Unbelievable how some people fail to comply with the imposed Covid-19 measures.

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So for those who it still isn't clear enough, here I have for you some Do's and Don'ts on this matter.

Often, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
For that reason (in random order) you'll find a couple of clear pictorial examples here below.


Ok ok, she uses a caddy ... but NO MASK!!!

Next a fine example of two young "squirts" and how they prevent to A. get infected, and B. spread the virus any further
Wise words from the blonde who is the owner of the appartment where this picture was taken: 'We have simply quit shaking hands when she comes at my place.'

As much as possible ...

Work at home!

Avoid public transport!

And IF it is your only way of transport , try to find a place where there's enough fresh air and/or ventilation.
And ... wear a mask!

And last, but not least ...
Hydrate enough and always make sure
that people stay at appropriate distance.

I hope with these examples, for once and for all, to have taken away all doubts and uncertainties you had.

Thanks for reading and


sources: pinterest.com & pixabay.com



Can't take my eyes of that first picture, the lack of masks of course

I completely understand your indignation man.
Really a shame how some people have no princnipples at all (don't know if i spelled that word correctly)

I think you sorely that word EXACTLY right ;0)

Thank you for the wise words.

Where do i start on the images!? Do you draw the red arrow on the slightly overcrowded packed train? Looks like a cat?


So wrong, and I'm glad I've never seen one of these in person!

Think that guy bought a ticket 1st class; airconditioning, nice view and one of the first who arrives at destination.

Besides on pics, I'm glad to say I haven't had the "pleasure" either.

Haha, first class, pussy included :)

Lol, you never cease to make me laugh 😂😂😂..so I guess the guy under the bus is abiding by the rule of "avoid public transport" lol, a very good and hilarious choice. 😂

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Not sure I missed the cover image on this one. 🤔


That’s the universal hand signal for “Two Metres!” Spread the cover image word.

You mean that 1st pic isn't visible?

Anyway, thanks for the useful addition, not known (yet) in Europe.

Figured “nice mask’ss” was too obvious. If a little face covering is all it takes for those cover images then we need more coodies!

Thanks for the laughs @smasssh.

Lmao... What in the actual f*ck?😂😂

Yeah I understand. It can be confusing these days. 😂

Nice tips ...Here's one... your girlfriends undies...



Too small to protect me ...

Gotta get a bigger girlfriend ...


looks to sexy. i wish i could spend a night with her....!!!!!!!!!!!

Here the same, but I think we have to stand in line ...

May be, but it is too hard to control myself to see brest like that.......

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