Crypto in Ireland - Issue 19

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This blog series is a regular newsletter for people interested in crypto news from Ireland as well as upcoming local events where you will be welcome to come and learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.


Let me know your thoughts on this newsletter, what you would like to see and if anyone would like to be a contributor please reach out. I would love #hive to be the go to place for people entering the Crypto Space in #Ireland.

What is happening on the Irish Blockchain scene?

This week was a busy week for Meetups in Dublin. I got to 3 but there were many more on that were of interest.


This week the second community call of a group called UC - Dao was held on Discord.

This week a well known figure on the Irish Blockchain Scene, Reuben Godfrey, was the guest speaker and he gave some insights from his years of experience and in particular the ICO boom from a few years back. It was really interesting discussion but the group is still getting up and running.

This will be a weekly event,

You can find a link to the Discord here UC DAO to get information on upcoming events. Their events are planned to be a weekly meetup on their discord but check in to get the latest information.

Web3 Meetup Group - Ireland

This is a big meetup group and there were a lot of people on the meetup last night, I believe its their second meetup.
I didnt stay too long but the participants seem quite active. Interestingly I didnt see anyone else from Hive there.

Artist's, NFT's and the Digital Space

This meetup by Hives very own @paulag was on last night also. I didnt get to go but this was run by the Global Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Trading Group and is a big meetup group that meet regularly.

Fabric Private Chaincode

This event run by Hyperledger Dublin was on during the week and I attended to see what they were discussing. It was a very Software Architecture focused discussion given by some developers from IBM. There were a lot of people attending.

Dublin Ethereum Developers Meetup

This meetup clashed with the UC - DAO meetup and I didnt attend but this group seems quite big.

Having Virtual Sessions its more difficult to get a sense of the activity or the Scene but it does give you the opportunity to attend many calls. Now that the lockdown in Ireland is over it will be great to get back and meet people face to face.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming meetups on my radar but its worth mentioning the Community Token Talk by @3speak which happens on their discord each Thursday.

As always please add comments to this post with any upcoming events or developments that you think may be of interest to readers.

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How do you think Hive is doing in Ireland. I know you had a few active people around Dublin at least. I do my queries for Brits and find a few new people each month. Maybe we need an IreList ;)

They're are a few posters from ireland i have noticed recently.
The lockdown has just officially finished in Ireland so hopefully will get a hive meetup in Dublin again soon and take it from there. I'll follow your lead and get an ireland list going, it's useful to have a core group to point to when promoting hive.

Would be good to have lists for more countries. We can link to each other.


A few country lists would be cool.
Have you looked at the badge feature of peakd? I might use that for an Irish list. I'll check with a few people and might try it out.

I know there is an option to create new badges, but I have not looked too deeply.

The scripts I use for my list are here

Cheers thanks I'll use that script.

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