Last Chance To Take Profit? - Chart Shows Correction Is Imminent / Trutheum: Awesome! / ETH Ice Age

in #crypto-news6 years ago

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blueorgy_small.png was here.

Hey look, it's the future of Antshares! giggle your name blue orgy or am i reading that wrong?

Nope you've got it right. It's blue orgy but do keep it together. ;) blueorgy.

sounds like you need to win an award for best name on Steemit then

ohh its been discussed haha

something something waffles something something

something something also something

No its just Blue Org Y as in Y

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Makes me whis id sold half my stack when it went over the 400. would have cleaned up.

Hey, it's Antshares! ummm, err, I mean NEOcoin, the coin that can't be... spooned. Cause, there is no spoon. It's been uh. Rebranded?

thirds rule strategy

Buy in 1/3rds
Sell in 1/3rds

Rinse and Repeat

Very good approach to take. Just need to keep those emotions and FOMO under control. I think discipline (trading discipline) is key to trading everything from stocks/shares to FIAT or crypto currencies/tokens.

I probably would have sold mine, but I barely had under 2 ETH and preferred to hold. Now, if I had 100 ETH... Would have been a different story, I guess. :)

Hi Omar, totally agree that BTC is now super undervalue as compared to ETH. I rewind the video a few times to make sure i hear it correctly from your mouth. LOL. I never thought u would say that because u r such an ethereum lover. but its the truth and cant agreed more. I sold 90% of my eth before the big fall a few days ago and convert more to fiat and BTC. I know you are not a fiat currency lover but I intend to redeem my car loan with some of the profits and buy myself a big present with it. Thanks for all the videos and I will continue to be your loyal supporter. Thumbs up!!

Charts are cool if nothing substantial happens... I hope for you guys who dump everything now in order to buy back for less money, that nothing serious happens to the financial system... in this case you can double or triple by dumping now... if something happens you can be out of the game... it is a bit of a gamble...

I highly doubt anything that substantial is going to happen to the global financial market in the next few years... Nothing as substantial as will make it a bad idea or impossible to buy back into cryto later, anyway.

You might be right.... but debts and derivative levels are at all-time-highs at the moment... A family of four in the US has 1 million USD in debt from their government.... But sure... if no one cares a family of four could owe 5 or 10 million as well... I have been wondering for a long time how worse these figures go before it crashes....

At this point the fiat markets are still much more stable than the cryptocurrency markets... I don't think it's fair to say there's a huge risk by cashing out into fiat in most countries.

LOL- it felt strange to say so, but a reality check is a reality check :)
Thank you so much for the support, lawrence ho- I always appreciate anything you share my way!

Have a wonderful week, brother! Thumbs up back at you

The Flippening was cancelled

Not cancelled....just...delayed for a few weeks, it'll happen. you can bet your sandwich face that its going to happen


(he called him sandwich face)


XD Now that looks like a face I can get down with.

ya see what i mean right? might go so far as to call him lettuce lips...but i feel like thats totally out of line


Btc is the best thing that has happened to since the existence of mankind. Unstoppable!

One thing that annoys me about BTC is that transfers can be quite slow. I can't imagine myself paying anything in a hurry with BTC. Different story with LTC or ETH, though.

ETH has some scalability issues to contend with, just as BTC did/does. We saw that with the slow down last week during an ICO.

I'm not saying they won't be resolved as I'm sure some clever folk are working on them as I type, but I don't think with should be writing off BTC just yet...

After corrections, the coins will level up

Hey Omar, I think theres a 3rd view that often gets ignored when it comes to the ether price too long to explain in a comment so had a to write an article on it...

dude i am proud of u from starting ut humbly here and BOOM ow ur a steemit whale!
Flippening WIll happen, Ethereum will become the worldwide supercompuer it deservs to be, especialy with RFID dust and nnotech machines , imagine tiny rasbery pies as small as dust!
SMARt dust!

Haha, a good strategy indeed. Better take some profit , diversify and then use the remaining to buy yourself something and having rest of mind even if you lose some money later. Good point indeed

I don't know it's totally true. I'm ok with all the facts about BTC that have been stated (first entrant, number of users etc.). But, don't you think that Ethereum has broader use cases than simply being à cryptocurrency with smart contracts and DAAP? Don't you think that Ethereum prices could be pulled up by the democratization of the smart contracts in the sector of insurance which is one of the most important sector?

Thanks for your videos !

I think eth will go up again.Good time to buy more

I think Eth will go up again for sure, but not before dropping to somewhere in the $100-150 range again first. Market is over-hyped at the moment and Eth needs upgrades to be able to scale properly to take on more load. Until large-scale DAAPs are reliable and possible even under adverse market conditions, Eth won't be able to go much higher than it's been, IMO.

There's no reason not to take profits and get back into fiat. We are all in this for the LONGGGGG HAUL.

HODL fiat, HODL ETH, HODL BTC, HODL Steem, HODL everything!

I'm pretty sure you'll do just fine.

Have a wonderful week !

awww, thanks you too!

With all the speculation of what crypto currency will do well to one side thing I REALLY love about crypto? It's the excitement of not knowing where we're going with this but somehow knowing that we're witnessing a revolution which will change the course of human history.

Quite a rush.

yes what I ride

Let us see what tomorrow comes

Can i get a ride on that ?

Cheap it is, buy I must.

BUY BUY BUY!!!! ....if not now....then when !?


Bought half an ETH at Coinbase today just on principle. Going to YODL it. :) Ha! See what I did there?

Good idea, it will be back to 400 by July.

It may go back up to $350-400 at beginning of July, but if it does, I think it will then definitely decline down to $150-100 slowly before going back up again, higher than it has been before.

Its about to re-crack 300 again right now

Meh. Got to $285. Like I said, may go back up to 300 or 400 but not for long I think.

True, I'm just always overly optimistic!

Lets hope for a week of crypto recovery . This monday was nuts.

I am not worried at all, trust in my holdings

Thanks for another great post @crypt0!!

Interesting stuff, like the news you bring to the crypto space. I sold some of ETH a week ago, It def taking a dip, but I plan buying some back soon! Digging the Trollbox is life shirt, RIP trollbox.

Absolutely love your videos. Thanks for the hard work pulling all the sources together. Bought STEEM on the dip today! Keep doing what you do...

Hey Crypt0. I’ve been a supporter of your YouTube news channel for quite a while now. Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard reporting on the crypto-sphere - it’s great to see someone who is unbiased and positive in the cryptocurrency world. I especially liked your recent video ‘Bitcoin looking hot right now’ which prompted me to research and rebalance my portfolio. It was excellent advice and I thought your predictions were genuinely forward thinking and logical.

Thanks again and long may your work continue!


Thanks a ton for the appreciation, Matt- it really means a lot :)
I'm just trying to keep myself, and whomever listens to my stuff, somewhat grounded in a positive realist kinda way.

You're most welcome, and I hope to hear from you again sometime- wish you the best of fortunes!

Definately Ledger is the best

Nice post man! Wish you a great day ahead!

Just checked out a bunch of your blog content, following you now, good stuff.

Thank you so much man, nice to meet you! I am Following you too.

Please take a look at Lbry, Amp, Sc, Burst 😁

Im looking at everything! hahah

While everyone is CRYING I'm BUYING lol, so many options right now to grab. the more i in the crypto game, the more I like more coins!

yes, you are addicted already man

You have been on STEEMIT as long as me and I post ALOT and you have more posts than me, looks like you are right there with me buddy haha

haha, let's make a competition lol

Thanks for always doing a great job Omar!

The corrections have already started two weeks ago!

The bubble has popped !

Watching your video now and enjoying what I'm watching now... eagerly looking forward to your opinion :) Cute dog too ;)

Thanks again Omar, you're awesome


who the heck is this hodl everyone keeps talking about !?

I'm pretty sure this whole fiasco is designed so big money can buy the dip. If you can't beat em', join em' ;)

I'm not worried, I feel it's just balancing out all the trades all over the world. It should start gaining soon, we were all just given more opportunities to purchase more! Dips everywhere man, everywhere. Cheers!


Finally a little dose of reality, Omar. I think is good you share this here cause you reach a lot more people than most crypto related channels. We def are on that bubble stage. I've been sharing those charts on steemit, showing the same patterns from 2013 repeating now, but I have no followers so not many ppl saw it, and the few who did did not believe it. I started selling all my alts for btc 12 days ago and finished selling the last of them 3 days ago. 2 days ago I sold 50% of my btc & now waiting for that last pump to sell the rest of my btc. I expect to buy bitcoin at $1200 - $1500 in a few months. Great video!

Absolutely man- this is important stuff that needs to be shared, whether or not it's taking away the punch bowl from the party. Party seems a bit dead anyway, and though it'll kill some moods, it's important to unfog the lenses now and then.

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only crazy person who's noticed the pattern in the charts...let's see how it plays out from here.

Take care, dobe4ever, I appreciate the thoughtful response :)

Hey no worries, thanks for taking the time to answer :)
Check this out if you have time:
2013 blue
2017 purple.
I can't believe how similar the patterns are...

Even the one day and one week candles for the BTC/USD from this bubble are really similar with the ones from the 2013 bubble. I've been making charts of it HERE

With all and all, I'd like to add that the 2013 bubble formed & burst in just one month and it grew by 5 times since it started the parabolic movement. This one only grew by 3 times and it took 3 months to form and burst instead of one (Bitcoin price, I mean). Of course I could be wrong but in my opinion this crash won't be as violent as the last one, I think we will have more days to monitor the price movement to decide when to sell in the last pump. Also, after the crash, the recovery this time might come earlier. It took forever to recover from the last crash, that was like the great depression of the cryptos, it's not common to have great depressions that often. I don't think is likely to happen again. Things can't go up forever but neither go down forever.

Interesting analysis @dobe4ever thanks for posting

Hi thanks :) I appreciate it

Good comparison. Just one thing to add: in 2013 there was the MtGox debacle, which, by it's size (at the time) caused a major drop in crypto confidence. This time, at a first glance and since there are a lot of big exchanges, even if a debacle occurs, won't have the same effect as MtGox did. And last time there were few cryptos to "escape" to, so, fiat won. Now, your portfolio has a lot of "escape routes" and fiat currency isn't going to last much longer...

Hi thanks for the comment :) yeah everyone says the same about the mtgox, I think the mtgox in 2013 will be the bitcoin fork for 2017... When the technical analysis says something, even if the fundamentals say the opposite, usually there will be events that will cause the fundamentals to go in the direction the technical says... My humble opinion :P

This is interesting.

Thank you :)

I don't think it will drop that low.

No one knows... but if history continues repeating itself thats the estimate price. Not that I want to, but the charts speak so loud...

@crypt0 please I have a problem.
Please read my problem.
Poloniex just reduced my funds.

I'm so sorry to hear that does look like someone got unauthorized access to your account. It doesn't look like all hope is lost, since Poloniex seems like they're taking steps to figure out the issue. Patience and being detailed with them may help, globearn. I hope you resolve this.

Thanks Sir. Almost all my trades is about what you talk about. I subscribed on your youtube channel and also follow you here.
I am so happy U replied.
Thanks for your warm words and kind gestures. Its a big relief to me.
I appreciate.

Thanks for sharing )

I don't want it to go down.

I have lost all my coin during the big drop of ETH....

last time eth dropped from 200 to 100 we all know what happened next


It went to 400..

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I tried upvoting you but the post was in its last 12 hours, please check beforehand next time...

i didnt recieve the upvote @minnowbooster

I tried upvoting you but the post was in its last 12 hours, please check beforehand next time...

Sorry i didnt seee it earlier..Is there a chance of gettingmysbd back

This wasn't the kind of flippening I was expecting XD

HODL my Dick! - Imgur.jpg

Great video about this craziness that's going on, valuable insights as ever!
Bitcoin definately better choice and still undervalued. A drop seems imminent but after the soft fork, trust can return and road ahead (and up) is free!
Keep the faith high, reality check necessary though..

Very nice video @crypt0. I think this minor pull back is a buying opportunity for cryptos... ^^^NEW FOLLOWER MATE^^^

What do you think about the new Ledger Blue? I saw your link regarding the Nano, but I wanted to get your opinion regarding the Ledger Blue?

Great video as always.

Great video as always man. I to have been thinking that we're over due a correction of sorts. I've been thinking about moving small chunks of my crypto into gold over time just to hedge against a huge correction. I know you said that gold isn't as liquid as crypto, but I'm gonna try using Vualtoro, which let's you trade between gold and bitcoin. you can check it out here :)

And I also agree that Steemit provides great value to the cryptospace and is incredibly undervalued compared to some of the other coins that have been shooting up in value as of late.

a lot of people get into this game without any inking of a profit/loss strategy.

Everyone and their mother should have seen this correction coming, it was literally written in the stars for weeks now.

I dont think Bitcoin has much longer at the top of the charts to be honest, especially with the potential fork happening on august 1st

unless they figure out some way to get things under control, its going to be an absolute bloodbath in a few weeks when people realize that there are two bitcoin blockchains

I doubt it forks. I think segwit gets implemented and that's it.

Hi all, I dont agree entirely. I dont think Bitcoin will fall too much. It is been used way more times than last year. For example you can buy games at steam, or you can add balance to your microsoft account. I recently sent a payment for a developer in russia using bitcoins. Using bank transfer would have cost me only 400 USD to make the transfer.
However I do agree ETH it is very over rated, mainly because there is a lot of ICO money right now.
Sorry if I offend anyone of you, its just my opinion.

Hii @crypt0 i saw you post and i enjoyed reading it, could you please have a look on my daily analysis for Bitcoin and give me your opinion.

Thanks for your effort!
Markets will soon rebalance themselves!

Thanks for your thoughts. I'm not selling a thing, just adding. Let's check back in 1 year :)

Wow, last time I bought BTC was $2650 and ETH was $350
I knew ETH was overpriced when it was 1/7 price of BTC

Now BTC is below $2450 and ETH is below 260

I feel like June did not happened and prices are back to May 2017
and I'm holding coins that are overpriced

I'm holding Dogecoin. If price does increase, I'll sell

Hopefully July will be less exciting

So in the meanwhile

I like your point of view, cant say i completely agree not do i disagree, since i am ethereum-neutral and kind of newbie. I agree that in the near future its going to be interesting how many people will 'stick' with ETH when its not really 'minable'. However, i am not sure whether BTC is still undervalued, i will wait to see if other coins will use it as a platform to extend their functionalities, like they do with ETH.

Still, i will keep an eye out for your posts and videos on your channel :)

Great Video Crypto.

At this point it's pretty uncertain what will happen in the upcoming weeks, but what is certain is that tis uncertainty creates nice buy opportunities for those who know where to look, as many people will be selling in fear of what will happen with BTC on August 1st...

get ready for the long winter

I like your videos; Very informative, thanks a lot.

ETH will surpass BTC marketcap soon :)

I would probably take profits if I had, I don't know, 30 ETH. But right now I have a tiny little bit under 2 ETH, so I prefer to take some risk and hold.

Hi Omar,
i have been a fan of you for a long time! I watched your videos from day one and i always really enjoyed it. I found them very helpfull and complementary to make informed desicions with my crypto investments. I think you are a cool guy with a great energy. So this is my way of giving back to you my friend...enjoy and best of luck

Your comment shows what Steemit is all about. Its nice to see that if people put in the time and effort and produce amazing content, they will end up rewarded!

@crypt0 is the best. He inspired me to take a leap and start a news channel as well. That decision literally changed my life. Not only have I found success with my news channel. I have been presented with countless opportunities in blockchain and cryptocurrency space. I owe him so much and he likely has no idea, but I'm sure I hope I will get to thank him in person soon. I'm eying a few industry events to attend in the next year, and hopefully I meet him!

Thanks for the info

Damn, Ether?

Thank you for the good information, I always start the morning with one of your videos during my breakfast.

Thank you very much.

Buying and Hodling.

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