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I have done my best to include everyone on this list -
Ionomy Exchange is not paying out BTC to it's customers. is not functioning - there is no Customer Service and no one is receiving their BTC for the last 2+ months.


#PeakD-support has been informed and say that they will remove Ionomy on the next update, from the recommended exchanges list.

Here is the Telegram Group

MY RECOMMENDATION - USE A DIFFERENT EXHANGE - I lost $500 BTC on Saturday - others have lost much more than that I am sure.

If you have a wide following - - please spread the news on social media channels and reblog this post.

UPDATE - 3/4/24
@woelfchen received his Bitcoin - read his post and respond - he has a way to get your Bitcoin back!

UPDATE - 2/24/24 I was able to withdraw the remaining Hive from IONOMY and return it to my PeakD wallet this morning - I did it in increments of 50 and my withdrawal fee was restored. However BTC withdrawal is still grayed out.

UPDATE - 2/22/24 I was able to withdraw 10 Hive and return it to PeakD Wallet.


however, now my BTC withdrawal is no longer showing - and I still have no BTC in my Ionomy wallet.

And when I tried to withdraw 50 HIVE it is hung up and I never received a verification email


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Dang. Off-ramps for Americans (especially non-KYC) are few and far between.

Anyone have good suggestions?

SimpleSwap. I've used it several times.

Referral link..

Can you go directly Hive wallet to to Coinbase, or do you need an intermediary exchange?

Directly from HIVE to wherever. You send your HIVE with a memo and a address.. poof.. like magic its done. And quickly.

I've been pretty happy with them also. Great service, haven't had any issues yet. Glad I stopped using Ionomy.

For Hive (not HBD) you can VPN setup an account with Huobi .... there are daily limits and other restrictions but they are relatively high for a low-volume user. I'm scared now though thanks to ionomy so I am only putting anything in there that I intend to sell immediately and then withdraw to a self-custodial wallet right away.

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for and the swap is ONLY Hive/USDT

Can't you just use one of the other exchanges like Simple-Swap and Stealth Ex and then move it into your offline wallet? In smallish quantities? That's what I am going to do.

Yes, both work nicely

Hive engine to LTC or btc and strainmgjt out with any app? PayPal, Cash app, and the rest?

Hand my money in less than a day. If I wanted to wait I could have saved an additional 8$... Infact less than 3 hours of I really want to think about it.

I've been using SimpleSwap .. here's my referral link if anyone wants

@in2itiveart I also wanted to recommend simpleswap(.io)

From there you can swap HIVE and send it directly to your bitcoin/ crypto wallet. I used Ionomy several times, years ago, but didn't feel too comfortable using their service, as they are a centralized exchange and something felt off.

I also recommend possbily investing in a(n offline) hardware wallet, especially if you want to think long term. I ordered a seedsigner bitcoin wallet, days ago.

More on that project here:

Thanks for mentioning me @clareartista :<)

seedsigner is a fucking great project
cool to see your recommendation of it here :)

Thank you - I have atomic wallet offline - and I will use simpleswap as soon as I can - I did not realize ionomy is centralized - thank you for the information!

Forwarding this to @guiltyparties and more...


This needs to be addressed..I'd vote for this as you are helping the community.

Not even going to say a thing about the mass tag other than...


Following your account. You are an amazing person. Thank you for the tag ..

oh good - I have seen this done before - and that's what my Intuition told me to do - when praying about how to handle this situation - some folks on the telegram channel want to go to the po-po but this is where the scumbags have the advantage - because these monetary trades are private and bringing in the feds would make us the object of scrutiny - so- we have to do it ourselves.

Thank you for talking about it. And by all means please continue tagging me.

You should totally continue to follow up on this and continue tagging me as well I will definitely be happy to support this financially with voting if you enable rewards...

I'm not sure how others would feel about it but I can always just vote your comments as well in the meantime.

I would be very unhappy of the situation went down and what you were doing isn't wrong at all! In fact they should make it better and absolutely I am pretty happy that I don't have to go through their service and take such massive impacts to use their markets.

I'll happily boycott this and watch this. I've got a few crypto friends here.

Post more updates! Make this a series and let us know what's going down.

You can't screw hivians and the community over without repercussions...

I transferred some HIVE from there a couple days ago.

I too was able to retrieve all my HIVE out of my ionomy wallet a few days ago as well. Thanks for letting me know!

That's good to hear. Seems like their HIVE market has the most liquidity of any of their other markets.

Thanks so much for the shout out. I'm sry for your issue, that's not fair at all and they need to explain and of course return your funds!


Thanks for this information

OMG! Thanks for sharing and informing everyone ...and sorry for your loss. Hope you recover it by constant follow ups and grilling the team wherever you can find them.

Thanks for the information.

yes - @clareartista - I posted on Leofinance a different post - like this one the day before I got the idea to make this post - thanks! And yes - it is in alignment with Natural Law to use Force against Violence.

Have you shared this on the @leofinance threads or suchlike, @in2itiveart ? I agree with you around how we call out platforms like this, and always used social media to call out wrongdoings before, to very positive effect. It seems to be a very volatile world in crypto, as it gains momentum and value... We can all help each other to navigate best, and return power, value and earnings to the people for their Right Actions and Work.


Thanks for the heads up, let us know if you find somewhere more suitable @in2itiveart

I would just use simpleswap or stealthex - I know someone who uses simpleswap regularly - it is also listed as recommended by PeakD in the exchanges.

I have not used ionomy in several years. Good Luck

glad to hear it!

Interesting and good to know. I had been using them for a bit recently but I was able to get it all out from them. The latest one took some time and prodding but eventually showed up... What's the best option for Canadians to be using to transfer around?

Wow good to know - although I have not heard from them recently - although I have submitted 3 tickets - I am going to use Simpleswap or the other one Stealth Ex

when and how have you managed to get the latest one showing up ?

kind greets

Thank you for this. I haven't used them in a while. I just checked and only have $2.42 there. They used to be a great service but their trade volume was horrendous so I only used them for cash-outs.

Losing more and more places to cash-out my Hive. One of the reasons I've downsized my account holdings a bit. Good risk management. Anyway, thanks for this. Pretty shady if they're still letting people make deposits. Not cool at all!

Thanks man, for the info!

omg thanks

you are welcome

Thank you for the warning!

Thanks for the updates

Damn...long time i didn't check Ionomy.
Thanks for the hint & good luck!

Not good at all. @ionomy also embezzled 2700 @dtube tokens from me and the support has not responded to my requests since March 4rd.

I am so sorry to hear that!