successful contestant?

Take a few simple steps to participate in the contest.

→Leave a comment with your own sunset photo. (20 to 30 word description)
→Resteem these post.
→Upvote these post.
→Follow me.

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Hello @udvas. During my 21 years living in Hawai'i, there was never a shortage of great motives to capture. While I have been a photo journalist for many years, I found peace in landscapes. They are just there. Provided one is at the scene at the right time, a great photograph is possible - no matter what camera body was used.

The first image was taken in Kailua-Kona on Hawai'i island. The sunsets there are spectacular - especially with vog from the volcano on the East side. This one is dedicated to the main forces in Hawai'i: The Sun and the Ocean.


Kona Sunset October 2008

The second image was taken in Kalapana, in the Southeast of Hawai'i island. It is located at the Ocean across from Kilauea volcano and its main cinder cone Pu'u O'o. All significant lava flows - up to the one that made me leave the island early this year - originated at this now silent crater. Kalapana was destroyed in the aftermath of the birth of this crater. The Lava started to flow down to the Ocean in 1984 - covering everything in its path. I personally witnessed the last structure to be destroyed. The picture shows the smoke plume from the point where Lava enters the Ocean. The air is full of vog and glass particles from the Lava meeting the Ocean.


Kalapana Sunset with Plume December 2009

Although there are amazing sunsets here in Uruguay as well, I was not able to 'be at the right time at the right location'. When I am under duress, inspiration is hard to come by and I also have no transportation to go where the sun sets here, which is in Punta del Este. But I do expect to be at the Ocean some time soon. Thank You for Your contest. You inspired me to do the same. :-)

I'm very glad that a photo journalist will join my contest. Old photographs but still shining photographs. Thank you very much for your great entry. I appreciate your contribution.

Sunset on Margarita Island, Venezuela


Here I put some photos of the sunsets in margarita (Venezuela) I think they are the most beautiful and interesting sunsets I've seen ... all you can see these sunsets I invite you to visit the island of margarita.

Thanks for your invitation. I wish i will visit that wonderful place of Venezuela. Thank you very much for your great entry.


I took this picture from Tropea's beach. This is the volcano Stromboli, one of the most active in the world. It gives its name to the island in which it is located, and it belongs to Sicily. As you can see, sometimes it's like it's eating the sun! Simply amazing!

Really simply amazing! Great entry. Looks very beautiful. Thank you very much for your lovely entry.

I like to see sunset in the Galapagos Islands here in Ecuador. Capture the essence of that moment, unique and unrepeatable. Because happiness is in the small moments. Enjoying that natural landscape is quite wonderful.


Natural landscape with beautiful sunset. Thanks for your great entry.

I don't have how to take pictures, good luck to all the participants

I don't have how to
Take pictures, good luck to all
The participants

                 - pequef

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Take your phone and click the evening sun!

I took this picture on 06.28.2018 in the city of Rivne, Ukraine. There are amazing sunsets. In the evenings I climbed the roof of our house and hunted at sunset. Every evening the sunset was unique.
Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera
Author @barski

Wonderful sunset. You are so lucky that every evening you can see beautiful sunset from your house. Thanks for your great entry.

Beautiful shot. Love the clouds in this image.

i scroll my steemit News feed... this the time i seen this news...!! actually... i fell excited cause... i also interest this contest...!! but right now i fell very guilty cause...this time i have no more beautiful sunset photo...that's why fell nervous.. but i interest... so.. i thinking deeply... what can i do...!! so, i get up ready to go out side for captured sunset photos...!! this time 4.45 pm... i go running... where sun...!! finally i got it... then captured...!! actually this photography by me...!! this place situated in, Gobindaganj, Gaibandha, Rangpur, Bangladesh...!! i also proud to born this country...!! IMG_20181213_162046_254.JPGthank you... so much @udvas brother for arrange this contest..!!

@shuvo35 i don't think so its a bad sunset photograph. Its a very beautiful sunset with a lovely village. Its our lovely country. Anyway Gaibandha is your home district?

yes brother @udvas

Amra february te Rangpur division visit korbo. Ekhono oi dik ta jawa hoy ni amar.

sure you are most welcome our Division @udvas brother


Taken on Juny 2018 in Gili Trawangan Indonesia. Had a great sunset view with loved one. Sunset is definitely our favorite thing.

Please only share your own photographs.

Hey, @udvas, maybe a bit late for me to join your contest? I'm not sure.
I invite you to join my travel photo contest:

Thank you and have a great day!


Thank you very much for your invitation.

This is not a fire, it is yesterday's sunset)
I took this picture in the in the East Ukraine.
There are beautiful sunsets here.
And every our sunset is always unique and amazing!


Really its a unique and amazing sunset photograph. Thank you very much for your great entry.

Thank you!

_DSC1127_2_16_9.jpg click for fullscreen

I am a sailor and i took this one on Terschelling - one of the Dutch Islands. As per usual i was alone and so i had 10 seconds to run to this spot and hope of the best. I think i took 3 photos and one of them is this one :)

hope you like it!

Yaap i like it man! Excellent click. Thank you very much for your great entry.

you are welcome :)

“Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it.

This shot was captured few months ago In Hampi (India) during eve time.... This looks as though that hungry insect is trying to catch the sun to eat. And sun is trying to escape from it..

What a great entry with lovely description. Excellent captured buddy. Thank you very much for your great entry.

Good aternoon Sir @udvas

Here is my entry;

Red Sea Sunset

I was there to have our picnic with my employer's family.As usual, I Iove photography, so I captured the beautiful sunset. I never thought this wil be the outcome of that picture.I was done quickly and checked it when we were already at home.
Just using my mobile phone camera Huawei Y5
Location : Red Sea,Jizan,K.S.A

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Great entry. Red sea sunset made that evening beautiful. I think you enjoy that picnic with beautiful sunset. Thanks for your entry.

You are welcome

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Hello @udvas this is a sunset in the city of Lechería in Venezuela, the view is from the Fortín de la Magdalena, in the Cerro del Morro

Beautiful sunset with the tree. Thank you very much for your great entry.

Greetings, @udvas, I take this picture from my hotel room, on a trip I made to the city of Maturín, Monagas state in Venezuela

Great entry. Thank you very much for joining my contest.

I took this picture at my work place in 2th floor on the veranda.I totally amazed of its uniqueness,the color itself made me captivated.
Photo taken with a iphoneX.Im glad to had this contest.Thank you @udvas

You are most welcome in my sunset contest. You are so lucky man because of your work place give you unique sunset.

Sunset in my city Lecheria State Anzoategui, Venezuela, my daughter asked me to take that picture.
What is impressive is the whale reflected in the cloud, it will be an announcement that I will one day be a whale, HAHAHA

Hahaha! Beautiful moment with your daughter. Thank you very much for your beautiful entry.

Surreal sunset

Totally amazing and a lot surreal winter sunset shot last January at the beach of Curonian Spit, Lithuania. The Baltic Sea really could be very very calm some days per year, but not too much often.
Very humid air and pretty low clouds caused the bump of saturated colors at the moment the sun was dawning, coloring not only the sky, but reflecting the colors on the water and the sand
Wide angle lens and low shooting point used to get much of the scenery. A bit longer exposure catching the wave movement as well as moving with the wave colorful piece of rope.

Enjoy it!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Really enjoy it. What a great captured! Beautiful view. Thank you very much for your beautiful entry. I appreciate your entry.

Nice to see some new contests even at this low market!

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Sunset sky on airplane,View from the airplane window flying above the clouds with sunset light, over Copenhagen, Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe in Friday evening flight for relax in holiday. Sunset with a height of 10,000 km.

Happy holidays

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Beautiful view. Thank you very much for joining my contest.

Sunset of my land.
A draw from "La Estancia" located in Punto Fijo, Falcon State- VENEZUELA. Here the sunset is combined, the colors plus oil tankers with their lights on.

Beautiful place. Your land Venezuela is a beautiful country. I wish i will visit here one day! Thank you very much for your entry.

Yes!!! Do it!! :-)

Hello @udvas, I think it's late to participate, I get involved by chance, I love the sunsets, I'll be waiting for another contest, I'll follow you

Thank you very much. Hopefully my next contest start will be tomorrow.

Thank you so much.@udvas.
Hope to.see more contest from you.

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Sure. Hopefully my next contest start will be tomorrow.

Can't wait on.what the next theme
Thank you so.much

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This is my photo. I took this 2 years ago, on the shore of Lago Maggiore in Ticino. It was a really warm evening and this beautiful sunset was really bringing me positive vibes and ispiration. I also made an edited version of this picture

I don't know why but this picture, wherever on steemit appears like this, even if the direction of the picture on my folder is right. I really don't know why this happens... And I also can't post the edited version.. what a shame, I wanted to show you...

Cool buddy. I know about that rotate problem. Its okay. Beautiful captured. Thanks for joining my contest.

I took this picture from the river bank a few days ago. I went around with my friends a few days ago and picked up this picture from there. I took this picture from Bangladesh

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Sorry that contest is already completed. Hopefully my next contest start will be tomorrow. I wish you will join my next contest.

Hello there @udvas
Thanks for this initiative.....
I travelled to another city in my country for my Industrial attachment while i was in schoool. I had so much fun there, and trust me the sunsets there were awesome. I lived last floor so i was lucky to always have a great view from the balcony. I never missed watching the setting of the was a site to behold. The way the golden reflection fell on the rooftops was mindblowing..

other times i had to make compositions to get some magical clicks, something differentt from the conventional way of taking sunset captures.

i hope you enjoyed the view.
happy new week!!

Beautiful view. Thank you very much for your beautiful entry.

New York City. Manhattan downtown skyline with illuminated Empire State Building and skyscrapers at sunset. Horizontal composition. Warm evening colors. Sunbeams and lens flare.

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Beautiful sunset. Thank you very much for your entry.

Thank you so much @udvas for this contest

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You are always welcome.

Mind blowing

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I will check out your entry also

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I will check out your entry also

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Sunset in Bangkok Thailand with silhouette of the Golden Mount Buddhist landmark, Cityscape with Wat Phu Khao Thong. Bangkok city (Thailand) with beautiful sky. Bangkok at night time.

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Yours also amazing

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Thank you

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Beautiful view. Thank you very much for your beautiful entry.

Yes I will be having my entry.
Thank you for your initiative Sir.

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You are always welcome dear. Waiting for your entry!

Thank you Sir.

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after visiting the pisa tower ,i drove to the Marina di Pisa for dinner and that was the view from rhe boardwalk at sunset.


Beautiful sunset. Can you make it minimum 20 words description about these photo?

sure sorry about that

Here is my entry...

Camera: Samsung Tab
Location: Subic Town, Zambales, Philippines

This shot I took during one of our Soil boring test at the Proposed relocation of Subic Town Market. Very timely I passed by the bridge I was so amazed when the sunset. I stopped and took the moment of this beautiful site. Memories for now...

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Subic town looks a beautiful place with lots of hill. Thank you very much for your entry.

Thank you much much for sending me Steem...

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You are always welcome.

An old pic not too old though hope you like it
This picture is taken on my mobile with manual contrast and low brightness the date of the pic can be seen in the pic.

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Beautiful sunset. Thank you very much for your beautiful entry.

glad you liked it

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btw resteemed upvoted and followed

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Thank you very much

Beautiful sunset.
Thank you very much for your
Beautiful entry.

                 - udvas

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I made this photo at home. It was impossible not to enjoy such a beauty.
Now we have a real winter started.

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Is there now snowing? Can you make it minimum 20 words description about these photo? Its a rules of contest.


I made this picture 3 years ago with my smartphone in Bremerhaven Germany. On the right side you can see the hotel wich is like one in Dubai, only smaller.
Left side its the river called Weser which flows into the Nordsee (Northsea).

Beautiful view. Thank you very much for your beautiful entry.

Hi @udvas I think it's great a contest, a trip to Grenada with some friends, a few moments on the beautiful Grand Anse beach, one day we stayed to watch the sunset!

10853852_10204182218648428_617023110_o (1).jpg
Photo taken by me with my Samsung S4 Mini.

Beautiful beaches with lovely sunset. Thanks for your entry.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got a 76.76% @arunava upgoat, thanks to @udvas
BuildTeam wishes everyone a great Christmas and bullish Holidays
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Lovely Christmas gift from @minnowbooster


it looks like a mountain of Kawi when the sun sets, and the mountain looks likes a sleeping princess, the photo was taken from my house in the area Bululawang Malang Indonesia

Thank you very much for joining my contest.

From early hours of the day doing maintenance to the facilities and delighting me with this beautiful view in San Joaquin - Valencia, an unparalleled environment.


Thank you very much for your entry.


Photo taken inside the car. I was on my way to Ras al Khaimah, UAE for a camp. I just couldn't ignore the beauty of nature especially sunset like this so I didn't hesitate to take a photo of it. Luckily, a smoke trail was there too and it just completed the view.

This is a nice contest for both sunset and photography lovers. Thank you @udvas

You are always welcome in my contest. Excellent taken from inside the car. Loved it. Thanks for your entry.

Im glad you appreciate it. Thanks!

You are always welcome dear.


Sunset in Recife, Brasil.
I like to see sunset. I try not to miss it any day. It's a date with myself and with him now. I like to wait just that moment when the sun gives us its warm goodbye, exhausted but satisfied, and gives way to the moon, energetic, with renewed energy and ready to illuminate our nights. And in that step of witness, the sky gives us a fair of colors, yellows, reds, oranges, grays ... and the clouds lose their shyness and they show themselves to be ardent and confident.

Great entry! Beautiful place of Brasil. Sky gives us fair of colors with beautiful view. Thanks for your entry.

Hello my friend, I found the attitude very cool!
I have something to share. I live in the south of Brazil and we have very beautiful beaches here.


The place where this photo was taken is called ”Praia da Lagoinha do leste” which translates to East Pond Beach.
It's a beautiful place. The waters are very clean and crystal clear. People do not usually throw trash because the residents take good care of it.
After this beach begins a trail to another beach, as beautiful as.
The following pictures are on the trail, always with very beautiful landscapes of exuberant nature.




On the trail you go through streams and small waterfalls.


This place is in the city of Florianópolis, state of Santa Catarina.
I highly recommend it.

Wonderful place South of Brazil. beautiful beaches, really i like it man. I wish i will visit that beautiful beaches. Thank you very much for sharing these tremendous place.

Thank you my friend. Come to Brazil, you will be well received.

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Nice to hear that! Thanks to you also buddy.

This is my sunset photography...@udvas bro

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Nicely taken. Please make it minimum 20 words description about these photo. Its a rules of these contest.


Cruising through the flat Alberta Midwest at sunset you can see just how stunning the mountains are and always will be. The majesty of nature is hard to beat.

Please make it minimum 20 words description about these photo for successful entry.

Hi all, I took this one last month, when I have been in Cyprus, Limassol on a short holiday. You'll find few more shots about the same sunset only different location, just check my feed.
Cheers @udvas

Shot on 5d mrk iii, 1/200 sec, f/2, 50 mm
Ciprieni 3 (19 of 24).jpg

I think you will enjoying your holiday with beautiful sunset. Thank you very much for your beautiful entry.

This pic was taken in Korovesi village, near Savusavu in Fiji. I was waiting for a sunset, but then there was a storm and just before the sun set, there was a hole in the clouds and I was able to shoot these amazing colours.

Pic (1 of 1)-11.jpg

I like that cloudy sunset. Really amazing!

This was actually sunrise at the pier of Surat Thani in Bangkok early morning while we were waiting for our ferry boat to arrive to take us across the Gulf of Thailand to a beautiful island called Koh Samui it's about a 2 hour trip across the beautiful ocean from mainland to the island.

I hope i am not to late entering i just saw your contest through @axeman blog.

iPhone 6 Samui 6th Nov 2018 -105.JPG

You are late but i accept your entry. Thank you very much for your beautiful entry.

Thank you so much for the payout @udvas much appreciated do you run this theme every week or do you change the theme every week ??

Every week have a contest but different thing!

Cool thank you looking forward to your next theme !!

My contribution isn't exactly by the standard you requested, so I don't expect any rewards, but some people still might like it :)

I made this pic on Taveuni island in Fiji; I wanted to get the sun in but just wasn't at the right side of the island to achieve that.

Pic (1 of 1)-11.jpg

Ow man thanks for your contribution. Good luck.

beach near my house,
Walk for 10 minutes,
Evening time,
There will always be some people walking on the beach or picking up shells.

My post

You are so lucky that these beautiful beach near your house. Thank you very much for your entry.

The shell I recently picked up - on the beach near home

I visited my friends new house that he has just purchased in Krabi , Phuket Thailand and he did tell me that i would see the most stunning sunsets on this part of the island and he wasn't wrong this is the view he has directly in front of him from his back yard with his own island in front of him what a way to be ending your day what a priceless view , just breathtaking :)

Hi @udvas hope i am not to late i just run across your contest one thing i love photographing is sunsets very happy to see this contest....Cheers :)


Wonderful view. Thank you very much for your beautiful entry.

Thank you @udvas and thanks for the payout looking forward to your next theme. Cheers :)

You are most welcome dear.

Thanks have a great weekend and be looking forward to your next theme :)

Hi guyz
Nice to meet you
Previous I want to say For now The photo isn't there.
However I really like With the name sunset, Why?.
Because when I see The sun will set, How beautiful This universe,

Good think!

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