Massive Anti COVID Policy March in London. Gov Instigates Violence for Propaganda Purposes?

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Estimated crowds of between 150,000 and 400,000 people surged into London yesterday to protest the government's 'health mandates' and lockdowns in response to COVID19. Mass media was awash with images of police with minor injuries, spinning the situation as a meeting of 'a few thousand' people who turned violent.. Let's look closer.

I have never been to any protest before, not that I don't agree with the intentions of many protests, but I understand that protesting is just begging for change - instead of directly creating it. The only way that protests are likely to create change with a high degree of certainty is if they replace the power pyramids somehow to free up the flow of energy in society.

For this reason, artificial power pyramid operators, such as those who sit in government, love to do whatever they can to discredit large, powerful groups. They know that to keep their own seat of power, they need to somehow stir up opposition to the group and a common strategy is the use of agent provocateurs to stir up violence or commit crimes which can then be blamed on the group. Sometimes they just send police in to crack skulls first, hoping that no-one will realise the strategy.

Note: this is not unlike the 'false flag' strategy used by militaries for 1000s of years. 53 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks from History are documented here.

The UK Gov mouthpieces were quick to blame protestors for violence that they claim the police were innocent victims of. The response has been to double the punishment for anyone assaulting an emergency worker:

While I never advocate for violence and fully know that only peaceful solutions will create the world we need, at the same time I know we cannot have peace without ending denial. Every voice needs to be heard, felt and understood.

'Assaulting an emergency worker' sounds like something only a mentally disturbed person would do - after all, aren't emergency workers all good people looking out for us? Well, not exactly.. Setting aside the fact that evil people are in all walks of life (as a percentage of population), which includes the police and sometimes we might need to defend ourselves against them - there's a more obvious problem here...

Police are not just 'emergency workers', they are the violent control arm of the currently ruling government. While many police might only ever deal with daily criminal issues in small towns, some police are specifically tasked with carrying out the commands from top levels within the police that are often orchestrated for political reasons and not 'for the good of the people'.

The following video appears to show (halfway through) the police on that day surging violently into a crowd of peaceful people playing music - exactly as witnesses said. None were violent and found themselves attacked without cause. We can also note that of the 100,000s of people in the rest of the video and other videos - there is no violence visible anywhere.

So what do you think? Who is the victim here?

From the evidence, I'd say the crowd were victims, but clearly there are people in the population who think the crowd are right to have been attacked (Read the twitter comments under the twitter post above to see this).

One thing is for sure, as long as we enable a monopoly on violence, we will have these problems and the instigators will be largely invisible and unknown.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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To Right.
Sadly the pattern you spoke of has repeated itself all to often throughout history. Often it is the the politically motivated actions of formal authority that instigate violence, and that is going way beyond the bound of their mandate. However it is not at all uncommon for organized groups in the general populace to also employ such tactics for their own political aims. In the last year we saw numerous examples of this here in America.

It really is a sad state of affairs we have all allowed ourselves to get into when so much violence has become so common place. I am just grateful that platforms such as Hive have arisen to give at least some measure of control back to the people and can serve as a mechanism for large scale, rational communication and positive action.

Violence and deception are unfortunatley the primary modes of change for those who don't know who they are or how to manifest reality for themselves with harmony. I agree, yes, Hive is a great space to unite with others of sound mind! I am considering using it as a base for an evolutionary foundation in the v. near future - the main issue is how to balance individuals and group action in a way that optimises outcome. That's something that all participants need to co-create for themselves, but some kind of limits and definitions are needed too.

if I understand what you are proposing and the problem anticipated then I would suggest that the solution is a simple matter of teaching. I think the 'guidance' you are seeking there is just a common understanding of the underlying ethical principles. In particular the Kingdom of Ends of which I have spoken before.

This is a direct logical product of the Categorical Imperative as Kant pointed out and it reads thus - "Never treat another merely as a means to an end but always as an end unto themselves". In order to practice this in a 'daily basis' manner one must practice unconditional acceptance of others and the others must do likewise.

As I say this is not a matter of people accepting the principle, but rather one of understanding that this is a natural law which free will allows us to violate in favor of self-centered self-interest instead of a communally focused self-interest. It is a matter of choice and only education and understanding can allow one to make an informed choice.

In German media event was framed the same way:

anti mask/lockdown protestors attacked policemen. (not even showing footage)

framing=unmasked people might be a threat to the state (and 'our' safety)

thanks for sharing. sometimes this is done deliberately to poison the psychology of the people and sometimes it is just done in a lazy way without checking anything based on biases. :(

Oh, another person who doesn't believe protest is effective!
Not coincidentally, another person who has 0% experience and 100% incorrect assumptions.
Hopefully your first taste of it increases your understanding!

For shame.
have you ever considered asking questions in order to better understand another's perspective rather than attacking their character on your own assumptions? Seeking to understand another's perspective is seeking to expand one's own horizons. This is precisely the mind set that @ura-soul seeks to avoid because it so often leads peaceful protest into violence.

I do not entirely agree with his position but I do choose to respect it and engage in positive and useful dialogue. I believe peaceful protest is an expression of a groups will to change something they believe is wrong. The real challenge, which most often fails, is getting the other side to take a peaceful approach to seeking a solution to the disagreement. Open mindedness is a willingness to change one's own perspective and understanding. This is a rare and highly valuable commodity.

Protest can catalyse some level of change at times - other times it catalyses people being killed and military takeover. This meme summarises my position of it:

Truly sir the government is in no way prepared for such a situation

It's hard to know what they have planned exactly, but they can't stop half a million people without heavy weapons being used!

Yes sir

You're right they can't stop so many people without heavy weapons they stop everyone at gunpoint

As we like to say here at the rally in Canada "FUCK TRUDEAU MOTHER FUCKER".

Good to see others standing up for their rights.


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Just a simple, humble opinion - I believe that both sides are victims. Violence is happening for both, unfortunately. I wish things would have a different path.

I believe we can set a different path if we choose to. Being new to this ecosystem I am grateful to have found @ura-soul to chat with. I like his thinking (and am gaining a fondness for yours) and hoping I can help his ambitions in order to further mine as well.

Conversations such as this can build a bridge to that better path.

Hugs to both of you!

Both sides experience violence, but someone 'started' it and it's that which plays a significant role in court.

You're right.