Hello Everyone, It Has Been a While.

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It feels like it has been years since I have communicated with many of you. Unlike many I did not take the breakdown of the former system very well and decided to distance myself from the whole ecosystem, rather than be embroiled in the battle. My wife @AnaHilarski has stuck it out and convinced me that I should return and share my content here.

It has been a wild 4 years. I feel like I am the most banned guy in crypto. I have lost my Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter/X accounts. Thankfully I had a back up X account which saved my ass. Being anti-lockdowns, anti-being a Guinea Pig, anti-mask sure had its cost. During this time we were still working with The Dollar Vigilante before we rage quit in 2021 over not being able to take the BS anymore. So, I began to livestream and spend time raising Maximus. He will be six soon. It blows my mind that the last time we saw many of you was in 2018 in Krakow when he was not even 1 yet.

So, instead of choosing to help other companies and be beholden to their ethos, we decided to launch our own company. We call it No Permissions. Our rallying cry is, **"We Aren't Asking Anymore!" **We help people with crypto primarily Ethereum, and Pulsechain. We also help people how they can be a Digital Nomad, retire abroad, or just live their best lives in other countries. We also assist in Panama crypto banking, real estate for residency, and whatever assistance they may need. We use Patreon for this.

I do have a schedule that I am militant about. It is the only way I can accomplish my content goals and feel like I have enough time for my family.

Livestream- On Youtube and X Monday and Wednesday at 10 pm EST.

Patreon Strategy Calls. Monday at 12pm EST and Thursday at 8pm EST.

I also have a Sunday Morning No Permissions Newsletter that goes out at 7am EST.

I am happy to be back and kudos to my wife for pushing me to do it!


Welcome back!

Nice website. I like the PulseX t-shirt. PLS and PLSX are on sale right now. Do you have an opinion on "the peggining of pDAI"? Seems to be a ray of light in this bear market and would probably be good to have a stablecoin on PulseChain.

Live Long and Prosper!

Thank you Kenny! The pDAI rise is bizarre, but you never know what we will see in crypto. I stayed away from it personally.

Thank you for your thoughts. My thought was to play it like a lottery ticket, gotta be in it to win it, put the odds are very much not in your favor!


I use STEEM, hive, and now BLURT.
I'd welcome you to BLURT if you're authentic about being blocked ... BLURT removed the DownVote and the Pegged Dollar SCAM so it's a very Nice place for you and Berwick to use and promote.

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 11.44.43 AM.png

I only use hive to remind myself how easy it is to manipulate a crypto that's not bitcoin.

Welcome back.
When you started on Steem so long ago, you did not have a Maximus. I am unsure you had an Ana then either, but it was close.

So, you son is younger than your Hive/Steem account.

And yes, it was not a good time to be here in that oh so HARD fork with Sun, but it worked out pretty neat.

So, you still down in Panama?
Tell us all about things.

Yes sir, we are still in Panama. 12 years and going strong. Yup, Maximus is younger than my account, LMAO. But, he knows everyone from the Krakow Steemfest. I will be rolling out plenty of content.

Welcome back! Your post showed up on my following feed, so I'm glad I haven't gotten around to purging inactive accounts there!

Yup, I better get to work or be forgotten.

Hey! It's been a while, but I hope you are all well. I hope Hive can be welcoming to all, but there are plenty of strong opinions here. All part of the fun.

Yeh, sounds like the good old days. I won't get involved with the politics of the platform but I will bring attention to it.

Im glad that i still have the keys and could plug right back into this platform. thanks

I am so looking forward to your inspiring posts. Welcome back!

Great to welcome you back, it is crazy in markets how quickly people turn on each other for simply having an opinion.

Time flies cannot believe Maximus is almost six already, send best regards to Ana with !LUV from Durban, take care.

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